One Direction Imagines

You need to tell me your name,age,looks, the boy you want to be with and personality. You also need to tell me if you want it to be a imagine such as the following
Cute, Romantic, etc...
And please tell me what you want to happen in the story!


5. Coree and Niall(:

Hi my name is Coree. I am an artist and a babysitter. Im 18 years old. I just graduated high school almost 2 months ago. I babysit the neighbors kids 3 days a week which is a 5 month old girl ,a 7 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. And 3 days a week I go to my painting place out in a building in the yard that my parents built me so I could keep all of my art supplies and art work in. And my one free day I week I spend with my boyfriend. His name is Niall Horan.....Yeah the one in the band called One Direction. Now you may ask how I met him well its kind of a long story but I will shorten it up a bit because some of it is just boring........It was 8 months ago on Christmas break for my school. I was out shopping for some stuff for my family. When I ran into someone while I wasn't paying attention and dropped all of my stuff including the glass globe I was gonna buy for my grandma. The globe shattered sending glass everywhere including my arm. Blood started pouring out of my arm. Well this sucks I thought. I stood up now with blood all over my arm. The person helped me up and said that they were sorry and offered to drive me to the hospital. I looked up to see who it was once I got up. I saw these gorgeous and bright blue eyes. Thats when I realized it Was Niall Horan. OMG Niall Horan is standing right in front of me. I finally said It was fine I walked here and I could walk to the hospital my self that I would be okay. "Sweetie if you walk then you will die from too much blood loss by the time you get there, You will have to walk over a mile from here. Let me drive you come on" He said to me. Well I mean it wouldn't be a bad idea. I mean he was right if I walked then I would loose to much blood. So I said okay and we were there in less than 5 minutes we were there. I got checked in and they took me back to a room where they cleaned the blood and they got the pieces of glass out of my arm gave me 6 stitches. He drove me home and told my parents what happened. He kissed me before he left and I was shocked but I kinda liked it so I kissed back. He said he didn't really know me well but would like to get to know me better. I said okay and so we started to hang out and get to know each other more. Soon we started to date and we are pretty serious right now. He is my one and only. He loves to watch me paint and see my paintings once they are done and he loves to help me babysit. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I hope we last forever. I have got to say I am in love with Niall Horan...


This imagine is for @Mrs.Horan13   Thanks for commenting I appreciate it(: 

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