Eternal Flame (Book 1)

The story after Breaking Dawn, new relationships form and the Volturi get closer to Renesmee driving a wedge between her and Jake. Will love conquer all?


35. The Perfect Getaway

"Come on Nessie, we have to get up," Carly said shaking me gently.  

I got out of bed, went to the bathroom and washed my face. I then brushed my teeth before looking in my wardrobe to find out what I was going to wear today. I opened my door and followed Carly downstairs, to where she was searching the room for Seth who was in the kitchen with Jake eating breakfast. We joined them.  

"Morning you two, did you have a good sleep?" Grandma asked placing Carly's breakfast on the table.  

"I had a very good sleep, what about you Carly?" I asked grinning.  

"Yeah, I had a good sleep," she said smiling while looking down at her cereal before eating it.  

"Of course you did," Emmett muttered under his breath before Alice smacked him around the head with a magazine.  

"Don't be so rude," she accused him before he rolled his eyes and continued watching TV.  

I noticed that in between eating their cereal, Seth and Carly kept looking over in each other's direction. It was very sweet. On our way to school, Jake was driving his red Porsche that he got as a present for his birthday, Seth, Carly and I were also in the car; I thought it was cute how our cars matched. We came into view of the school before Jake parked in our usual spot, with dads and Emmett's cars beside it. I reached to open the door but Jake put his hand on mine, which made me turn round to look at him.  

"Promise me, you won't go anywhere on your own," he said seriusly.  

"I promise," I said before kissing his lips and making my way out of the car.  

We all walked into the school together before Emmett and I made our way to English. He stood very close beside me as we walked and even closer in the lesson. On either Jake's or dad's order I assumed. We had a substitute teacher as Miss Chambers was absent due to her broken leg, people are saying that she fell down the stairs and others are saying that she just slipped on something. We had to write a few stories and make up a few poems, my poems were about love, beauty and the night. I thought it was very good and the teacher thought so to. Emmett was the last person to read his poem to the class, I dreaded to think of what words were going to come out of his mouth.  

"When I look into your eyes. Those pure, gentle eyes that mesmerize. Our hands which intertwine. When we walk on that fine line. The sunsets are a mystery, But you and I will love each other throughout time and history," Emmett said reading out his poem.  

Everyone, including myself, were lost for words. I was more in shock than anything else. I never knew he could be like that.  

"That was marvelous, absolutely marvelous," the teacher said clapping her hands so hard, they were turning red. Emmett walked back to his seat with pride, obviously impressed with himself. I looked at him with suspicion.  

"You didn't write that, did you?" I asked him with curious eyes.  

"Of course not, I have loads of sheets of poems in my bag. They're off the Internet, I used this one because it fits the lesson," he said smirking. "Am I good or what?"  

"Your unbelievable," I accused him.  

"Hey, it was that or actually write one myself. What one do you think would have been more appropriate?" He asked raising his eyebrows, I didn't answer. "Exactly."   

The bell rang and Emmett and I started walking over to our table, today Carly joined us. They're eyes were searching for something.  

"He's not here," Alice spoke first.  

I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.  

"Maybe he got the message, to you know, stay away," Carly said a little unsure.  

"No, I don't buy it, it was to easy," Jake said shaking his head while playing with my hair.  

"Way to easy," Jasper agreed.  

"Well how was every ones first lesson?" Emmett asked grinning.  

We all rolled our eyes before we pretended to eat our food. Seth had his arms around Carly while she was throwing some food for him to catch in his mouth. I snuggled up closer to Jake as he rested his head on my shoulder. I breathed in his scent, it was so warm and refreshing. Although I knew what the others had meant over the years when they said they didn't like Jake's smell, but I don't know; I guess its grew on me. We're all definitely over his smell now though, especially Rosalie, she didn't let it drop for ages. I only began to realise that the bell had gone when Jake was pulling me gently towards the entrance. I had art with Carly, Jake and Seth, but of course Seth and Carly were glued to each other the whole lesson. I began to think about grandpa Charlie and how none of us could visit him, or even call him because that would mean putting him in danger, and I couldn't let that happen.  

"Could Miss Cullen, Mr Black, Miss Foster and Mr Clearwater please make their way to the sacretary," Mr. Brown called out as he read from a note.  

We looked at each other curiously before getting out of our seats and making our way down the hall. There was no one about and when we made it to the front desk, the secretary Mrs Cunningham wasn't there.  

"She's not here," Carly said stating the obvious. "We might as well wait, I'm in no rush to go back to class."  

We all sat down on the leather seats that were facing the front desk. Then I heard faint footsteps coming along the corridors. Mum, Jasper and Alice came around the corridor and were now looking at us with curious eyes.  

"What are you all doing here?" Jake asked.  

"There was a note sent round, telling us to come to the front desk. Why are all of you here?" Mum answered.  

"One came for us to," Seth said.  

Dad came into sight with Emmett who was laughing hysterically who had his arm around Rosalie, they had the same expression the others had when they had saw us. Dad was about to say something but Jake cut him off.  

"Let me guess, a note was sent around telling you all to come here," Jake said pulling his eyebrows together.  

"Lukas" Mum said through clenched teeth.  

I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I began to walk towards the desk while everyone was talking. I reached into the open window to pick up the same little note that had been sent around to our classes today, it was sitting on top of the computer. I turned it around and it read the following "How did you like my flowers? As you probably already know, blue flowers are the central symbol of romanticism and they stand for desire, love, and the metaphysical striving for the infinite and unreachable. Although you will be reachable very soon. I guess you now know my feelings for dogs, but one in particular -Lukas". Rage filled me and I began to shake, I felt the warmth of Jake's hand around my wrist within seconds.  

"Nessie?" He asked wanting to know why I was acting this way.  

I turned around and looked up to him as he was so close to me. I gave him the note which he took, and began to read. It would have been easier to look into a blazing fire than to look into Jake's eyes, they were so fierce, full of anger and fury. He crumpled the note and punched the wall behind me with his large fist, the movement made me jump a little and he knew he was now frightening me.  

"I'm sorry," he said calming down before sighing.  

I put my arms around his neck and he put his around my waist, before I buried my face into his shoulder. Alice picked up the note to show the others, as I was guessing she could see what it had said and that dad had read Jake's thoughts while he was reading it. The note had been passed around a few times and as some read it, the others were pacing.  

"We should go to class," Alice said finally breaking the silence.  

Seconds later the bell rang and Jake and I released ourselves from each others grasp. The corridors were now filled with a crowd of teenagers.  

"I'll see you at lunch," he said playing with my fingers before letting them go and heading down the hall.  

I sighed while I watched him walk away. Dad and Alice were waiting for me to go to history. I think today I'll actually like this subject. When we reached the classroom and sat in our seats, Mrs Geralds started the lesson. I looked over at Lukas' empty seat and anger arose within me, I didn't think it was possible to hate someone or something so much. Dad looked at me with curious eyes, he always hated the fact that he couldn't read mum's mind, and when I block my thoughts away from him, he feels the exact same frustration. I gave him a reassuring smile, although I know he never bought it, he just made swift glances at me to see if my expressions gave anything away. I hope they hadn't because then he would know how scared I was, I didn't fear for me, I feared for my family in case they ever got hurt by Lukas when he is trying to get to me. The class lasted longer than I was hoping for, but I was so happy to hear the bell. We packed up our things before heading over to the cafeteria. When we got there, Jake, Rosalie, Carly and mum were sitting at our table and at the other end of the room I could see Emmett, Seth and Jasper making their way through the crowd.  

"Hey Nessie," Carly said greeting me as I sat in the middle of her and Jake.  

"Hey," I said fighting to put a smile on my face.  

I folded my arms on the table and rested my head on them. My head was throbbing, as if I hit it of something hard. I put the aching of my head aside and stared out the window that showed water drops on it. The rain was pouring down fast. I heard the others talking, but their was a certain conversation that caught my attention. It was mum and dad talking extremely low, like in a whisper that barely I could here, but I managed to understand the words.  

"Alice had a vision," dad began in mum's ear. "She could see Lukas in different places, he keeps changing course from where he is going to next."  

"Where does she see him?" Mum asked curiously.  

"She has seen him in cathedrals, museums, art galleries and malls," dad said in a low tone.  

"Why is he in those places, it makes no sense," mum stated.  

"I know. It's like he's playing this game that no one but him understands. He definitely believes their is a prize though," dad said his voice breaking at that last bit.  

Shivers went through my entire body and I suddenly grew cold.  

"What is it Edward?" Mum asked realizing dad was holding something back.  

"I'm trying to figure it out. There was another place where Alice could see him and it's the one that confuses her the most," dad explained.  

"Where?" Mum asked impatiently.  

"The graveyard," dad said in a cold voice.  

My whole body froze. Why would Lukas be at a graveyard? He always seems alone, maybe he had someone close to him die, a sister or a brother even. I didn't know but for what ever reason, he wouldn't be at a graveyard or at any of the other places unless their was a meaning behind it or if he really is just playing games like dad had said. I didn't listen to mum and dad any more, so I just thought to myself for the next few minutes. Then the bell went and I immediately put my hands to my ears as the sound of it made my head worse. I slowly got out of my seat but when I was standing, the room began to circulate around me. I couldn't take in the dizziness of it all and before I knew it my legs gave in and I collapsed onto the floor. I could feel arms around me within not even a second. Jake held me in his arms.  

"Oh my God Nessie, are you ok?" He asked holding me with one arm and holding my face in his other. "Can you hear me?"  

"Yeah," I said holding my head. "I can't walk."  

"I'm not letting you walk," he promised.  

I could hear gasps and whispers surrounding us.  

"Come on, we need to get her home," dad whispered to Jake.  

I could feel Jake walking fast while carrying me out of the cafeteria, and I could faintly see dad in front of us. I kept a firm grip on my head as it felt more dizzier than ever.  

"Oh my, what happened?" Mrs Cunningham asked with worry.  

"She fainted in the cafeteria. I don't think she should go back to class," dad said, dazzling her.  

"Why yes of course, do you need to be excused from class, and you?" She asked looking at dad and Jake.  

"That won't be necessary on my part, Jacob is going to take her home. I am going to help them get into the car, if that's alright," dad said.  

"Indeed it is," Mrs Cunningham said ending the conversation.  

"Thank you," dad said as we left through the doors.  

I felt the fresh air as soon as the doors were open, I took in deep breaths before exhaling them. Jake handed me over into dad's cool arms who gently sat me in the front seat of Porsche.

Dad kissed my head, "put you head between your knees."  

He shut the door tight before Jake started to drive out of the school gates. I did what dad said and put my head between my knees, the dizziness was going down so it definitely helped. I could feel Jake's hand rubbing my back. The car came to a stop within a few minutes because Jake was driving extremely fast. He got out of the car and came round to my side, and opened my door. He gently lifted me into his warm arms before shutting the door.  

"Edward called, and told us what happened," grandpa said greeting us,grandma by his side."Lets get her inside."  

I was carried into the house before Jake laid me down on the couch, and grandma put a blanket over me.  

"Thanks," I smiled slightly.  

Jake sat on the edge of the couch, leaning over beside me while grandma sat on the other couch facing us. Grandpa came in with his case that he takes to the hospital with him.  

"Nessie, do you have any idea what might have caused you to faint?" Grandpa asked holding his hand to my forehead.  

"No, my head was sore and I rested it on the table at lunch and when I got up, I don't know I just didn't have the energy to stand and so I fell," I explained.  

"Well your temperature has increased well above the average temperature for humans, and your temperature is usually around the same as just below average for a human," Grandpa said taking his hand away from my head.  

"So what does that mean?" Jake asked curiously.  

"I'm not sure, maybe you need to eat, when was the last time you went hunting?" Grandpa asked.  

"I'm not sure but I ate food just two days ago, and I can live on human food so that couldn't be it," I said expressing my thoughts.  

"That is true. Well if food isn't the answer then," grandpa started.  

"Then what?" Jake asked before I could.  

Grandpa was reluctant to answer but he did after a few minutes, "maybe it's due to stress. Edward told me about the letter that you found today and I'm sure that would be enough to stress you out, let alone everything else that has happened lately."   

"So what your saying is, he is the reason she has fainted," Jake stated, anger in his voice. "I could kill him right now."  

I felt really hot, my whole body was full with heat. To make me feel even more warm was the blanket and of course Jake was leaning over me.  

"She's burning up Carlisle," grandma announced, now she was closer to me. She must have noticed the red my cheeks were, I'm sure they were just as red as they felt.  

"Ok, take the blanket off her. Jacob you won't be able to keep physical contact with her, you touching her will make her temperature increase more," grandpa said.  

Grandma took the blanket off me, "the wind might help her."  

Grandpa nodded and before I knew it I was being carried out into the fresh air by grandma, she sat me on the bench out the back before sitting down herself and holding me. The coolness that was coming off her was incredibly soothing. I looked out into the woods of the forest before me and gazed out into the far distance, my eyes were weakening to the view and my ears were closing in on the whistles of the wind. Blackness took over me. After what seemed like forever the darkness began to fade and before me I could see see someone who I truly loved. Those dark curly locks and those brown eyes, it was grandpa Charlie. He was at our old house back in Forks, out the back were there was a little playground that was built for me as a toddler. I was on the swing and grandpa Charlie was pushing me. I remembered that day so clearly because it was the day that my belly hurt because I was laughing so much at grandpa's silly facial expressions. That memory had got me thinking about another one when grandpa Charlie found out about us and who we really were. We had to be very careful though, because the Volturi was still around and it was forbidden for humans to know about vampires if they're not eventually going to be turned themselves. Billy explained to Charlie the whole werewolves thing, with the help of Sue Clearwater that is because Sue and Charlie are a couple and are still going strong. So it was only a matter of time that he found out, it took him a while but he eventually accepted the fact that his daughter was no longer human and that his granddaughter wasn't just a human. He also discovered that he was actually my biological grandfather, which he was overjoyed about but yet even to this day he is on a need to know basis with us. I could feel my self smiling at that.  

"She's smiling, at least that's a good thing," I heard a faint voice say, it sounded a lot like Rosalie.  

"Yeah," I heard mum say.  

The voices were becoming louder and a lot clearer. I opened my eyes to see that I was back on the couch in the living room. My sight was blurry from sleeping so I rubbed them and my vision was clear. Everyone had their eyes on me as I took in their faces. I felt cool hands on my head, I looked up to see mum smiling at me.  

"Hey sweetie, how are you feeling?" Mum asked as I stared at her before looking around the room.   

"Honestly, I'm feeling quite paranoid," I said before chuckling and I was obviously contagious as the room filled with laughter. I sat up and was surprised to see that I wasn't dizzy any more.  

"I'm don't feel dizzy," I said out load when I discovered it.  

"Can you walk?" Dad asked.  

I got up slowly from the couch, I then took a few steps and I was fine. No dizziness, no sore head and no fainting. These were all good signs.  

"I'm still to warm," I said to them, I looked down to see that I was in my pyjamas and when I looked outside it was dark. "What time is it?"  

"It's six O'clock, you've been sleeping for almost six hours," Alice said answering my question.  

"That long?" I asked astonished that I had been asleep for the whole day. "I'm going to sit outside."   

I made my way out the back and sat down on the familiar bench. I sat there with my legs up, when dad came out.  

"I thought you might have wanted something a bit more cooler," he said smiling while waving his hands, I smiled back at him before he came and sat beside me. His touch felt so cold, and it was exactly what I needed right now. He put his arms around me, and we sat in silence for a few minutes.  

"What are you thinking?" He asked curiously.  

"I was just thinking about the dream I had, grandpa Charlie was in it," I sighed.  

"You miss him," he stated. "Nessie, I know that you were stressed out, because of Lukas. I know you and I know that you wouldn't worry like that over your own safety. You were worried about what could happen to us, weren't you?"   

"Yes," I said.  

"Well you need to stop it because nothing is going to happen to us, and even if something was, you just worry about yourself. Do you hear me?" I could hear the edge in his voice and I simply nodded even though nothing would stop me from worrying about my family, that was impossible.

He sighed heavily before hugging me tighter. I looked up at the stars and noticed how close they were, so beautiful. Jake came out onto the porch and stood at the far end of the bench. I was really happy to see him.  

"Where did you go?" I asked.  

"Me, Carly and Seth went to Carly's house and then we went to Seth's. I brought some of my stuff back here," he said sighing. He looked sad, and looked like he was thinking very hard about something.  

"What's wrong?" I asked when he didn't explain.  

"Now you know how I felt," dad simply said. I was so confused and they could see it on my face, dad and Jake looked at each other. I knew Jake was telling him something.  

"Ok, you know what, I don't even want to know because I'm tired and this whole day has been confusing for me and I don't need another reason to faint again," I said.  

"Your right, you don't," dad said, his voice hard. I looked at Jake.  

"Why are you standing?" I asked pulling my eyebrows up.

His face showed that he was in pain and I remembered how grandpa said Jake couldn't touch me. "I'm not that warm anymore, I feel fine"  

"You do know that you get your acting from Bella?" Jake laughed. "And even if you were good at lying, your cheeks give you away."

 I sloshed back into dad's arms and tried to think of a way to be in Jake's arms. Just to hold him, and to feel feel him. It just came to me then, the perfect getaway. I tried to move out of dad's arms but he wouldn't let me budge.  

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked holding me with a greater grip and pulling is right eyebrow up.  

"Since when was it a crime to go to the bathroom?" I asked him.

He released me from him and when he did I got up slowly. When I was standing I moved my foot to walk but held my head in my hands to let them think I had gotten dizzy again. "Ow."  

Trying to hold my head in place before moving another step and falling, I closed my eyes. Right on cue was my gorgeous Jake, he held me in his arms.  

"Nessie," he said like earlier. He sat on the bench with me in his arms, I smiled, "and you said I couldn't act."   Jake and Dad widened their eyes in shock.  

"How could you pretend to faint on me like that?" Jake asked bewildered.  

Dad spoke before I could. "That was very stupid, Nessie."   

"I had to do something to be close to you again," I said looking into Jake's eyes before looking at dad. "And you wouldn't let him come to me let alone me go to him. Don't tell me that mum wouldn't have done the same thing when she was human because she is just as stubborn as I am."   

"Yes, she was definitely the one to do thing like that," he said smiling.  

I threw my arms around Jake and held him as tight as I could. I took in his scent and the touch of his skin. He had one hand on the back of my head and the other on my back, holding me. His lips moved to my neck and the feeling made me laugh. Dad wasn't with us no more. He looked into my eyes.  

"I've missed that laugh" he said with his hands at my face.  

"Me to, although there is something I've missed more," I said smirking before kissing him on the lips. I was panting for breath already, but I didn't care. His lips moved with mine as I tightened my grip around his neck. Alice came running out onto the porch.  

"NESSIE, JAKE MOVE!" She screamed.  

Jake rolled us over to the other end of the bench, it felt like half a second, it was that quick. When we rolled over something hit the edge of the bench, it sounded like glass breaking, it hit where we were sitting before. Jake was holding me down and had his arms covering me, protecting me. After a few short seconds he got up and walked closer to the end of the porch, just in front of were everyone was standing, listening and searching for any sign of movement that lay ahead in the forest.  

"SHOW YOUR FACE, YOU LITTLE COWARD!" Jake shouted out into the calm forest.  

There was no sound, just the echo Jake's voice had made. I looked at where the glass had it and on the ground of the porch, lay a broken bottle with something inside. I carefully made sure I didn't cut myself, that was the last thing we need right now. I threw the bottle against the wall and covered my face before looking at what was left, there was two pictures. I held them both in my hands before sighing and opening them, everyone was looking over my shoulders. One of the pictures was of me cuddling up to Jake a few minutes ago, although they're was a torn between Jake and I. The other one was of all of us, by the Secretary's office when Jake held me in his arms after we found the note. Mum put her arms around me and held me close.  

"Spread out, he couldn't have gotten that far. Follow his trail to wherever it leads and if you find him. Don't do anything stupid," dad said looking to Jake at that last bit. "Nessie, Rosalie, Esme, Alice and Bella, you all stay behind. Everyone else, lets go."  

We all stood there on the porch as they left, disappearing into the woods. Rosalie, Alice and grandma headed back into the house while I stood there staring into the far distance.  

"Come on sweetie," mum said holding me close as we followed the others inside.  

I snuggled up into a ball on the couch, I didn't want to go up to my room, not alone, mum said she would stay with me but I just decided to stay downstairs. I was to worried to sleep and I didn't want to anyway. I sat there for what felt like forever before starting to pace around the living room. They had been gone for about an hour now, that made me feel cold inside, the fact they hadn't rung or came back worried me even more. Alice was sitting still on the floor with her legs folded, concentrating, while mum and Rosalie were sitting still to, although they looked at me frequently.  

"Would you like some hot chocolate dear?" Grandma asked holding the mug with hot chocolate in it, I shook my head and paced even more, it was as if my nerve system had taken over completely.  

"Nessie" Mum said shaking me a little. "You have to sit down and relax, they will be fine. All this anxiety isn't good for you. I think we have had enough chaos for today."  

About ten minutes had past when Alice stood up, " they lost him and are on their way back now."  

I put my head down and exhaled with relief.  

"See, I told you they would be fine," mum said rubbing my back.  

"How long will it take them to come back, Alice?" I asked turning to my aunt.  

"Well they went out further than they expected, so probably a good thirty minutes." She replied.  

I ran out of things to do, so I went over to my piano and played it for those, long and agonising thirty minutes. I played beautifully connected, daddy's girl (which I made when I was younger) and my favourite the gift of love. Suddenly the door slammed open and they all came in. Emmett looked really annoyed, probably because he wanted to fight. Dad and grandpa were talking to each other as they came in while Jasper was focusing on the mood. When my eyes found Jake I immediately ran and jumped into his arms.  

"Don't you ever scare me like that again," I whispered into his ear. He nodded his head slightly.  

"Ok, no one is going after him like that again. We will wait and if he decides to show his face then we take him out, but after tonight I think we have realized that their will be a fight," dad stated speaking to everyone.  

After he said fight I shivered.  

"Nessie?" Grandpa said coming towards me, he put his hand on my head like before but this time, his hand didn't feel cold, at least not colder than mine. Which theoretically would be impossible. "You don't feel warm at all, in fact your temperature is almost the same as ours."   

"I feel fine, stop worrying about me and focus on the big problems," I said reassuring them all.  

"This is a big problem Nessie, you are weak right now and we don't know how to make you better. Jasper relax her," grandpa ordered.  

I felt a wave of calm and relaxing energy around me. I got a pillow from the couch and threw it on the ground beside the fire, I put my head on the pillow and just laid there. Jake put his arms around me to heat me up, he put his cheek on top of mine. I fell asleep gazing at the flames before me.  

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