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2. Love eternal

She basked in the radiant white light. Shadows falling across her waiflike body under the moonlight, her eyelashes brushing her cheeks and her sweet heart face tilted back. "Andrew" She gasped, sensing his presence in the shadows behind her. His hushed breathe restored its normal pitch as he stepped into the moonlight. "I-" She began hopelessly; there was no apology that could even start make up for the damage she'd caused.

Closing her green eyes shut, in anticipation of the abuse she wholly deserved, a single tear slipped from under her heavy lashes and slid down her pale doll-like face. And in the half-light Andrew watched his love fall apart inside. "I could never be angry with you" He muttered, after what seemed like eons "I hate that." His voice was cold. Which was normal, but it had an edge that filled Erin's heart with ice.

She turned towards the lake and took a crumpled version of her former stance. "I was so-" Stupid. Mistaken. Disgusting. "Unforgivable." She stared at the lakes reflective surface, at a foreign face. The girl who stared back and wide green eyes, and small nose scattered with freckles, a mess of brown hair that tumbled down her slim chest and an ice prince where her heart used to be.

"Never." Andrew sighed. "I will always forgive you," His masculine voice did not dither from its icy unfeeling tone. But his hands brushed the white cotton of her dress as he stepped beside her. "So beautiful" He sighed after years of silence, looking intently at the 17 year old girl glimmering atop of the freezing water. Erin disagreed. She used to be average. Now she disgusted herself too look at.

Andrew was the beautiful one. His ebony hair was askew above his chiselled feature. His piercing blue eyes, that flashed with anger when anyone hurt her, and melted into pools of water when he stared at her small frame, and full lips. At this moment in time they were duller than she'd ever seen them before , yet they still illuminated the inky black water like florescent lights. His lean muscular body was visible through his tight, black tee and slack, faded jeans.

"I need you" Erin sobbed helplessly, after a painful moment of silence. Andrew was her life source. Andrew pumped through her veins, Andrew was the pivot of her world. The air tasted sour when it didn't carry his sharp clean scent, with just the hint of woodsy undertones  that only she could detect. Her food turned to ash in her mouth, without his cocky grin mocking her from across their wobbly second hand, lovingly restored kitchen table. Her bed... Her bed, barely touched since his departure, felt like pins and needles under her weight, without the rhythmic beat of his heart to fill the silence. Without him, life had no point.

"I need-" Andrews emotions matched Erin's, only amplified by a 1000- he believed. His only conflict was on how he could possibly even begin to convey those emotions. He would take his life in an instant if she asked. Any ones. Every ones. Just to see her smile. He loved every moment of his life with her, and he would die immediately if death meant watching a recording of her looking up at him, like she always did, from under her eyelashes, on replay.

Only, he got to see her in real life . Taste the air she breathed, watch her in HD, feel the softness of her creamy skin or the lush hair that framed her gorgeous face whenever her wanted, That face that concealed so many wondrous notions and ideas, full of colour, sounds and images. And most of all telling him, that it was all his, that she... was his. He was the luckiest man to have ever walked the planet.

All this he told my squeezing her hand, and the rest he told her with his lips



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