Eternal Flame (Book 1)

The story after Breaking Dawn, new relationships form and the Volturi get closer to Renesmee driving a wedge between her and Jake. Will love conquer all?


38. Revelations (Part 3)

I knew that I would get to the school before any car would, so I began to ran as fast as I could. The streets past me as I grew closer, the houses, cars and parks just seemed like a blur as I kept my breathing calm. It was getting dark now, the pale blue of the sky was changing into a deep royal blue. I came to the last street before finally coming into view of the school. There it was, Manhattan High School. I opened the doors before running down the corridors, it was so quiet and calm. I soon came into reach of the gym doors, I wrapped my fingers across the handle before pulling them open. I took a few steps into the gym before my eyes were locked on my family. I didn't think of anything just that I needed to be closer to them so I ran even more towards them, there faces were horrified with shock.

 "NESSIE STOP!" I heard my dad cry out.

It was to late for me to even slow down let alone stop, and before I knew it I was being flung into the air backwards. Something had blocked me from getting closer. As I whacked the back of my head of the wooden floor, I tried to balance my self by holding my head while standing up.

 "Nessie, are you ok?" Mum asked with worry but I was cut off when I tried to answer.

"Of course she is ok, I wouldn't hurt her and its obvious she can handle a little bump in the head," Lukas said coming out of the corner.

I looked around the room to find everything amazingly familiar. My family were chained up to a steel wall, had big metal bars wrapped around their ankles and wrists, from which they could not break free. The lights were not turned on and it was very dark. The setting from this room was the same for my kidnapping, it wasn't the same place as that happened back in Forks but everything else is the same, except this time its not me who has been the one kidnapped, its my family. Lukas was right next to me now, moving a strand of my hair to the right side, that night became much clearer just then. I remembered that Lukas was there, when they were carrying me in to that room he moved my hair out of my eyes as I was drifting in and out of sleep. I immediately hit his hand away.

 "I remember you, I always knew you looked familiar but now I know, you were with Dylan the night they kidnapped me," I said looking at him.

 "Yes I was and I'm a surprised your only remembering now, your usually good at figuring things out a lot quicker. I'm also the one who helped him escape, you see, I am Dylan's brother," He revealed as my eyes widened it did explain a lot.

 "So what your looking for revenge, if you didn't know, I'm the one who killed Dylan not any of them," I said glancing at my family.

 "Oh, I know you did and revenge, no actually I'd rather him dead but I am here to finish what my  brother started," he said.

 "Which was what exactly?" I asked with narrowed eyes.

 "Well like my brother I want you to join us, but I also want other things from you." He explained smirking.

 I chuckled, "your brother obviously didn't hear me when I said no and now your not hearing me, I won't join you. He didn't listen and look were that got him, your going in the right direction if you want to end up like that." 

 "I don't think I am, my brother made a big mistake when taking you because you would take whatever he did to you and it didn't change your mind. You don't care when your the target because they can only hurt you but that's why when I'm in charge of things that your family are the one's tied up and not you," he replied smugly.

 I looked over at my family to notice that there clothes were ripped probably from when they were fighting back against Lukas. I looked at Jake, not only was his clothes the worst but he was bleeding to and looking at him made me hurt all over. Blood was coming from a minor cut on his head but it was deep enough to come down the side of his face. What I was feeling for Jake was shown on my face and Lukas could see it.

 "Ok, well you have me now, that's what you wanted so let them go," I said turning to face him.

 "Are you kidding, the fun's only beginning." He said with a smirk on his face that widened when he saw my reaction to that.

 "Wait a minute, you say you love me right? If you really love me you wouldn't want me to endure pain let alone be the reason for it. If you love me then you wouldn't hurt me by hurting the one's I love," I said trying to reason with him.

 "Yes it's true I do love you and maybe your right, but your family are staying right were they are," he said.

 "At least let one of them go, let Rosalie go," I said thinking of my aunt and unborn cousin.

He looked at Rosalie who was looking at me.

 "If I let her go I'm not letting one person go, no that would mean I'm letting two people go," he said catching me by surprise, I had no idea he knew.

 "If I join you, what does that mean, what do I have to do?" I asked wondering.

 "If you join me then you have to do what I say when I say it, fulfil any desire that I ask of you," he said smiling, I felt sick at those words. Then I wandered maybe I could get more out of him.

 "But if I join you then that's not just worth one person, not even two, If I join you then you let everyone of them go," I said.

 "That's a lot of members to let go," he said.

 "And those are a lot of offers to accept," I said raising my eyebrows.

 "Ok then, every offer that you accept and do, lets a member go free," he said as I nodded. "I get to decide who goes though."

 "Fine," I agreed as I knew I wouldn't get a better offer.

 "First thing you have to do and I know you've been wanting to say this to me for a very long time, and that's, I love you." He said grinning.

I looked over to Jake while I spoke those words, that meant that when I said them, I was telling the truth.

 "I love you," I said looking into Jake's eyes.

 "Look at me when you say it, and mean it," Lukas said getting frustrated now as he could see the way I looked at Jake.

I closed my eyes and pictured Jake before opening them and saying those words again.

 "That was so believable and true that I'm going to let two members go," he said touched by my words.

Lukas looked in Rosalie's direction and narrowed his eyes but there was something strange in the way he did it and when he did, the chains around Rosalie's wrists and ankles opened and they released her from them. She flew to the floor graciously, the little bump coming out of her stomach obviously hasn't effected her landing. Lukas then waved his arm which opened what looked to be like a barrier, which was obviously invisible. I'm not sure what it was but it definitely wasn't a shield, because not only does it not let anything or anyone to enter it, but it also doesn't let anything come out of it either. Rosalie walked through the barrier as Lukas held it in place to the side. Rosalie put her arms around me and held me close to her.

 "Thank you," she said in a voice low enough for only me to hear.

I smiled at her and before I let her out of my arms, I told her to go straight home and simply wait for me and the others. She nodded her head gently before exiting the room, and closing the door without looking back. I don't think she would have been able to leave if she had of looked back, it must of been so hard for her to leave us like that, especially Emmett. My gaze was suddenly back on Lukas, who was smiling, I hated to think of what it was that was making him smile this way.


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