It's You , It's Always Been You .

After the accident a lot of things changed. Hailee and her brother Harry had to move in somewhere else after their mother went to a mental hospital. But what will happen when Zayn and Hailee suddenly fall in love with each other? Find out in this book. (A Zayn Malik Fan-Fic)


2. In The Hospital

Harry's P.O.V. ~

I woke up in the hospital. Why? Why am I here? Then I quickly remembered all of the pain. The screams. All the blood and the crash. Then I remembered Jefferey. Oh my gosh. Jefferey, is he alive? I need to go find him and see if he is okay. I tried to pull myself up into a sitting position but I felt a sharp pain in my body. I screamed out hoping that someone would hear me. Then I saw a nurse peek her head through the door. "Hey sleepy head" she sounded happy that I was awake and alive. Was it that bad? I had no idea. "Hi" I answered. Then I thought of Jefferey again and I just had to ask her where he was until she spoke again. "How are you feeling?" she questioned. "Oh I feel better but where is my brother Jefferey?" I seemed eager to know. "Jefferey Styles?" she asked. "Yes. Is he okay? Is he alive?" I asked. Even thinking about the thought that my little brother was dead made me want to break down into tears. The nurse looked at me in silence. I could tell that she was hiding something. "Well.. he is um .. he is in room 146" she explained. She didn't answer my question. "You didn't answer my question" I wanted to know if everything was okay. "He is well .. he is not alive.." she said. What.. he isn't alive.. he died? I broke down into tears not knowing what to do. Then I thought of Hailee. Oh no .. Does she know about Jefferey? I have to find her. "Where is my sister?" I asked. "What is her name?" she said. "Hailee Styles" I stated. "Oh she is in room 260." she answered. "Is she alive?" I can't even live with myself if she says no. "Yes. She is doing very well." she said with a smile on her face. Thar must mean Hailee isn't hurt that bad. "Can I see her?" I asked. "She will be in here in five minutes" she said. Good I thought to myself .. I need to see her. "Okay thank you." I said as the nurse said "It's my pleasure" and left the room.


Hailee's P.O.V. ~

The nurse walked in with a pair of crutches. Great. I probably broke something. "Here you go" the nurse said with a smile while handing me the crutches. "Thank you but what will I be needing these for? I don't plan on going anywhere.." she looked at me weirdly and took the smile off her face. "Your brother wants to see you." she explained. "My brother is dead." I said that a little mean. I didn't mean to sound rude I was just in a mood because of Jefferey. "Your brother Harry" she said. "Okay.. What room is he in?" I said a little calmer. She smiled again and said "in room 206." "Okay thank you" I said with a smile. "Your welcome" she said as she left the room. "Well, I mind as well get off this bed and go see how Harry was doing" I said to myself as I pulled the covers off of my body and got up into a sitting position. I walked (well crutched) over to the door. I noticed that I had walked past a mirror but I didn't focus on it, I didn't want to know how bad my face was anfter getting hit by that car.

I stumbled down the hall to room 206. It wasn't that far since I was in room 200. On my way to Harry's room I herd crying. It sounded like Harry but I never herd him cry before.. except when dad had passed.. but he was young then. I knocked on the door saying 'Room 206' . I knocked on the door just to be polite. I herd a weak and fragile voice saying "Come in" . I slowly opened the door and saw Harry laying on the bed on the phone with someone. "Hey Haz" I said trying to be comforting towards him. He waved to me not saying anything because he was talking on the phone. "Who are you talking to?" I asked quietly. He put the phone down a little bit so they couldn't here him talking to me "Mum." He answered. Oh my gosh. Poor mum. I hope she is okay. I figured that she knew about Jefferey since when I came in Harry was crying. I patiently waited for them to be done talking because I didn't want to seem rude and interrupt them while they were talking so I just turned the TV on and watched some cartoons quietly. Twenty minutes later I herd Harry say "Okay mum love you too. I'll see you then bye." I turned the TV off and looked at him. "What did mum say?" I asked. "She'll be here in a half hour " he said. "Oh okay. So how long did the nurse say you would be in here?" I asked him. "She said one week." He stated. "Oh .. I'm leaving tomorrow." I said. He looked disappointed that he had to stay here longer. "But don't worry .. I'll visit you everyday." I said with a smile on my face to try and lighten the mood. "Okay. Hey could you do me a favor?" he asked. "Yeah sure. What is it?" I said. "Could you call the boys and tell them to get over here? Please?" He asked. "Yeah that's fine. I'm going to go down to the food court thing. do you want anything?" I asked just to be nice. "No that's okay. Thanks anyways though." He said seeming a bit more calm.

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