One Direction Imagines

You need to tell me your name,age,looks, the boy you want to be with and personality. You also need to tell me if you want it to be a imagine such as the following
Cute, Romantic, etc...
And please tell me what you want to happen in the story!


2. Gabrielle and Harry(:

My boyfriend for 7 months now is coming home tonight from tour. God I have missed him so much I just can't wait until tonight where I can play with his curls and look into his green orbs in person. My parents went out of town for the weekend to see my grandparents. They asked me if I wanted to go but I mean come on I haven't seen Harry in 5 months and I really missed him so I said no. It was 6 o'clock and Harry comes home at 9 so I had 3 hours until I had to be at the airport so I decided o take a shower so I looked good when he sees me. I hopped in the shower really fast and took a quick shower so I had time to get ready when I got out I Curled my hair at the bottom so I had little curls at the bottom of my hair. I put on some Hot Pink shorts and A white hollister shirt with hot pink lettering and I put on some grey vans. Usually I am very shy and quiet because Harry always wants to do "stuff" with me but tonight I am just feeling very wild and fun but I don't know exactly why But I think it is because I haven't seen him in 5 months and I miss him like crazy. It was 8:30 so I decided to leave for the airport. Once I got there and sat down I started shaking because What if he doesn't like me anymore? What If he got another girl on tour? I had lots of questions like this running through my mind and it seemed like forever until their flight landed and they unboarded their plane. After awhile I saw him. Those gorgeous curls and eyes man he hasn't changed much which I am glad for because he's gorgeous just the way he is. He ran towards me and hugged and kissed me. I hugged all the boys and we all said our goodbyes so they could all catch up with their families. Me and Harry went to my home and once we got in the door we started making out he threw his bags down and we went to the couch. "Gabrielle I have missed you so much!" he said in between kisses "I missed you too Harry" I said with him removing my shirt. Things got more and more heated once we got into the bedroom. After we finished doing what we done we layed beside each other all sweaty and happy. "Gabrielle That was amazing I have missed you so much" he said while kissing me on my forhead. "Harry I have missed you too." I said while falling asleep in his arms.


This was for @No.One.Special  I hope you liked it!


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