While at a 1D concert, Casey finds out that her parents have released a deadly bug and person into the spectators. Both are deadly. What will happen to everyone? I mean, how will they react when zombies attack. (Just so you know this is my first 1D fan fic type thing and I know only a little about them. It also has Zombies, death and a little swearing in it. Also it is scientifically possible to create a bug that causes people to become zombie like. Look it up. Sweet dreams:)


5. note

I heard a gasp from behind me as I jumped, but I didn’t really care. My parents noticed me coming their way and the turned and started to flee. They didn’t know I had red eyes, so they thought that they could hide in the crowd. I was just running through the zombies, I was going fast enough that they hardly noticed me. I had my blades out, but I didn’t need them. I was concentrating on going after my parents. I kept on urging myself to go faster, although I was wondering why I hadn’t tripped up yet. Suddenly saw a flash I silver coming at me. I did a roll and kept running at them, I think the knife , well I’m guessing that that is what it was, hit something behind me. I guess they didn’t know how good I was at avoiding things. Well I guess now I get to test myself. All manner of things started being hurdled back at me, I was amazed at how well I instinctively avoided the stuff. I think there was a couple of bullets as well. That was not good. I drew out a knife from my throwing knives, and threw it at my dad.

It hit his shoulder. I know it hit, as I heard a grunt of pain. I then heard something being dropped to the ground. Just then they rounded a corner. I caught up a moment later, but they were gone. “Shit!” I swore. I swear a lot. Especially when I am annoyed. I looked back and saw a bottle on the ground, and a letter. It had the word Casey on the front. It was for me? I grabbed both of the things, and I saw that my knife was on the ground next to them. I grabbed that at the same time. I was still annoyed with myself for losing my parents, I needed to get them! Oh well. At the moment the area I had run to was safe, so I sat down and opened the letter. It was from my mum.

Dear Casey.

I sorry. I'm so sorry. I wish I had been a better mum to you. The red eye overtook me, and ruled my mind. I wish I could go back and stop all of that and this. The disease is the one we were working on, and you know a lot about it. Your blades will help you. I assume you know how to use them, you were always head strong! I guess you have a small amount of red eye, and as you have probably worked out, that makes you immune to the disease. The things you can do with it are important. You were always destined for brilliance, and I think you may have inherited lots of abilities from your dad and I. I hope you did. You need to control your red eye, and your best bet is to use them and beat it. I love you


p.s. the bottle contains a antidote


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