Eternal Flame (Book 1)

The story after Breaking Dawn, new relationships form and the Volturi get closer to Renesmee driving a wedge between her and Jake. Will love conquer all?


39. Revelations (Part 4)

"You know what, I've got a different idea. Before you do anything else for me, I want to tell you a few home secrets I guess you could call it, about your precious family," he said raising his eyebrows.

 "Why should I believe anything that you say?" I asked him.

 "Because one thing that I am not Nessie, is a liar," he said truthfully.

 "Ok then, tell me some home truths," I said with a sarcastic tone and a bit of a chuckle.

Lukas walked closer to the wall and looked straight into dad's eyes.

 "Daddy has kept a secret from you Nessie, well any of them could have told you really but he should have been the one person to tell you," Lukas began shaking his head.

 "Told me what?" I asked confused.

I looked at dad who's eyes were wide with shock and fear. This told me that whatever Lukas was going to say next was going to be the truth.

 "That he didn't want you to be alive, he wanted you dead before he even knew what you were. They all did, every single one of them didn't care about you. Although Bella, Rosalie and Esme strongly disagreed and made sure that your here were you are now, living, breathing." Lukas explained.

I froze after he said the first sentence, I didn't want to believe him so I blocked those thoughts out of my head, and thought about how he was lying about this whole thing.

 "Your lying," I said pulling my eyebrows together in defence.

 "Am I? Nessie look into my eyes and tell me if I'm lying. Better yet, look into Edwards eyes and see if he is lying," I did so and he was right, when I looked at my dad all I could see was shame and disappointment.

 "Dad?" I asked hoping he would prove Lukas wrong, I held my breath on that answer.

 "I'm sorry," that's all he said before hanging his head down in guilt.

I let out a huge breath, with almost tears cracking through. I felt like my whole life had been a lie, My own family didn't want me. My dad wanted me dead before I was even alive. I tried to control myself.

 "But wait there is more," Lukas said enjoying this. "This is definitely my favourite part."

 "I don't want to know, ok," I said trying to shut out his words.

 "Trust me, you'll be glad after I've told you this," he paused as I gave up and listened. "Your perfect innocent boyfriend, isn't so perfect after all, or innocent for that matter."

My eyes were on Jake who had his eyes fixed on Lukas, it looked like he was trying to concentrate on figuring out what Lukas thought he held over him.

 "Just say whatever it is your going to say, nothing could be worse than what you just told me," I said looking at the floor before looking at dad.

 "Nessie, you do know that you weren't Jacob's first love?" Lukas asked me getting closer now.

 "Well yeah, I guessed that I wasn't but I don't care about that," I said seriously.

 "Did you know who his first love was?" He asked.

 "No," I said thinking about why he thought about bringing this up.

 "It was Bella," he said as my heart stopped and tears started to fill in my eyes. "Your own mother even loved him to at one point.

I looked over at my mum, the tears had now escaped down my cheeks when I looked at her. I couldn't look at Jake, I couldn't face him but I could see his head hanging down out of the corner of my eyes. I just couldn't bare to think of him and mum together, it wasn't right. I was hurting in places I never thought possible.

 "You son of a bitch," Jake said raising his head while shaking it.

 "Maybe, but I'm not the one who's been keeping things from the one person I love most now, have I?" Lukas said questioning him.

I was still not breathing, the revelation of what I had just been told was still shocking news.

 "So you still want to save them, the ones who have betrayed you?" I didn't answer as I was confused, everything Lukas was saying wasn't making sense to me now. "I didn't think so, now you will be with the one person who will never betray you, and who will really love you."


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