Eternal Flame (Book 1)

The story after Breaking Dawn, new relationships form and the Volturi get closer to Renesmee driving a wedge between her and Jake. Will love conquer all?


27. Travelling (Part 2)

"Nessie," dad said shaking me gently.

"What?" I asked opening my eyes.

"Food is here," he said.

I sighed and stretched my arms in the air. This man came up to us with a cart that held a lot of things, food, snacks, drinks and loads more. He had a tag on his shirt that read Matt.

"Here are your food trays," he said politely handing them to us.

"Thank you," dad replied.

"Is there anything else I could get you?" Matt asked.

"Yeah water would be great," Jake said.

"Here you go," he said handing a bottle of water to Jake.

"Thanks," Jake replied.

"Anything for you miss?" He asked, turning red with embarrassment. 

"No thanks," I said kindly.

"Anything at all, just let me know," he said smiling before moving on to the next row.

Jake rolled his eyes and growled.

"Aw Jake, he was only being polite," I said innocently.

"Yeah, but I bet he was thinking in a completely different way from what he was saying," he said.

"You got that right," dad said widening his eyes and holding up the paper.

"See," Jake said.

"Well don't worry, your the only guy for me, plus your cute when your jealous to," I said teasing him.

"Got that right," he said smiling before turning to his food.

Dad and Jake pulled the lids of their food at the same time and when they did I got a big waft of it. The smell was horrendous.

"Ew," I said. "There is no way that is going in my mouth."

"Don't worry I wouldn't give a dog to scarf that down," dad said holding his nose.

Jake raised his eyebrows.

"No offence," dad said. "But seriously how can you eat this?"

"The same reason, you can eat what you eat," he said defending himself.

I started to feel a bit queasy and felt a little dizzy.

"I think I'm going to throw up," I said holding my mouth.

"It's not that bad," Jake said.

"No seriously I'm going to be sick," I said trying to convince them.

"Oh," dad said getting out of his seat to let me out.

I rushed past alot of rows until I found the toilet. I closed the door and immediatly threw up, I held my hair back and tried to stop shaking. I took deep breaths and wiped my mouth with a bit of toilet paper. I then flushed the chain and went to the sink to wash my hands. The cold water on my face felt good, it relaxed me a bit. When I felt better I went back outside and walked pass the rows up to my seat.

"Sweetie, are you okay?" Mum asked concerned.

"Yeah, the smell of that food made me throw up," I explained.

I sat back down in my seat holding my nose until the food was taken away, and when it was I was beginning to feel frustrated.

"How long is left?" I turned to ask my dad.

"Twenty minutes, just try to hold on until then," he said kissing my forehead.

"I need air," I muttered under my breath.

"Here Nessie, use this," Alice said handing me an electric fan.

"Thanks," I said taking it off her.

I turned it on and the air just came flying at me, I pulled out my Ipod and started listening to it while stil holding my fan.

"Ladies and entlemen please take your seats and fasten your seat belts as we are getting ready to land," the airhostess announced.

"Finally," I said buckling my seatbelt again.

I turned around and saw Emmett, he was sitting there wearing a knitted scarf, hat and mittens, and the women were still knitting more.

"Help," Emmett pleaded in a low voice that only we could here.

"No," mum whispered back smiling.

I laughed, the plane was beginning to shake as we were landing and we could feel it pointing downwards. Then we landed on the runway and were going one hundred miles per hour. When the plane stopped moving I unbuckled my seatbelt as did everyone else and grabbed my hand luggage. We all moved up the plane and when we where finally out of it, the cool breeze swept across my face and I took a deep breath then let it all out. We walked down the metal stairs again and headed inside to the airport.

"That wasn't so bad," grandpa said.

"What?" Emmett and I said at the same time.

"Not bad, I had to sit between two needle knitting grannys who, by the way, have so many grandchildren. You wouldn't believe how many photos there were. I get the shivers remembering," he said with a frightened look on his face. 

"Yeah, I threw up and could barely breath," I said.

"Well, yeah but other than that it was ok," grandma said.

"Anyway lets go," dad said.

We all exited the airport and headed for the car park, where we were met by our new cars.

"Sweet ride," Emmett said checking out his new car.

"Mine is the exact same as my old one," I said looking at the blue car.

We all got into the cars and this time me and Jake were with mum and dad. Jake put his arms around me and held me close.

"I'm so tired," I said yawning.

"Me to," Jake said.

"Well, you will have to stay a wake so you can pick your room, you get first pick remember," mum said.

"Oh yeah," I said remebering.

I looked at my watch, it was 8:30pm, the car began to slow down and then it finally stopped.

"Well this is it," grandpa said as we all got out of our cars.

"Wow," was all I could manage to say.

It was a slightly similar to our old house except this was much bigger, it had glass windows, white steel gates, a huge garden front and back, and a garage.

"All of you can stay out here if you want but I'm going to pick my room," I said running inside.

I heard everyone behind me, I burst the door open and ran for the stairs while everyone was admiring the living room and kitchen. There were three rooms on this floor, I ran inside the first one and there was a purple throw on the bed, it also had a bit of white on it and was really nice. The second room had everything red and white in it, so I thought that might come to Emmet's delight. The third was all pink and white, it was pretty but too much pink. Then I ran upstairs another set of stairs and came to the second floor which had one room and it was full of black and white with a tint of silver. I then went up the last flight of stairs and there was the last room. I opened the door and it was beautiful. Blue bed covers with a silver lining in it and matching curtains, it had a walk in wardrobe and a big bathroom to. This was definitely my room.

"I've picked my room, it's the last one at the top of the house. You can all pick your's now," I shouted down to everyone.

It was like elephants running up the stairs then. They were so loud.

"Me and Rose are taking the red and white room," Emmett shouted.

"Edward and I pick the purple and white room," mum yelled.

"Me and Jasper will have the pink and white one," Alice screamed.

"I guess that means we get the black and white room," grandma said to grandpa.

Jake opened the door to our room seconds later.

"So this is ours?" He asked looking around.

"Yeah, it's perfect," I replied.

"Yeah but it doesn't even have a chance compared to how you look right now. I mean after a day travelling you still look amazing," he said holding me in his arms.

"Aw, your so sweet," I said smiling.

He smiled back and lifted me in his arms, his lips met mine and this definetly was the highlight of my day. We pulled away at the same time, in the next second we heard the sound of the removal van pulling up. We all headed out to the front of the house where we grabbed our luggage, me and Jake had to make a few trips up to my room, what with me packing pretty much everything.

After I finished unpacking, I changed into my pyjamas. I then sat on my bed and looked around the room now that it was no longer bare. I had to admit, it was better than my room back in Forks.

"I'm so going to sleep," I said pulling the bed cover back so I could get in.

"Yeah me to," Jake said getting into bed.

I wrapped the blankets over me and Jake, I laid close to him. I couldn't keep my eyes open much longer so I just gave in and fell asleep.

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