One Direction Imagines

You need to tell me your name,age,looks, the boy you want to be with and personality. You also need to tell me if you want it to be a imagine such as the following
Cute, Romantic, etc...
And please tell me what you want to happen in the story!


4. Dayvien(Dee) and Niall(:

A/N... Hey guys sorry for not updating I have been on vacation for a couple of days and I got back very late Saturday and Sunday I was very busy because it was Father's Day and all. And so I am updating today. I'm supposed to be in bed because I have to get up early tomorrow for the doctor(ugh) but I decided I would sneak and update for you all. So sorry again for not updating for awhile.



Hi my name is Dayvien but call me Dee for short. I am a dancer. I have been dancing since I was little and I love to dance it makes me forget about everything bad in my life and makes everything just disappear. It feels like I rule the world. I do dance lessons at this place in town with a huge window in the front so everyone could see in if they wanted too. A lot of people stop and watch us for awhile but not very long and some of the other girls are glad of because they get nervous but I don't. No one watching me dance makes me nervous. I was born deaf but that didn't stop me from dancing. Even though I am deaf I am still one of the best dancers out there for what my coach says. I didn't let that stop me living my dreams. Oh yeah I also forgot to mention me and Niall Horan are dating. Yup you heard that right me and Niall Horan from One Direction are dating. Let me explain. One day I was dancing in the practice room you know the on where people come and watch but not for very long. Anyways I was practicing my solo that I had to do a week from that and I saw someone stand and watch me through the window but I didn't pay attention to who it was because I was in the middle of my dance. Once I finished which was about 10 minutes later I looked to see if they were still there and sure enough they were it was Niall Horan....OMG Niall Horan is watching me dance it couldn't be happening! He came to the door and I let him in. His mouth started moving but I couldn't hear him since I was deaf to I wrote it on a piece of paper that I couldn't understand Cause I was deaf. He shook his head in agreement so I gave him a piece of paper and he wrote down that I was an amazing dancer. I wrote down thank you and we went to the park later to get to know each other more even though we had to write everything down. We realized we had a lot in common well besides him being deaf too that is. We have been dating for a year now and Niall has finally learned sign language for me. We are happily together and I am so glad. I have the boy of my dreams and now I'm a professional dancer. Life Is Good


This imagine is for @Dee_Horan_1413     Thanks for commenting I appreciate it(:

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