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1. Yenas night

Glossy hair snaked down her spine, like a shimmering river, in a subtle hue of tranquil blue. And although her thick lashes only allowed as slash of electric blue to seep from under her heavy eye lids- the stunning blue was the dominant colour on her face due too the lack of colour else where; her face being a creamy white and her lips- a plush cream. Mysterious and sensual, her gauzy dress was billowy and sheer, leaving every facet of her toned body in view. This caused the social elite to swarm around her as she entered the round mirrored room, but- like flies- she shooed them away in mock annoyance.

She liked the room, for every inch of it, reflected her iridescent beauty. She knew, and appreciated the fact, that she was inevitably stunning. Of course, with both her mothers being (semi) human embodiments of female perfection ;combined they had created something more. A young girl too old for her tender seventeen years. a face to sultry to be pretty and a body to lithe to make her a sexual object. An unconventional take on how a girl ought to look... Instead, they  had created a work of art.

"You enjoy the room- no?" inquired Zius in a teasing tone. Zius was the host of the extravagant party and he waited patiently, as Yena sipped from a flute of glowing blue liquid- the acid, accurately named "Electrica", was admittedly her poison. "It does complement me perfectly" She pondered, unashamed, "-But,of course, you must enjoy it too". Zius was an average height of six foot eight, with a slim, compact build, and black slacks that hung dangerously low on his hips to reveal a pale muscular frame.

"I'd prefer it, if you alone, were standing in this room- so as the lesser members of our species weren't here, to cloud your beauty," He quirked an eyebrow, but the teasing tone had left his voice. She turned her back on him- uninterested- to make her way over to another dazzlingly mirrored wall. In front of her stood a picture frame the size of her body, which contained yet another mirror. Breathing slowly, she drunk in her strong physique and striking bone structure.

"You're right, of course," She purred, still distracted by her own reflection, as Zius (whom had not yet given up on the conversation) arrived beside her. His hand extended a second flute of aluminous blue liquid. "Food? The canapés are untouched," Daniel inclined his head to the stark naked waiters that circulated the room, bearing the weight of gorgeously expensive, exquisitely made food. Yena threw him a look of disgust and he resisted the urge to smile as he awaited whatever indigenous answer would leave her lush lips.

"People of our status, and title, do not eat, we have instead trained ourselves to live only off of acids and fumes. I could simply not bare to remember the last time I ate!" Not disappointed, Zius nodded in agreement. Taking this as an indication to the end of their conversation, Yena exited his presence to mingle with the other people, whom were just itching to hang of the every word that left her sharp and unforgiving tongue.

"Yena, is that my dress?" Yena spun round too address Lexina, a close friend of hers, "No," Yena replied dubiously. The audacity of repeating items of clothing, in the RIX (The home of the most filthily rich and influential people in  40th century Earth) was unheard of. Yena surveyed her friend subtly. Lexina was clad of a single item of clothing , but not an inch of her black skin was too be seen...Instead, her curvy Amazonian body was covered in black and orange handprints. Giving the vibe of something tribal and dangerous. Her sleek, black, hip-length hair was unusually wild, and knotted with, what looked (And smelt),  like actual cinders.

"It  is now, I'm wearing it to the annual ceremony," Lexina grinned,like a young child after she had done something terribly naughty, and casually stirred her cocktail. Allowing the tendrils of smoke to evaporate and leave droplets on her body,and smudge the paint that must have taken hours of precision and work. Impressed, Yena inclined her head, it would cause quite a stir and make her centre of attention. Yena's only regret was not thinking of it first. Of, course- with it being her dress- she would share the main spread on RIX's many magazines and tabloids.

"Your brain is positively amazing" Yena applauded.

"Not quite as impressive as your ego, my dear friend," Lexina retorted.

"My ego, is what my beauty is worth," Yena smiled simply- because, of course, it was true.

"Nor as impressive as your wit" Lexina added.

Yena was not gracious nor modest, but she was bitterly truthful and complemented when she thought the complement was due. "You look stunning, by the way- like an African queen,"

"I am an African queen," Lexina grinned.

"Queen-to-be," Yena reminded, quirking her head to the side. Lexina raised her glass triumphantly,

"To the African queen to be, and the only daughter of the only two prophetess' in the RIX," Lexina declared, speaking slightly to loud, from the after-effects of her seventh flute of acid.

"And, when the time comes, I shall be the only, prophetess in the RIX- Ah, which would make me queen of the world," Yena giggled, "And I will be glad to have you on my court," She smiled, mock- bowing.

" You will have to take a human male suitor though, seeing as you are the only prophetess." Lexina replied, soberly... "Too the future queens of the world then?" Lexina hurried on quickly, after receiving no reply from Yena.

"I'll drink too that," A 7 foot girl injected. Yena, still ignoring Lexina's suitor comment, affectionately nodded towards the waifish, blonde perfection.

"And of course, a toast, to the Xenian- queen to be" Yena smiled.

"Do you want me too name all 16 continents, or can we leave it at that?" Questioned Lexina, exasperatedly.

"You can leave it at that and I promise not to mention a word of it to the others," Ferra giggled, bringing a finger to her lips girlishly.

Ferra was the princess of Xena. Unfeasibly tall with a curious nature, she was tanned with thick honey-coloured hair and a nervous disposition that came of as sweet... What she wore though was almost as intriguing to Yena as the girl herself; it was a bell shaped cut with alternating strips of black and see-through panels all the way up to her plunging tear drop neck line.


Most would keep their hair simple with such a busy dress, but Ferra (never one to follow the trends) effortlessly wore a massive, precarious silk bow on  her head, only adding to her already towering height. Like everyone else in the room though she was bare foot. In RIX, shoes were just not needed; what could possibly scrape your feet in this perfect world. This perfect world soon too be dictated by 16 young queens and the high queen prophetess- Yena.

All three of them stood in a triangle. The outrageous, the queen bee and the modest. Just a small part of their future empire... That's when the shaking started.



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