Eternal Flame (Book 1)

The story after Breaking Dawn, new relationships form and the Volturi get closer to Renesmee driving a wedge between her and Jake. Will love conquer all?


37. Revelations (Part 2)

Jake, Seth, mum and dad took a break and came back inside while Alice, Jasper and Emmett continued to practise on one another. I looked at the clock and I knew that today would be very long, and boring. So I thought of things that we could do to keep us entertained but all that included being outdoors, so I turned to dad.

"Can we go to the mall?" I asked with hope in my voice. 

"No, you are not leaving my sight, Nessie," dad said knitting his eyebrows together.

"But dad, Jake, Seth and Carly will come to, right?" I asked turning to them.

 "Yeah, I'll definitely come I want to go to that new store that just opened a few days ago," Carly said backing me up while Jake and Seth nodded their heads in agreementa, dd was still shaking his heads.

Rosalie turned towards dad, "she'll be fine, he would not come near her in a mall and besides, it would be better if they went because sitting around here doing nothing isn't making a difference." 

He looked very reluctant to agree and when he did, he sounded annoyed but just let it go.

"You call every hour, just to check in," dad ordered as I nodded before kissing him on the cheek and making my way to the car with the others.

Jake and Seth were very serious in the car, me and Carly did the talking for them the whole way. Our first shop was love culture, I walked hand in hand with Jake as Carly did with Seth. Carly and I were picking up everything, from tops and jeans to shoes and accessories. The guys didn't mind shopping as much today, probably because it beats sitting in the house. I was looking at a silver top when I saw from the corner of my eye, a pink little dress, it was extremely cute.

 "Alice would love this," I said picking it up and throwing it into my basket.

 We were in the shop for ages, and as we went to others we picked up something for everyone. We bought mum some new converse because no matter what Alice does she will never be able to grow mum out of them, no matter how hard she tries, but of course she won't give up just yet. Since Alice is getting a dress we thought we should get Rosalie one to, Carly spotted a long length black dress that had a criss-cross design on the back. When we went into a jewellery shop, there was a cute diamond necklace and it was white and gold so I got it for grandma. Seth and Jake picked up a few shirts for the guys, they didn't really care what they were lifting up just that they got something for them.

 "Nessie," Jake started trying to get my attention.

 "Yeah?" I asked while turning to face him.

 "It's been an hour since we left, don't you think you should," he said pointing to my bag and as soon as he said that I already had my phone in my hands dialing dad's number.

"Thanks," I whispered to Jake before putting my phone to my ear, he smiled and just then dad answered the phone.

 "Hello, Nessie?" He asked, I could sense a bit of worry in his voice.

 "Yeah dad It's me, I'm just checking in and letting you know that we're fine," I said.

 "Ok, that's good and you don't feel faint or anything like yesterday?" He asked in a caring tone as he whipped the smile off my face.

 "I'm hanging up now," I said.

 "Wait, one more thing before you go," he paused.

 "What?" I asked.

 "Alice said thank you," he said. "Bye Nessie."

The phone went dead, I smiled at the phone before shutting it.

 "He hung up on me," I whispered to myself a little surprised before joining the others.

 "Alice knows what we got her, now it's not a surprise," I said.

 "Yeah, but nothing ever is a surprise with Alice," Jake said chuckling and I joined in.

As we shopped for a few more hours, I kept checking in with dad and each time he sounded relieved to hear that I was ok, that's something that I never get tired of hearing. Carly and I went into forever 21 and tried on a lot of shoes, which the boys weren't to happy about. Carly and I came out in huge heels and walked about in them, they were pretty funny to walk in because they were so high.

 "How can you walk on those things, just looking at them is painful enough," Seth said.

 "I'm not getting them Seth, they're just funny to walk in," I said looking at the shoes.

 "Yeah, until you fall down, that is," Jake said.

 "Well I have good balance," I said smirking at Jake.

We bought a few [airs of sandals and trainers before walking out of the store. As we passed the halls, I could see a photo booth, and grabbed the first hand that I could get and it was Seth's. I trailed him over as Carly did Jake. We all fitted into the booth, Carly put some money in and the photos were being taken. We were messing about in all of them, laughing, making faces and nudging at each other. We took extra ones that just had me and Jake in them. There was three altogether in ours, the first one we were smiling at each other, the next he had his arms around me and in the final one we kissed. Seth and Carly did the same only in one of them Seth kissed Carly's cheek and then her lips. I stuck the pictures in my bag before we headed off so the others could get something to eat. We went to vintage irving, inside there were blue long seats with black tables beside it and matching stools. It was very nice inside, bright colours were set together nicely and the furniture mixed in well with the walls. Seth, Carly and Jake ordered their food and the waitress turned to me.

 "I'll have what she's having," I said looking at Carly as the waitress wrote it down.

I was hoping that Carly didn't order that much and thankfully she didn't. Carly and I talked about the clothes we got for the others and if they will like them.

 "It doesn't matter if they like them, we still got them something and that's what matters," Seth said listening in.

 "True," Carly and I said at the same time.

When the food came, I surprisingly liked the smell that was coming from it. I guess that since I am half human that the foods are starting to appeal on me. We all tucked into it, I ate the chicken, some potatoes and a few vegetables. Jake and Seth ate almost twice as much as Carly and I did, their plates were overflowing.

 "How are you going to eat all of that?" I asked staring at the food in front of them.

 "Watch us," Jake said raising his eyebrows up before eating again.

I took a drink of water that was sitting in front of me to wash the food down. Carly and I went into the bathroom, it was very clean, and it had a vogue look to it which was beautiful to look at. Carly reapplied her lip gloss so I pulled mine out of my handbag and did mine to. We fixed our hair before leaving the bathroom to rejoin Seth and Jake. As we were passing through the doors of the bathroom, there was a little girl holding her mother's hand. She looked at me with cold eyes, and had shown no expression what so ever.

 "Your in danger," she said with a plain tone in her voice.

Her words had startled me, I could feel Carly looking at me so I turned to face her. Her face had worry all over it and when I looked to Jake and Seth they had the same look, I figured they heard the little girl. When we sat down, I had this horrible feeling in my stomach, I knew something was wrong. I was starting to shake as I reached for my cell, I started to dial dad's number before putting it to my ear. Jake, Seth and Carly were looking at my face to see my reaction. The phone just kept ringing but no one picked up, Dad should have picked up on the first ring and if not then the second. I hung up before picking up a few bags and setting money on the table for the check.

 "We have to go," I said as they all got up, picked up the bags and followed me out of the restaurant until we got to the car.

We placed the bags in the back before Jake took the wheel and began to drive us home. We sat in silence the whole way, although I could see Jake throwing me quick glances to see how I was. I was still shaking when we arrived, I jumped out of the car and ran as fast as I could to the door with the others right behind me. I pushed the door opened and my eyes widened with shock, glass had been broken, pictures had been destroyed and the furniture was out of place. Jake was by my side within an instant, holding my hands. I looked into his eyes before burying my head in his chest, he held me tight.

 "We'll find them, I promise you, and when we do they will be fine," he said holding my face in his hands before kissing my head.

 "Seth, you and Nessie look upstairs to see if you can find anything. Carly and I will search down here," he said

 "What exactly are we looking for?" Carly asked a little unsure.

 "Anything that could help us find them or lead us to him," he explained not wanting to use the name Lukas.

 Seth and I ran upstairs and began searching all the rooms. Everything was the same up here as it was downstairs, a mess. I looked everywhere, under the pillows, in the drawers, between the cabinets and under the beds but yet I found no clue's to where my family was. I began to look in Alice and Jasper's room when I thought about where I should have looked first, my own room. It makes sense, if there would be anything then it would be in my room. I ran up the final staircase to find the door to my room opened, I walked in and to my astonishment everything was in its place, nothing was broken or destroyed. I didn't need to search for long as I found a note sitting on my pillow. I picked it up and it read "When you realize that someone has disappeared, Then the answers will soon become clear" . It took me a few mintues to gather my thoughts together, and to figure out what that message had meant. I ran down the stairs until I reached the bottom before I started to shout out the name that had been in my head since I read the message.

 "JAKE," I shouted at the top of my lungs. "JAKE, JAKE!"

 "Nessie what's wrong?" Carly said running towards me with Seth behind her.

 "Jake's gone, I don't know how but he is," I said panicking.

 "But he was just here, Carly didn't you hear him leave, he had to have left because Lukas wasn't near this house we would have smelt him," Seth said.

 "No I didn't, I thought he was still here," Carly said with sadness in her voice.

 "Look at this message, Lukas knew that Jake would have left, whatever Lukas said to him either by phone or text made Jake agree. He must have threatened to hurt one of them if Jake didn't go," I said expressing my theory while showing the others the message.

My cell went off, which made me jump. I looked at the phone before answering it, I helled it to my ear, without speaking.

 "Hello Nessie, I'm sure you know that I have your family, and that boyfriend of yours," Lukas began in a sly tone.

 "How do I know you haven't hurt them already?" I asked.

 "You don't, well actually I have hurt them but I haven't killed them just yet," he chuckled at that last bit which made me shiver.

 "Where will I meet you?" I said trying to control myself as I didn't want to say anything I would regret.

 "Turn the note over and the address is on the back," he said, I had the note in my hand and I turned it over to be confused by the address

 "But this is," I began.

 "Yes, our school, come to the gym and come alone if you want to see your loved ones again," he hung up.

I turned to Seth and Carly who looked very worried and their hearts agreed with their faces. I could see the tears starting to fill up in Carly's eyes and so I grabbed her in a hug.

 "This is goodbye?" She asked.

 "For now, I will be back," I said reassuring her before wiping her tears away. I looked at Seth who pushed me into his chest, I put my arms around him as he held me close.

 "Nessie, please be careful," he said "I don't want you to go."

 "I have to go," I said.

 "I know," he said nodding his head.

I ran to the door before shouting, "bye."

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