While at a 1D concert, Casey finds out that her parents have released a deadly bug and person into the spectators. Both are deadly. What will happen to everyone? I mean, how will they react when zombies attack. (Just so you know this is my first 1D fan fic type thing and I know only a little about them. It also has Zombies, death and a little swearing in it. Also it is scientifically possible to create a bug that causes people to become zombie like. Look it up. Sweet dreams:)


3. Zombies and mosquitoes

Anya and I looked straight at each other. Uh oh. If this is a one direction concert, well... “Who are one direction?” Anya and I asked. Neither of us knew, but we knew the dangers of our parents. I was more focused on that. Selena was talking to Anya about the group, but suddenly the lights dimmed. I guessed that the concert was starting. I saw the band walk on stage and for some reason I zoomed in on their hands which were high fiving some of the fans. Wait, WHAT!!! I zoomed in on them. Oh blast, that could only mean one thing. I turned to face Anya and tapped her shoulder. “Are my eyes red?” I asked her, worried. She looked at me, a tad shocked at the colour of my eyes. She nodded. That meant that my parents where here.

I looked around, looking for them. As I looked I saw that something was causing a commotion. They have started. In one corner I could see a woman running from someone. I was right. They have started. I looked around, how was it spreading? Fluids, yes, but without that, how? Then I noticed a mosquito buzzing around. It landed on someone, and a few minutes later, they were changing. Into a zombie.

There were millions of mosquitoes, all over the place. I delved into my bag and grabbed some bug spray. “Put this on!” I shouted to Selena as I tossed it her way. She looked at me as if to ask why but she did as I said. Luckily the mosquitoes started avoiding her. I looked around. Most people were changing. We had to move. I started running down the aisle to the front. Around halfway there the zombies started surrounding me. They had a mutation implanted into their brain that made them need human blood and meat. Luckily I knew about this, and due to my parents I could defend myself. When I had been five they had put a sleeping pill in my drink, and while I had been asleep they had installed a blade in each of my wrists. They are retractable, and they thought that I would like them. I don’t, but they do come in handy. Without my parents knowing I trained with them so I can use them expertly to chop off a persons head. Freaky right? Also I made myself so throwing knives. I made a special alloy of metals. This alloy means that the blades are strong and sharp, and don’t blunt easily. They are also magnetic. I made myself lots of them and created a holding box. As I already had two wrist blades I managed to attach the boxes to my shoulder blades. The box is retractable. It also has a magnetism on off switch, so I don’t have to pick up my knives after. I must admit that that is helpful when I'm running. As you may have guessed I have also practised much with them and can precisely hit a target from some way away. I have also perfected on and off for the magnetism. Either way, I still need to get through this growing mountain of zombies.


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