Eternal Flame (Book 1)

The story after Breaking Dawn, new relationships form and the Volturi get closer to Renesmee driving a wedge between her and Jake. Will love conquer all?


40. Revelations (Part 5)

He touched my arm, dragging his fingers along my arm before leaning closer to me, he was trying to kiss me. Just then everything he was saying registered in my head over and over again until I couldn't control myself anymore.

 "NO," I shouted at the top of my lungs.

I held my hands out in front of me to keep Lukas away and without even realizing it, I used my powers on him. I gazed at him to see what I had done, his lips were frozen. I looked at my hands in disbelief, my powers worked on him, so he couldn't control me but only had me thinking he could. He tricked me, he tricked all of us. As he saw my face, before I could smirk and end this once and for all he acted quickly, throwing me through the barrier after opening it. I crashed against the steel wall that which my family had been chained to, hurting the back of my head yet again, only this time it started  bleed. I held my open wound with my hand and when I finally directed my eyes up, Lukas was gone. Everyone held there breath as no one was going crazy to get out of the chains just yet.

 "Nessie," Jake shrieked before using all of his strength to break himself free from the chains that were tied around him.

When he did, he landed on the floor unsteady before regaining his balance and running over to me, to help. I moved away from him.

 "Don't touch me," I said huddling up in a ball, holding my heart as I felt it breaking while staring into his eyes.

 "Nessie," he said heartbroken by my reaction to his touch, he looked like he was in so much pain, unbearable pain.

 "Jake help us out of these," Alice said struggling to break free.

Jake stared at me one more time before sighing and helping Alice as they helped the others, just as they were about to help Emmett, he broke out himself.

 "I knew I could do it," Emmett said with a smile before noticing me and soon enough that smile faded. Grandpa walked over to me.

 "Nessie let me take a look at that," he said holding his hand out before I refused.

 "No, It's just a small cut," I said.

Emmett and Jasper were thinking of ways to get passed the barrier. I analysed the barrier, taking a good look before I froze it with my hands. I lifted my right foot before kicking it down, the glass smashed to a million little pieces right before my eyes. I walked upon the glass, each step I took added a crunchy noise to the silence that was in the room.

 "Nessie, I'm sorry," Jake said coming closer to me.

 "Your sorry, well then I guess that makes everything ok then doesn't it?" I said staring at him. "Do you know what it felt like for me to know that you were all gone, and that I was the only person left? Then when I do know where you are and are with you all, I find out all of this from the one person I can't trust, when it turns out to be he is the only one that I can trust." 

 "You can't trust him, you know that," Jasper said.

 "Really, well just a few hours ago I thought I knew everything there was to know about my family, but how wrong was I," I stated with my head down. Jake reached out for me again.

 "I said don't touch me," I repeated in an angry tone, more tears broke through as I looked at the people who betrayed me. "Just, stay away from me. All of you."

I ran out of the gym, I kept running and running, thoughts going through my head that I never thought would. When I came to my house I flew open the door to were I came into view of Rosalie. She bounced up quickly from the staircase, before I buried my head deeply into her chest. She asked me what was wrong but I couldn't say the words, instead I showed her everything, when I did she held me close and rocked me while the tears escaped from my eyes. Rosalie was the one person who has always been there for me, and I will always trust her.

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