Eternal Flame (Book 1)

The story after Breaking Dawn, new relationships form and the Volturi get closer to Renesmee driving a wedge between her and Jake. Will love conquer all?


23. The Game

"Nessie, Nessie," I heard Jake whisper in my ear, gently shaking me awake.

"What?" I asked, my eyes still closed.

"Edward wants us to go downstairs, everyone else is already there," he said.

"Well, you can tell him that when he goes to sleep then I'll get up," I said rolling on my side.

"Come on," Jake said putting his hand on my arm.

"No, I'm still tired," I groaned trying to get back to sleep.

"Nessie, I'm going to go tell everyone that you don't want to get up," he said getting up from the bed.

"You do that," I said in a low voice.

I heard him go downstairs followed by mumbling, peace at last I thought.


"For the love of God," I said pulling my covers up.

I sat up in my bed and stretched before marching downstairs.

"Right I'm here, now what do you want? My bed is calling me," I said groggily, rubbing my eyes.

"Well, we are all going to play baseball," mum explained.

"What, it's only 9:30, you all may not need to sleep but believe me I do, so see you later," I said turning to run upstairs.

"Oh no you don't," dad said holding my arm. "Your coming with us and that's final, besides it might wake you up a bit."

"I don't have a choice, do I?" I said with a bit of hope.

They all grinned and started shaking their heads.

"Perfect, I don't get any sleep. I don't decide things for my self and the most of all you all think It's hilarious," I said folding my arms.

Jake was smiling at me.

"Do you mind not thinking of my daughter in that way." dad said glaring at Jake.

"Oh trust me, I don't mind at all," Jake said grinning, looking at me.

"I'l bet you don't," Emmett said looking at me. It was just then I realised I was standing their in a vest top and shorts.

Dad snarled at Emmett, mum having to restrain him.

"I'm going upstairs because apparently I have a baseball game to play," I said throwing my arms up in the air.

"Before you go here is what you will be wearing," Alice said handing me my outfit.

"Thanks," I said with a weak smile before stomping upstairs.

I quickly changed into the outfit and fixed my hair. I then fixed my bed and tidied my room which didn't take me that long but I wish it had of. When there was nothing else that needed cleaned I went downstairs, everyone was ready to go out the door.

"Aw doesn't Nessie look so cute," Emmett said in a baby voice.

"I will when I punch you," I said smiling innocently.

"Well, I wouldn't want an attack in the butt," he said smiling at Jasper.

"That's not funny, it hurt," Jasper admitted.

Emmett and I laughed.

"Ok lets go." Dad said chuckling.

We ran into the open air, sweeping past the trees heading for the spot in the forest where we usually play baseball. We got into position, this time my team were fielding and the others were batting. There was me, Jake, mum, Alice and Emmett in a team and then dad, Jasper, grandpa, Rosalie and grandma on the other.

"Prepare to be lose daughter," dad said, a sly smirk spreading across his face.

"You know dad you seem to be so confident, but that's only because your trying to hide the fact that you know we're going to win," I said raising my eyebrows.

"That was cold," Emmett said backing me up.

"We'll see," dad said smiling.

"Yes we will," I said walking back to my position.

Grandpa batted first and scored a home run because Emmett and Jake were messing about but Rosalie was out with the help of Emmett. Alice threw the ball and it hit off of the bat which Jasper was holding, it made a huge noise and went streaking through the forest. Immediately Jake ran into the woods and came back in literally two seconds but Jasper had already gotten half way around the pitch, Jake threw it to me, I caught it in open air and hit the base as fast as I could. It seemed to pay off because I got there just before Jasper. He skidded across the ground to try to reach the base but I was to quick for him.

"Your out," I said grinning.

Jasper glared at me, I chuckled while as he walked away.

Next to bat was grandma and she got a home run but didn't boast about it. Well at least she sees it as a game unlike my childish father but what can you do? Next in line was my dad himself he was looking pretty confident just like before.

"Scared?" I asked.

"You wish," he said smirking.

"Ok then dad, put your money where your mouth is," I said.

"Gladly," he said.

Alice threw the ball and yet again it made a huge collision with the bat and went flying into the forest. Jake got this one because he wanted to be the reason that dad lost. Dad went speeding around the pitch and was very close to me but the ball was already heading towards me, with him just inches away from me I grabbed the ball and pressed the base as fast as I could and dad came in not even a second later.

"YES!" I yelled.

Jake and Emmett grabbed me in a bear hug before mum and Alice did the same.

"Better luck next time dad," I said teasing him.

He looked at me with his beady eyes.

"Hey, its not my fault you got beat by your daughter and besides I already gave you the heads up so you should have listened." I said grinning.

"Oh trust me I listened, I just didn't believe you," he said.

"Well then what does that teach you? you got to have more faith," I said laughing before everyone joined in.

Mum came over and wrapped her arms around me.

"Good game Ness, and don't mind your dad, he is not that good at losing," she said sweetly.

"No kidding," I replied nodding my head.

"Yay we won, we won. It was the luck of our clothes! I knew it!" Alice cried hugging me.

"Yeah Alice, it was all in the clothes," I said chuckling.

"Come here you," Emmet said lifting me up.

"Good throw," I said praising him.

"Good catch," he said smirking.

He put me down and I ran into Jake's arms, he caught me and spun me around. His lips met mine and had a firm grip, so we really didn't have to talk, the kiss did it for us.

"Well done guys, good game," grandpa said.

"Yeah I really enjoyed it," grandma said.

"Speak for yourself," Rosalie cried, folding her arms across her chest.

"I guess Edward isn't the only sore loser," Jake muttered under his breath.

Rosalie turned, snarls ripping through her chest.

"Babe come on you win some, you lose some," Emmett said putting his arms around Rosalie's neck.

He actually sounded very sweet but that didn't last long.

"Although this time we won, up top Jake!" Emmett said holding up his hand.

Jake held his hand up and high fived Emmett.

Rosalie walked away.

"Rose don't be like that," mum said calmly.

"We better be getting back now anyway, it's getting late," dad said.

We all walked back home but mum and dad went off to their cottage, This is the time I am grateful I can't read minds. It gives me the shivers just thinking about it. We arrived at the house and grandma made Jake some dinner.

"You want any Nessie?" She asked.

"Hm, I don't know," I said hesitating.

"Oh come on Nessie, it's not that bad, you are half human after all," Jake said trying to persuade me.

"Yeah, well you don't smell it like I do," I said.

"It would be good for you if you ate some Nessie," grandpa encouraged me as he entered the kitchen.

I hesitated again, "fine."

"Good girl," grandma said putting the plate in front of me. The smell was horrendous, almost as bad as the tent the guys were staying in before we decorated it. I looked at it, my stomach turned.

"Alice, if I throw up you have to hold my hair back ok?" I said.

"Will do," Alice said in her high pitched voice.

I picked up the the fork and stabbed at the potatoes before placing one inmy mouth. It was like goo that I was chewing in my mouth and the expression showed on my face. A few people were chuckling at that, but grandma hit them on the head, I swallowed the food.

"That is disgusting, how do people eat this stuff," I said.

"Well believe it or not people would say that about blood," Jake said chuckling.

I kept eating it even though I really didn't want to, but I hadn't eaten food in like months so I didn't really have a choice in the matter. After I ate the potatoes I dropped the fork on the plate.

"There that is me for another month," I said.

"I know that you really hate eating it sweetie but..........." grandma trailed off.

"I know, I know I don't have a choice. I get it," I said.

She smiled at me and I smiled back, a few mintues later Jake was done to. His plate was clean, I truly had no idea how he did it. I walked upstairs and headed for my bedroom, I picked out my pyjamas and put them on, they were so comfortable. I sat on my couch beside the window and stared outside, I wasn't really interested about the scenery so I guess I was just day dreaming. Jake put his hand on my arm making me jump.

"What's wrong?" He asked, concern crossing his face.

"Nothing I'm just day dreaming," I said,

"What about?" He asked curiously.

"About going to other places," I admitted.

"Do you want to go to other places?" He asked a little confused.

"No, but we've been in hiding all these years, and I don't think we will be staying in Forks for much longer," I said sighing.

"Have you told Bella or Edward how you feel?" He asked.

"No and I'm not going to just incase it hasn't crossed their minds." I said putting my head down.

"Well all I know is that if it ever does come to that, we'll still be together," he said.

"But what about Billy and grandpa Charlie, we can't just leave them," I replied.

"Nessie they would both understand and we would still see them, besides there is no need to worry about it now," he said.

"Yeah I know I guess I get the worrying thing from my mum," I said.

"Yeah," he said laughing.

He kissed my head before we climbed into bed and fell asleep in each others embrace.

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