Eternal Flame (Book 1)

The story after Breaking Dawn, new relationships form and the Volturi get closer to Renesmee driving a wedge between her and Jake. Will love conquer all?


29. Trouble In Paradise

"Nessie, Jake time to get up. Your going to school," grandpa shouted.

"Alright, alright. I'm up," I said without opening my eyes.

I got out of bed without opening my eyes, boy was that a big mistake. I whacked my knee off of my drawers and whacked my head trying to hold my knee, so today had a perfect start. I put on a blue top with a white cardigan and dark jeans with my black converse. My hair was curly so I left it down. Jake stuck on a white shirt with dark jeans and converse. We walked down the stairs with our bags. Breakfast was out for Jake so he went into the kitchen where he sat down beside mum and dad. I walked into the living room and over to the couch where I sat down.

"Alice, do you think your dressed enough?" Emmett said looking at Alice.

"Actually, yes I believe I am," she replied.

"You couldn't have at least worn something like Nessie?" He asked smiling. "I mean she may be a bit over dressed to but that's just ridiculous." 

"I am not over dressed," I snapped at him. "Just because somebody doesn't no how to dress, doesn't mean we should all suffer."

"You know what, I'm sorry I brought it up," Emmett said, giving up before it got worse.

"So you should be," Alice said.

"Lets go, we don't want to be late," dad said, changing the subject.

Mum, dad, Jake and I were in Dad's Volvo. Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie were in Emmett's car.

"Nessie,Jake  remember what Carlisle told you last night," mum said.

"Yeah, we're sixteen, yay, " Jake said in a sarcastic tone.

Mum rolled her eyes before facing the front again.

"Looks like we're here," dad said stopping the car.

We all exited the car to find the others had arrived before us.

"Took you long enough," Emmett said unfolding his arms.

"Stop whining, now lets go," dad said.

We all followed mum and dad as they always went first. We don't plan it to happen, it just ends up that way. We were all walking hand in hand to the entrance of the school, everyone was staring after us. We got our timetables and luckily for me and Jake we were in every class together. We had Biology first so we headed off.

"Maybe it's this one," Jake said looking around at the classes and then at his timetable. He looked so cute when he was confused.

"Oh found it, it's in here," I said pointing to the biology room.

We walked through the door to see eyet again everyone was staring and whispering about us.

"Class we have two new students joining us today, Renesmee Cullen and Jacob Black," Mr. Donnelly said, whistles and smiles appeared. "Settle down class."

This was going to be interesting. Jake and I sat at the last table at the back on our own while Mr. Donnelly gave us our books.

"Thanks," I said as he gave us them before he walked away.

"You think they're together?" Someone asked.

"I don't know, but I hope not, she is fit," another whispered back.

Jake growled under his breath, so that only I could hear. I touched his hand carfully and told him to calm down as he was shaking slightly.

"I think I'm going to ask her out," a guy said to his friend.

I could see from the corner of my eyes that they were still staring at me.

"When Dan?" His friend asked him eagerly.

"I don't know but definitely today," he said biting his lip before turning around.

Jake had his eyes glued on Dan for the rest of the lesson, they were filled with hatre and fury. We haven't even got through the first lesson without already having an enemy, for Jake anyway. I just shook off the crush thing. I guess you could call it that, but I'm sure it's not going to be pretty if he does come up to me because Jake will rip his head off. The bell sounded and we all packed our books away before jumping out of our seats.

"Finally," I said grabbing my bag and slinging it over my shoudler.

Jake took my hand and led us out the door to meet with the family for break. When we reached them Emmett and Rosalie were laughing, Jasper and Alice were talking to each other like they were in there own little world and mum was sitting on dad's lap. 

"Hey, how did your first lesson go?" Mum asked as we sat down.

"Jake, please control your emotions, you have to much anger in you, it's very disturbing," Jasper said, annoyance in his voice.

"Bad, very bad," Jake said looking in Dans direction.

"Jake let it go," I said trying to calm him.

"What happened?" Dad asked confused by the thoughts the were going around in Jake's head.

"That guy over there, the one who keeps looking over here," Jake said.

"You might want to narrow it down a bit more," Alice said as loads of people kept turning there heads to look at us.

"I'm guessing it's that one, considering the only thing on his mind is Nessie," dad said looking at me before looking at Jake.

"Yeah, that's the one alright," Jake said disgusted at the very thought.

"I'm confused, so what if a guy is thinking about Nessie?" Emmett asked.

"Because he is thinking of a way to approach her and invite her to a party tomorrow night," dad answered, obviously not impressed with Dan's thoughts.

"Aw, someone has a crush on Nessie and just think, it's only after one lesson," Emmett said grinning.

"Uh, I hate high school," I said putting my head down.

"What do I have next?" Emmett said looking at his timetable.

"I don't know Emmett what do you have next?" I asked sarcastically.

"Well Nessie, it seems I have English," he said, his face dropping.

We all chuckled.

"Anyone else have English?" He asked, disgusted by the very word.

We all checked our timetables for Emmett's sake.

"Nope," Jasper and Rosalie said at the same time.

"Me neither," dad said, relief sweeping over him.

"Calculus, are you kidding me," mum complained.

"Yeah I have that to," Jake said with a sigh.

"I guess I'm not with you in every class," I said looking up at Jake. "I have, I have English, joy oh joy." 

"Yes," Emmett boomed excitedly.

The bell rang for everyone to head to their next class and for me and Emmett, it was English.

"Just you and me kiddo," he said grinning as we entered our class.

As we took our seats there were less people staring at us. I looked around and noticed that Dan wasn't in the room, thank god. That guy gave me the creeps. The teacher walked into the classroom, she had blonde hair that tied up in a bow and a grey suit with black shoes.

"Ok class turn to page 32 in your workbooks and start answering the questions. Today's lesson will be based on Romeo and Juliet," she said smiling.

"Great, not only do I have to waist my time in this class but I have to learn about mushy, gooey Shakespeare crap, I hate Shakespeare," Emmett hissed loudly.

"Excuse me but perhaps you have wrote successful and heart capturing stories and poems such as Shakespeare himself?" Miss Chambers asked Emmett.

"No miss," he said.

"Well then what gives you the right to mock Shakespeare?" She asked him.

"Because it's a load of crap," he said freely.

Gasps filled the room.

"I beg your pardon," Miss chambers exclaimed, shock spreading over her face.

"Here we go," I muttered under my breath.

"It's just that even though he is this so called great "writer" or "poet" he is so boring, I mean come on there is a reason he made it up all those years ago, he didn't have a life," Emmett proclaimed.

The room filled with laughter, I chuckled as well.

"You seem to find this so amusing Miss Cullen, maybe you would like to join your brother in detention this afternoon," she said raising her eyebrows.

"What," Emmett and I exclaimed.

"Everyone was laughing not just me," I protested.

"Or would you rather detention for the rest of the week as well?" She asked.

"No miss," I said.

"Well then now that is out of the way, class get on with your work," she said, not amused by Emmett and me.

I moved my arm so it would touch Emmett's before saying, "way to go Emmett, you got me detention on the first day. Dad is definitley going to kill you."

"Jeez, if looks could kill," he whispered as I glared at him.

"If they could then you'd be dead along time ago, so you don't need to worry," I smirked.

After that lesson I had P.E which I didn't like because I couldn't use my full strength or run my full speed but luckily unlike the other classes it flew in and was soon lunch. When the bell went a girl came up to me, she was very pretty she had blue eyes and light brown hair.

"Hey, I was just wondering if I could borrow some of the notes that you took down in English, it's just that I was busy so I couldn't get them down," she said nervously.

"Sure, here you go," I said handing her my notes.

"Thanks, your Renesmee right?" She asked.

"Yes but everyone calls me Nessie," I explained.

"Yeah sure, I'm Carly," she said introducing herself.

"Nice to meet you," I said smiling.

"You to. Do you want tocome sit with us for lunch?" She asked politely.

"No thanks, I think I'm going to sit with my family today, but maybe another time," I replied.

"Yeah, sure don't worry about it," she said smiling.

"I guess I'll see you around," I said leaving the gym.

"Yeah, bye Nessie," she said waving.

As I walked around the corner of the corridor an arm wrapped around me.

"Hey gorgeous," Jake said whispering in my ear.

"Hey," I said looking up at him.

"So I heard you got detention," he said looking at me for an explanation.

"How did you hear about that?" I asked.

"It's not exactly a huge school Nessie, news spreads quickly," he said.

"Well come on then, spill," he said as we reached our lunch table.

"Yeah Nessie, why don't you tell us why you got detention on your first day," dad said low enough for us to hear but I could sense his fury.

"It was all Emmett's fault, honestly," I said. "He was mocking Shakespeare, calling what he writes crap and we all laughed, not just me. The whole class did but she's only keeping me and Emmett back." 

Emmett walked up to the table.

"Hey fam," he said grinning but as I turned around his face just dropped.

"Edward, hear me out first ok?" He said trying to plead.

"You've got 2 minutes before I rip your head off," dad hissed angril.y

He really does get so wound up over the slightest of things, but detention on the first day is like starting world war 3, well for dad anyway.

"It was just fun, and it's not my fault if your daughter couldn't control her laughter unlike some of us who are in control," he said looking at me then back at dad.

"Excuse me," I protested.

"Oh look, there's trouble in paradise," someone said while the other laughed.

"We will continue this at home," dad said.

All of us had our fake food, as you may call it. That is except for Jake, he could eat anything, anytime, anywhere. I chuckled quietly to myself.

"What?" Jake asked curiously.

"Nothing," I said touching his nose teasingly.

"So has anybody met anyone yet?" Mum asked.

"Yeah," I said, I was the only one.

"Who?" Jake asked.

"Carly, she's in my English class and she wanted to borrow some notes. She invited me to sit with her at lunch, but I said I was sitting with all of you today," I said explaining.

"That's good at least your making new friends," mum said smiling.

"Yeah, but what's the point, I mean we can't have friends, not really," I said looking down.

"Nessie," mum trailed off.

"You need to stop thinking about the future and start thinking about now," dad said caringly.

"I know, I know you've told me before," I said rolling my eyes.

"It has obviously not gone through yet," Emmett commented.

I glared at him.

The bell sounded for the end of lunch. Alice and I had history together, her arm was linked in mine whilst we walked to class. We took our seats as a student gave out books. 

"Hey ladies, might I say you both look fine today," he said trying to act cool.

Me and Alice exchanged a glance.

"We know," Alice said grinning before looking down at her outfit.

"How about you and I go out sometime," he said talking in a husky tone, whilst looking at me.

"How about you drop dead," I said glaring at him while chuckles circulated the room.

"Come on baby, don't hide our love. You know you want me, just as much as I want you," he said smirking while biting his lip in a lustful way.

"Not even in your dreams," I said getting annoyed.

"But why would you be in my dreams, when I've already got you in reality," he said looking me up and down.

"The only thing your going to get from me is my fist in your face," I cried.

"I was kind of hoping for it to be your face, but it's ok, we'll work our way up," he said, teasing me.

Rage filled my body.

"Nessie, calm down," Alice said, trying to relax me.

"Ok, class turn to page 54 in your text books. For goodness sake Lukas please take your seat," Ms Merlin said looking at Lukas, the guy harrassing me.

"I'll see you later Cullen," he said smirking.

"Are you ok?" Alice asked me.

"Yeah, don't tell Jake about this he will flip," I said looking at Alice pleadingly.

"I promise I won't, but he is going to find out, either by people here or even Lukas himself," she said.

"Can you see him finding out?" I asked her.

"Nessie, I can't see Jake, you know that," she said wishing she could help.

"Oh yeah, right I forgot," I said.

"Let's just get through the day, I mean it couldn't get any worse right?" She asked hopefully.

"No I guess not," I said truthfully.

Throughout the class I could see that Lukas was watching me. I just shook him off and tried to focus on the lesson, yet I was more interested in the time. When the clock had finally hit quarter past I leapt up from my seat as the bell rang. I was the first one out of the class and headed for my next class which was Music. I felt a hand on my shoulder and jumped, as I turned around I was so happy to see Jake. I buried my face in his chest.

"Ness, you ok, what's wrong?" He asked holding me close.

"Just hold me," I said in a soft tone that only he could hear.

He pulled me closer before releasing me from his grasp.

"Is it Dan?" He asked clenching his teeth together.

"No, just forget it," I said.

"Nessie," he said wanting an answer.

Lukas walked past us, he had the most sleekest smile on his face while staring at me. Jake's eyes followed his every move until he was out of sight. He was going to walk over to him.

"Jake no, just lets go to music," I said holding him back before dragging him to the music room.

As we entered the room the class had already started.

"Miss Cullen, Mr Black, so nice of you to join us," Mr Collins said. "Take your seats."

"Yes, sir," we both said.

I walked over to dad, Jake behind me, and sat down next to him.

"Would you like to explain why you were so late?" Dad asked.

I looked over to Jake before looking back to dad.

"It's a long story" I said sighing.

Dad just left it at that, he knew that he shouldn't ask anything else, at least until school was over.

"Would any of you like to play the piano?" Mr Collins asked.

"Go on Nessie, you love the piano," dad said encouraging me.

"No, I'll pass I don't really feel up to it," I said before doodling again on my book.

I could see that dad's face had now turned to worry because I never pass on the chance to play  the piano.

"I would," dad said.

"Ok, Mr Cullen, what will you be playing?" Mr Collins asked as Dad sat down in front of the piano. 

"I am going to play a lullaby that I wrote for someone close to me," dad said looking at me.

"Ok, lets hear it then," Mr Collins replied.

Dad started playing the piano, it wasmy lullaby that he had written for me. He also played mum's as well.

"Thank you , that was marvellous," he said clapping at dad's performance.

Dad sat down in his seat looking at me, I met his eyes for several seconds before looking down at my desk. Mr Collins talked about performing for others and how you should always look relaxed because then the audience will be relaxed. The bell finally sounded, pulling me back into reality. We all got up out of our seats but dad and Jake waited for me to put my books away. When I was done there was a familiar face standing in front of me. It was Dan.

"Great," dad said putting his head against the wall by the door.

"Hey Nessie. I'm Dan and I was wondering if you wanted to go the the beach party tomorrow night with me," he said nervously.

"Sorry, I have a boyfriend," I said pointing over to Jake who was smiling in our direction.

"Oh right, yeah sure, well see you around Nessie," he said feeling embarrassed.

"Yeah sure, thanks for offering though," I said trying to help him out.

He walked out of the classroom, past Jake and dad, I sighed.

"That went well," dad said.

"You coming?" Jake asked.

"Yeah," I said in a soft tone.

We walked out of the school gates to find everyone with their arms folded across their chests and leaning against the cars.

"It's about bloody time," Emmett complained.

"Sorry," dad said.

"What took you so long?" Mum asked curiously.

"Nessie had to reject a date," Jake said smiling.

Everyone bu out rstlaughing, I would usually feel embarrassed by now but today I just really didn't care that much.

"It took you that long to reject someone Nessie, I thought my niece was a little faster than that," Emmett said chuckling.

I just looked at him without any expression on my face before opening the door to dad's Volvo and jumping in.

"Ok, then," Emmett said getting into his car.

We were all on our way home when mum turned around and asked, "so how did the rest of your day go?" 

"It was alright," Jake said.

"Nessie?" Mum asked.

"Could have been better," I muttered.

Dad slammed the brake down and we all lurched forward.

"Edward?" Mum asked confused.

"That's it, everybody out now," he demanded.

"Whats the hold up?" Emmett shouted from behind us.

"Get out of the car now," dad shouted again.

They all sighed but did as dad told them to.

"Edward what is this all about?" Rosalie asked.

Dad turned to me, "Nessie something is upsetting you, something bad enough to turn you off the things you love to do like playing the piano and laughing. I've asked you what's wrong but you just shrug it off, just tell us what's wrong because none of us are going anywhere until I know what's bothering you. Just stop being so stubborn."

"Nessie?" Jake asked,worry in his voice.

Everyones eyes were on me, I looked to Alice for support.

"Guys, just leave her alone, now can we go?I need to shop for some new accessories," Alice said trying to help me.

"You know something about this, Alice?" Dad asked looking at Alice.

"Yes," she said giving in.

"I'm sorry Nessie, but they need to know," she said looking at me.

"Need to know what?" Mum cried.

I took a deep breath and started, "me and Alice were in history and there was this guy who was handing out books to us, his name was Lukas. Anyway he asked me out and I said no, then he started saying stop hiding our love and that I wanted him just as much as he wanted me...."

I told them the rest and they all stared at me.

"Has he hurt you physically?" Dad asked.

"No," I said.

"After that happened, that was when you came to me wasn't it?" Jake asked.

"Yeah," I said quietly.  "Just the way he said it, it was like he was so sure that nothing could come between us."

"By the sound of it he is sick, " Rosalie said folding her arms.

"No Nessie is right, the way he looked at her, it was more like he was in power and that he could make her do anything. We have to be careful around this guy, if he ever found out about us then he would be able to make Nessie do anything, anything at all," Alice said seriously.

"Yeah, but he's just a human," Emmett said not getting why Lukas is being known as a threat to us.

"I know but he seems a different, I don't know I can't seem to put my finger on it," Alice said annoyed at the predicament.

"We'll just have to watch out for him, and maybe someone could be transferred into Nessie's history class, just to make sure," Mum said.

"I'll do it," Jake said quickly.

"No Jake, if he made a comment about Nessie that you didn't like, you would lose control. I'll get transferred," dad said.

"Ok, now that's all settled, can we please go home?" Emmett begged.

"Yes," dad said as we all got back into the car.

I snuggled up to Jake. I was fighting against my eyes to keep them open. It's just not fair, I mean why do all these bad things keep happening. I just want my family to be safe, and lately it seems as though I'm the one who is putting them in danger because they want to protect me, even if it means dying themselves. But I will never let that happen, as long as I have anything to do with it. My family will be safe.

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