Eternal Flame (Book 1)

The story after Breaking Dawn, new relationships form and the Volturi get closer to Renesmee driving a wedge between her and Jake. Will love conquer all?


18. The Morning After

It was the morning after the night before and it was pouring down outside. I got up from my bed and walked over to the mirror in my bathroom. My eyes were puffy from crying all night, I had flash backs from the argument and I just felt like never leaving my room. I didn't know if anyone downstairs wanted to talk to me but what I was sure of is that I didn't want to talk to them, well at least some of them. I jumped in the shower, the warmth of the water splashing against my back. It helped me to relax and I felt a bit better. I turned the water off and put on my soft pink housecoat after drying my self with a towel. I brushed my wet hair and then blow dried it. Jake got up after I was finished drying my hair.

"Hey," he said rubbing my arm soothingly.

"Hey," I said looking at the floor.

"You know we're going to have to face them, sometime," he said softly.

"I know, I'm just going to get changed and then we can go downstairs." I said taking a deep breath.

"Ok," he said kissing my head.

I walked over to the wardrobe before quickly getting changed into a pair of red skinny jeans, grey t-shirt and black trainers. When I was fully dressed I went over to the mirror and fixed my hair into a ponytail. Jake came over and put his hand in mine.

"You ready?" He asked opening the door.

"Not really," I said truthfully.

"It's going to be fine," he said reassuring me. 

I nodded, Jake went downstairs first, I guess he just wanted to protect me. As we entered the living room I could feel the tension in the room. It was so quiet, not even the guys were talking. Almost everyone looked up, .um came over to me.

"Sweetie, I am so sorry," she said almost in tears, I hated seeing her like this.

I put my arms around her and hugged her.

"It's ok," I said softly in her ear.

She smiled at me.

"Jacob would you like some breakfast?" Grandma asked.

He hesitated.

"It's ok go, I'll be fine," I said.

"Are you sure?" He asked unconvinced.

"Yes, now go get something to eat," I said pushing him.

"Ok," he said kissing my cheek.

Dad was sitting at his piano looking at me, I turned away and went to sit on the couch next to Emmett, Rosalie was sitting on his lap.

"Hey Ness, how are ya kiddo?" Emmett asked grinning.

"Great, Im just great," I said sarcastically.

"Ok then, but you have to admit last night was a little funny," he said smiling.

"Funny, you would say that but you got what you want, happy?" I snapped.

"What are you talking about?" Rosalie asked.

"You didn't tell anyone?" I asked Emmett.

"Tell anyone what?" Dad asked curiously.

"Well Nessie sort of confided in me, I guess you could call it that, about her and Jacob," Emmett said explaining.

"What, you knew about all of this, why didn't you tell me?" Rosalie asked annoyed.

"Because Nessie told me not to," he said smiling innocently.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Mum asked turning to me.

"Well because your not a good actress mum, so dad would have suspected something and then you would have given in and just told him. Besides would it have really made last night any different?" I asked.

"Well no I guess not," she said softly.

Jake walked back into the room I walked towards him.

"Nessie?" Dad asked.

I turned around, "what?" I said sharply.

"I wanted to say that I'm sorry about last night, I shouldn't have reacted that way," he said apologetically.

"That's what your apologizing for?" I asked in disbelief.

"Do you really hate me?" He asked sadly.

"Dad, the way you reacted, lashing out, I sort of expected it and that's not why I said I hated you. I said it was because you didn't believe what I told you, you didn't trust me, do you know what that feels like, for your family to not trust you about what you do or don't say to them?" I asked almost crying again.

He didn't say anything, guilt washed over his face.

"Look, I don't hate you ok, I just need you to trust me," I finally said.

"I do trust you Nessie, I'm just to protective I guess you could say," he admitted.

"I'm protective of Nessie, but I don't hurt her," Jake snapped, now he was right beside me.

"Jake....." I trailed off.

Dad growled at Jacob.

"You better watch what you say mongrel!" Dad snapped.

"Oh yeah, and what if I don't, what will you do about it?" Jake snarled.

Dad grabbed Jake, they started pushing and shoving each other about, then they knocked me to the floor.

"That's enough!!" Mum yelled.

Then they both realised what they had done, they looked at me lying on the floor, still holding on to one another. I just looked at them.

"That's it, I'm out of here," I said getting up and grabbing my jacket.

"Where are you going?" Mum asked concerned.

"Anywhere but here," I said glancing at Jake and dad.

I opened the door and rushed past Alice and Jasper who were just about to walk into the house. I ran as fast as I could pushing through the forest. I didn't know were I was going, I just needed to get away from everyone and all the drama. I was getting tired of running so I sat on the grass, It was wet, I just sat there enduring the fresh cool breeze and the quiet of course. I kept thinking of my dad and Jake and if they would ever go back to normal. Even though my family are far from normal. They are going to behave when I get back one way or another they will get along again, I'll make sure of that. As I watched the sun go down, my phone was constantly going off, but I just ignored it and ended up turning my phone off completely. I lay down on the grass, using my arm as a pillow, I was getting tired so I gave in a few minutes later. I drifted of to sleep on the wet ground.

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