The boy next door

Hey guys, I've decided to write about this guy I really really like. All of the stories about one direction have already been told, I just want to try something new, so if you could PLEASE tell me about this idea, on my kik Sarahandharry or email me or comment on here and just please tell me what you think because I just want to write about this, and this boy is real and he really does live next door to me and for some reason I've always hated him an now I love him! Ok so ya tell me what you think! Ok thanks!


9. 4 5 6

(I'm going to start with 6 grade, because I don't remember that much in 4 or 5 grade) (and in 5 grade we weren't in the same class) (ok so this is 6 grade)

February 17 2010

Me and my 2 brothers were in my room, we were left home alone because my mom went to the store, and everyone else went with her to the store. We were watching tv when he heard laughing coming from my bedroom window, I moved the curtain and I see 2 idiots looking through my window.

"Hey Sarah!" Kevin hollered, Kevin was a fat kid that was very ugly, he was a dork that no one liked

"Heyyyy Sarah!!!" Tyler said and then he licked my window.. I don't know why he did that... But it was during the winter, they were just outside sledding in the snow, but since it was so cold out I thought his tongue would get stuck on the window.

"What do you want?" I asked

"A kiss!" Kevin hollered and made a kissy face

"Oh hell no!" I said and I closed the curtain, then they started pounding on the window, over and over again "If u don't stop I'm going call the police on you, and you can go to jail for trespassing" I said

"Haha!! Ya right!!" Tyler said

"You want to try me?" I asked

Then the neighbor across the street started yelling at them, and then after that, they never did it again.

(this is true)


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