Eternal Flame (Book 1)

The story after Breaking Dawn, new relationships form and the Volturi get closer to Renesmee driving a wedge between her and Jake. Will love conquer all?


36. Revelations (Part 1)

I awoke to the feeling of Jake's warm cheek on mine, just like last night. I had to blink my eyes a few times to actually keep them open. Jake yawned and kissed my cheek before moving to get up. It was just then that I realized I wasn't on the floor like last night, I was in my room and in my own bed. Jake leaned over me.

"How are you feeling?" He asked as I sat up.

"I feel fine, I wish you would all stop asking me that," I muttered before smiling.

He chuckled, "so stubborn, at least you being sick hasn't affected you with that."

I narrowed my eyes in a playful way. I got out of bed and stretched before looking at the clock, it was just past eleven.

"Why did we sleep in, We're late for school," I said.

"None of us are going in today, I don't think we're going in for a while," Jake said calmly.

I looked down as I knew what the reason was behind it. I went over to my wardrobe to get ready anyway. Jake made the bed when he was dressed before we both walked downstairs together.

"Nessie, your just in time for hot chocolate," Carly smiled while setting four mugs on the table, I sat down and smiled back.

"Thanks," I said. Seth was beside me in an instant, holding his warm hands to my forehead.

"Do you still feel dizzy Nessie? Maybe you need air or even a hug," he said babbling on with his arms open.

"Seth I feel fine, really. Don't worry," I said reassuring him and cutting him off. "But I'll have a hug anyway."

He chuckled before throwing his strong arms around me. Seth always worried when things happened to me or anyone really, but he is sort of like a big brother protecting his little sister in some ways. He has got a caring side to him, which makes his heart even bigger. 

"Since we don't know when this fight will happen, we need to be prepared for the worst. We will start training today. However, Rosalie and Carly this doesn't concern you, and Nessie after yesterday you won't be taking part either," grandpa said looking at me before I nodded my head.

Grandpa talked for a while before leading the others out the back to practice, Carly was really excited to watch and I laughed at her enthusiasm. Everyone was in pairs demonstrating a perfectly good attack, dad was with mum, Alice with Jasper, grandpa with grandma leaving Emmett, Seth and Jake taking turns with each other. Emmett didn't mind that at all, he even went a little overboard challenging Jake and Seth together and of course they accepted.

"We would never refuse that offer," Jake said with a smirk showing his teeth.

They fooled around a bit before getting serious, they were doing brilliant and I couldn't tell who was winning but in the end it was a draw as it would have went on forever.

"We went easy on you, seeing as you were outnumbered," Seth said laughing.

"Yeah right, a few more seconds and I would have had you both," Emmett said seriously.

Grandma told them all off, while me and Carly couldn't stop laughing. I watched mum and dad next, mum was an amazing fighter and she has only been a vampire for eighteen years. Dad always takes the praise for that though, says he taught her everything she knows. It was harder for dad as well because he usually cheats when he fights by reading the opponents thoughts, but with mum that isn't the case. Just then mum flew on top of dad, making them both fall. They started laughing.

"Way to go mum, you so beat dad," I shouted out.

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