While at a 1D concert, Casey finds out that her parents have released a deadly bug and person into the spectators. Both are deadly. What will happen to everyone? I mean, how will they react when zombies attack. (Just so you know this is my first 1D fan fic type thing and I know only a little about them. It also has Zombies, death and a little swearing in it. Also it is scientifically possible to create a bug that causes people to become zombie like. Look it up. Sweet dreams:)


4. There they are

“Come on, follow me! The stage is the safest place at the moment, its raised and the zombies are brain dead!” I shouted to Anya an Selena. The only problem was, how long would they be brain dead for? I flicked out my wrist blades and ran into the mass of zombies. I quickly cut a clear path through, dodging the attempted bites as I went. I was hard, and scary, but at the same time fun. I always loved thinking up strange and inventive ways to kill people. After what seemed to be forever, but was probably only five minutes, we reached the stage. I waited at the stage and Anya and Selena came running after at full pelt. Up on the stage were some shocked guys I didn’t know. The mosquitoes had gone now, probably recalled by my dad. I hate him. Mum used to be nice, friendly. But then she was changed. By him and his red eyes. I hate him so much!! I watched out for Anya and Selena as the clambered onto the stage. The people up there may have helped them, I didn’t know. The crowd of zombies was coming my way, so I got out my throwing knives and hit a few to reduce the numbers. “Ok, Casey, get up here now!” I heard Anya shout at me. I flicked the magnet in for a moment, then turned and scrambled up onto the stage. Once I was up and safe I turned off the magnet as all my knives had returned. “What's going on?” One of the others on the stage asked. I was staring at the ensuing chaos in front so I didn’t know who it was but I answered anyway. I was probably the most knowledgeable one here. “Zombies. They were infected by mosquitoes or by being bitten. Basically through the passing of fluids. Be careful, if they bite you I don’t know if I can help.” Suddenly I spotted them. My parents. I used my red eyes to zoom in, and it was them. My dad had a jar of mosquitoes just as I had predicted.  They were looking my way. “Anya, look after the people up here!” I told her, taking several steps back. “What are you going to do?” She asked, curious and scared for me. “Don’t worry, and don’t go mad at me. They are here, and I am the only one who can do a thing about it!” I told her, before lunching myself off the stage.

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