The boy next door

Hey guys, I've decided to write about this guy I really really like. All of the stories about one direction have already been told, I just want to try something new, so if you could PLEASE tell me about this idea, on my kik Sarahandharry or email me or comment on here and just please tell me what you think because I just want to write about this, and this boy is real and he really does live next door to me and for some reason I've always hated him an now I love him! Ok so ya tell me what you think! Ok thanks!


11. 7 8 9

(I'm going to skip up to 9 grade now, nothing really happened after that)

March 3 2013

"You have gotten a new science class, here's a sheet of the people in your class" my councilor   said

"Ok" I said looking at the sheet, when I got to the bottom of the sheet, I saw Tyler's name on there, oh no, I thought. Not happening!!! "Ok, sounds great" I said lying

"Ok great! The class starts tomorrow" she said, and I left the room

(the next day)

"You are Sarah, right?" My new teacher asked

"Ya" I said 

"Ok you sit here" she said and I sat down

"Sarah, did you just get put in this class?" A girl Katie asked me

"Ya" I said 

"Oooooo!!!!! Sarah!!!!" Tyler said walking towards me

"Ya?" I asked 

"Nothin!" He said and walked off.

(this is true)

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