It's You , It's Always Been You .

After the accident a lot of things changed. Hailee and her brother Harry had to move in somewhere else after their mother went to a mental hospital. But what will happen when Zayn and Hailee suddenly fall in love with each other? Find out in this book. (A Zayn Malik Fan-Fic)


8. The Date

~About 3 Months Later~


Zayn's P.O.V. ~

"Hey babe?!" I yelled from the living room.

"Yeah?" She answered from the shower.

"Lets go out tonight!" I replied.

"Okay!" She answered with excitement and turned off the shower.

I went upstairs to our room and got dressed since it was almost seven o'clock at night, I wanted to leave at eight. After I found something to wear I put my pants on and then I saw her walk into the room wearing nothing but a towel on top of her head and some underwear. "Damn." I said to myself. She just giggled and looked for something to wear. After about twenty minutes we were both dressed and all she had to do was her hair and make up. I left her alone to do that because she doesn't like me to watch her do her make up. She said it makes her feel uncomfortable, but whatever. I went downstairs and grabbed some water for me to drink because I wasn't going to wait until we got to the place. 

Ten minutes later she walked downstairs wearing a tight black dress with white heels, white bracelets, and a white necklace. "Wow. You look just simply amazing and beautiful, as always." I added on to my sentence. "Awe thanks babe, you don't look too bad yourself" She giggled a bit when she said that which made me smile. "Shall we go?" I asked. "Sure!" She replied. 





No one's P.O.V. ~

They came home drunk and high. "I can't believe we did that." Hailee said. "I know right." Zayn answered. Then they instantly went upstairs and started making out and tearing each others clothes off. And blah blah blah blah blah blah that parts nasty. I think you get the point. 










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