Right Here

Niall made a mistake....
Will she ever forgive him?
But when times get tough and situations change..
Will they fall for each other?

Niacky <33


1. But that was before



Niall's Pov

I looked out the window at the dark dreary day outside. It described exactly how I felt. 

Ever since Macey broke up with me and Nicky not answering my calls,everything has been horrible and her answering machine tone didn't help either.

"Hey this is Nicky,I can't answer your call right now but leave a message...Michael? What the heck are you doing? What? Don't come over here! Omg Michael! You're going to have to clean that up!" And then she burst out laughing but oh no that was not the end of my torture.It went on.You could hear Michael's voice in the background saying "You know you love me!" and with that she replied "Oh course I do you idiot!".Then the beep.

After hearing all this  I felt sick and didn't leave a message.

This happened every time I called her so I had even stopped calling now.

I felt a wet tear slip down my face. I was the one who pushed her away though.The one who kept insisting that Michael liked her when he obviously didn't. She kept saying that he didn't and that they would always remain just good friends.But I  didn't believe her.I was jealous and still am till this day.

I sighed.

I really liked Nicky. The way her blonde hair would cascade down her back,her emerald green eyes I would always be mesmerized by and those freckles scattered across her cheeks.

The way she wouldn't care what she looked like when I came around,the fact that her flat was littered with random pictures of us and also the way she would never run out of my favourite foods making sure she had them all year round incase I popped by and needed cheering up.

She was just so perfect but not too perfect.

Imperfectly perfect.

We brought out the best in eachother.

She was like my missing half.

But that was before.

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