While at a 1D concert, Casey finds out that her parents have released a deadly bug and person into the spectators. Both are deadly. What will happen to everyone? I mean, how will they react when zombies attack. (Just so you know this is my first 1D fan fic type thing and I know only a little about them. It also has Zombies, death and a little swearing in it. Also it is scientifically possible to create a bug that causes people to become zombie like. Look it up. Sweet dreams:)


2. Red eyes

A few minutes later we arrived at the stadium. We showed our tickets and headed in. I still had no idea whose concert it was, and as before Selena was well to hyper. I tried to ask the person we showed or ticket to but I don’t think he heard me. I looked down at my ticket;  we had good seats that were midway through the stadium. I could see the stage well from my seat and I could see the speakers in the corners. Selena had managed to tell me that it started at 12, and at the moment it was 11:30. I had half an hour to spare. So I put on my headphones, but before I turned on the music Selena spoke to me. “I can’t wait!! This is so great, I can’t wait!! Oh yeah, I have a spare ticket, I was wondering if your sister Anya wanted to come. It was for my other bestie but she couldn’t make it so yeah.” That could be useful, hat means that Anya and I are closer to each other. That means less chance for our parents to get at us. I got out my phone and texted her.  ‘Hey, Anya, if you want I have a spare ticket to this concert I'm at, phone me before you reach my house if you want to come as it is close to my house.’ I texted. A few minutes later I got a reply saying ‘KK, will phone u now.’ A moment after that she phoned me. I answered the phone, and told her where I was. I then walked to the main gate to await her arrival.

After around 5 minutes of waiting I saw my sister approaching. She came up to the other side of the gate and I passed her the spare ticket that Selena had given me. Once she had been let in I showed her to the seats. We talked along the way, however the topic of conversation wasn’t the nicest. “Did they give you any other hints as to when they would release it?” I asked her. She had said a concert, and we were at a concert. “Nothing other than possibly a one direction concert, but then again I’m not sure. I have the emergency kit from the car in my bag though.” She told me. I sighed in relief. I used my knowledge of their work to come up with a kit to help combat it. Hopefully that would be enough. “What about us though, what happens if we get infected?” She asked me. She didn’t know. “You know how mum and dad have red eyes, well that’s a result of them spending time in the lab with the infection. If a person has red eyes, they are immune to it.” I told her. Mum had had red eyes since I had been around five I think, but dad had had red eyes since I could remember. And that’s a long time back. “But we don’t have red eyes.” My sister replied. Ah. Now I had to tell her the truth. “Actually we both have red eyes. But its so miniscule that it doesn’t appear unless we are near mum or dad. If you want to know, when you were young, like one or younger, I took you into the lab. I held you and stayed there until your eyes glowed red. After that I took you out and made sure you never went back. I spent time with Mum and dad in the lab for a while, so I have reder eyes than you. I also inherited some of the abilities that come with red eyes. However my red eyes only come out when I'm near the lab or our parents.” I told her. I think she knew that what I did was for the best. “Do mum and dad know about our red eyes ?”  She asked me. I shook my head. I never let them know as they would have used us for experiments or something. Finally we arrived at our seats, pushing through the sea of people to get there. Selena beckoned us over.   “Hey their Anya, good to see you. Do you like one direction?”

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