The boy next door

Hey guys, I've decided to write about this guy I really really like. All of the stories about one direction have already been told, I just want to try something new, so if you could PLEASE tell me about this idea, on my kik Sarahandharry or email me or comment on here and just please tell me what you think because I just want to write about this, and this boy is real and he really does live next door to me and for some reason I've always hated him an now I love him! Ok so ya tell me what you think! Ok thanks!


3. New strangers

July 29 2007

"Wake up!" My younger sister Mary Kate yelled.

"What? It's only 8:40AM, what do you want?" I asked, I realized she was already in her clothes and dressed for the day, 6 year olds get up so early

"Mrs. Smith is moving today, and there's a new car infront of her house! You know what that means!" She said moving her eyebrows up and down

"Oh ya, I forgot about that" I said sitting up in bed

"Lets go see what the boy looks like!" She said jumping up and down. I got out of my bed, moved the curtain out of the way of the window, there I saw a boy that looked around my age running around playing with his dog while his parents were talking to mrs. Smith. The boy looked the same height as me, had brown short hair, and he looked a little tan. His father looked the same way, but taller, and looked like he was in his 40s or 30s, while his mother was a little bit taller than him, and she had blonde hair she looked like she was in her late 30s. 

"Sarah, what do you think about that boy?" Mary Kate asked

"Well it's hard to tell, he looks annoying as heck!" I said standing up, I let go if the curtain and walked out of the room, I noticed that my other younger brothers and my older sister were looking through the windows in the curtain. Adam was the youngest boy he was 3, Zachary was second youngest boy he was 4, my older sister Hannah was 10, I went in the kitchen and ate breakfast, and got dressed for the day.

(this is true)

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