It's You , It's Always Been You .

After the accident a lot of things changed. Hailee and her brother Harry had to move in somewhere else after their mother went to a mental hospital. But what will happen when Zayn and Hailee suddenly fall in love with each other? Find out in this book. (A Zayn Malik Fan-Fic)


15. Oops.

Sorry that I have TERRIBLE updating skills with this book but I have always been insecure about this book because this is my first fan-fiction that I had ever written before and I kind of made it a fantasy for me lol and never really thought that I would have a success on it but It turns out I did. Fantasy you ask? (or didn't ask) Well, fantasy because Zayn is my favourite of 1D and then Harry is my second and so I wanted to be with Zayn and then I wanted to be close with Harry so I made him my brother and also because my name is Hailee. But I promise that I will try to update more often, because I do update my other book a lot (The Styles Triplets) but keep in mind that working on three books at the same time isn't very easy. So yeah, I'll update this book more frequently now okaayyy??? Okay :) Byeeeeee. Love youuuuu xx.


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