Right Here

Niall made a mistake....
Will she ever forgive him?
But when times get tough and situations change..
Will they fall for each other?

Niacky <33


2. My Other Half


Niall's Pov

Macey came into the picture...Just to ruin everything.

With her dyed red hair and her oh-so blue eyes I had once found captivating but after finding out the truth about her they were just dull and lifeless. Kind of like the way she left my heart.

We met in a cafe. she was filling in for some friend of hers so how was I to know that that person was more than that.

She kept blowing me off and stringing me along but me so gullible didn't realise.

Everytime we kissed I never felt the sparks or anything but I ignored it thinking they would come soon but man,was I wrong.

On our two month anniversary she told me she had never liked me in that way and that all this time she had had a boyfriend,the guy she was filling in for the first day at the cafe.

And just to make it better I had been ignoring Nicky the whole time,not answering her calls or even texting her back.

My heart had been broken into a million tiny pieces and to make it better the one person I could talk to and that would understand me.I had driven her away. Nicky,my Nicky.

But Nicky kept calling until one day I was so frustrated that I texted her telling her to leave me alone and that we weren't friends anymore.

I tried calling her to apologize but she didn't pick up and that's where I am today.

I haven't contacted anyone. The boys are always trying to get me out of the house but I didn't listen so they've stopped.

I've had my Mum worried aswell but I just couldn't careless. I need time alone.

I heard the door open. It was probably one of the boys telling me to stop moping.

But when I looked up I was surprised greatly.It was Aunt Maggie,N-Nicky's mum.

"A-Aunt M-M-Maggie?!" I stammered.

"It's Maura....she just collapsed" she said shakily.

My whole world came toppling down. I didn't know what was happening and why it was happening but I had worn shoes,grabbed a jacket and had hailed a taxi and was on my way to the hospital.

My mind couldn't process the thought...My Mum...My Mum had collapsed.

I felt guilty tears stream down my face and it didn't help the way the paparazzi were crowded around the doors .

"Niall!! Niall!!" they all screamed giving me a head ache.

"Is it true you and Macey broke up?"

"Why are you crying Niall?"

"Did you cheat on Macey?"

"Who are you visiting Niall?"

"What do you have to say to all those Niacky shippers.Is there a chance for you guys now?"

Niacky I thought.

Nicky and I had been really open about our friendship.We have been best friends since we were wee babies so there was nothing to hide. We are both Irish although Nicky is originally from Donegal. She moved to Mullingar when she was 4 years old so basically we've known each other for life. We've made up for those beginning 4 years by being inseperable.

Our mums would always go on about us liking each other and getting married. But I would always say that that was gross. But that was before secondary school.

That's when I realised she was always the one who properly understood me,the one who had the power to make me smile no matter what. The one I could trust everything with,the one I could tease and annoy but would still go to for advice.

The one who held the key to my heart.

My long lost princess but she was right in front of me the whole time.

But I couldn't tell her that it would just jeopardize our friendship and everything would be lost.

I know Nicky she would distanced herself from me...Unless she liked me back...Which is highly unlikely..

My Other Half..


Hope you liked it!

Thanks for the support!

Areej xx

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