It's You , It's Always Been You .

After the accident a lot of things changed. Hailee and her brother Harry had to move in somewhere else after their mother went to a mental hospital. But what will happen when Zayn and Hailee suddenly fall in love with each other? Find out in this book. (A Zayn Malik Fan-Fic)


1. Pain and screams

Hailee's P.O.V. ~

"Harry come on! I'm trying to get to the store before it closes!" I yelled. "My hair dosen't look right!" he yelled back from the upstairs bathroom. "Come on Haz! You know it's Sunday, everything closes ear-" He cut me off and said "I know, I know everything closes early." He said trying to understand that all I wanted to do is go to the store and get milk for mom so she could make brownies. "Okay. I'll be in the car waiting!" I yelled so he could hear me from all the way upstairs. "Okay! I'll be out in a minute!" Harry said. 

Harry finally comes outside five minutes later while holding Jefferey's hand. I was wondering why he had Jefferey with him? Then he opens the car door and puts Jefferey in the back seat and buckles him up in his car seat. Since he is only 3 he still has to sit in it even though he hates it. Then harry gets in the passenger seat. "Hey Haz" I said with a questioning voice. "Yeah?" He seemed confused. "How come you brought Jefferey with you?" I asked. "Oh he said he wanted to come and that mum was getting annoying" he seemed relieved that I didn't ask him something else. I wonder what he was up to? He always told me everything. I mean I was his older sister .. he worshiped me ever since dad passed.. "Oh haha okay that's fine" I said while pushing my thoughts to the back of my mind. 

We were on our way to the store until I realized that I needed gas. "Dammit" I said in a whisper so Jefferey couldn't hear me. "What's wrong sis?" He sounded concerned. "I need to stop at the gas station but I forgot my wallet at home" I complained hoping that he would pay for that gas and the milk. "Oh here" he said while handing me his wallet. "Thanks Harry. I'll pay you back" I said with happiness. "No need to, I have enough money. I'm in the biggest boy band in 37 countries!" He said it like he was surprised at himself for getting that far. "Haha okay I'll be right back" as I opened the car door to go pay for the gas. 

As I walked inside I herd a scream. It was a girl outside screaming help. I look out of the gas station window and saw that my car was crushed into the pole. I screamed of fear that Harry was still in there with Jefferey and without thinking I ran outside to see what was going on and to see if my two little brothers were alive. Suddenly a car came speeding through the gas station and all I remember was all of the pain and the screams. I'm pretty sure that I just blacked out after that and inhaling so much smoke from the fire.


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