Eternal Flame (Book 1)

The story after Breaking Dawn, new relationships form and the Volturi get closer to Renesmee driving a wedge between her and Jake. Will love conquer all?


13. Hormones

It had been a week since my strange dream, I hadn't thought anymore about it. I had pushed it right to the back of my mind. I had more important things to think about.....

"Alice…" I complained, "I totally need your help. What should I wear?"

She smiled. "Ah, music to my ears. Get Rosalie and meet me in your closet in three minutes."

Alice had already disappeared as I ran to the staircase and said, "Rosalie?" 

She was at the top of the stairs in a second, "yes?"

"Alice said to get you, she's helping me pick out my outfit for the pack bonfire," I explained.

Her face lit up immediately. "Well let's go. There's only two hours until the dog will be here," she said as we ran out the door. I gave her a quick glare for calling Jake a dog…again, and she rolled her eyes at me.

Behind us I heard Jasper mutter, "women."

Alice had three possible ensembles laying across my bed, two hanging on my door, one in her hand, and one draped across my dresser. "Ah, Rosalie, what do you think?"

They started examining each outfit, making lists of pros and cons. When they started talking about my dresses (the few that had made it past my Dad's raid).

Finally, they chose my dark denim jeans, pale blue top with a black jacket over it, and cute black trainers.

"How should we do her hair? She'll be out in the wind…," Alice said to Rosalie.

Rosalie circled me a few times. "Ok, we could just give her the wind blown look, you know. So that way the wind can't mess it up, only add to the effect. Or we could do the wind blown thing and then pull one side up with a hair clip and then curl it down so that it frames her face."

Alice bit her lip, "I like the second idea, do you think it would stay, though?"

Rosalie shrugged. "You're the psychic."

Alice closed her eyes, afew seconds later she said, "well, I can't tell exactly because of the darn wolves, but it seems like the wind won't be to strong in that general area."

Alice really hated not being able to see the wolves. So Alice did my make-up while Rosalie worked on my hair. They were geniuses. I looked amazing in the end.

"Thank you so much," I said, as I hugged them both.

"Thank you," Alice replied, "for not being stubborn about this sort of thing like your mother."

Mum stuck her head around the corner of my bathroom door. "Thanks a lot, Alice, love you, to."

Alice laughed, "we practically had to wrestle and pin you to the ground before you let us get anywhere near you with make-up."

Mum rolled her eyes before she turned to me, "well, you look very nice, but what's the big deal? You've been to dozens of the pack's bonfires."

It was my turn to roll my eyes. "Yes, I've been to dozens of them, but not as Jake's girlfriend. Well, not officially. Quil always used to tease us, but…"

"Yes, that sounds very much like Quil." My mum said laughing.

Jake picked me up in his car ten minutes later.

"Wow, Ness," he said. "You look amazing."

I opened my mouth to thank him when I heard Alice and Rosalie chorus behind me, "thank you."

We all started laughing. Jake held my hand as we drove into La Push. It was dark and quiet on the reservation, until we reached the cliffs that was. The bonfire, like always, was huge. We seemed to be the last ones there apparently the pack had been a lot smaller when I was born; it was huge now. There were twenty-five wolves. Leah was happy because she wasn't the only girl wolf anymore. There were two others, Macy and Elizabeth. Macy was the newest wolf and it certainly did not escape my attention that she sat rather close to Jake. A little to close for comfort.

Ok, this Macy chick was getting on my nerves. I knew she was new to the pack, but did she not understand the concept of imprinting? Jake and I were soul mates. Soul mates. And she had better stop flirting with my soul mate or I was going to have to have Emmett go over karate techniques with me. And yes, that was a threat. Ok, I admit that Jake was giving me most of his attention. But it was really pissing me off that she was making damn sure that he was giving her the rest of his attention. And the worst part? Jake seemed completely clueless. Boys can be so stupid.

So I sat through most of the bonfire with my fists clenched and eyes narrowed. Except when Jake was talking to me, or holding me against him, or kissing me. Then I was snuggling closer or resting my head against his shoulder or chest. But this girl just would not get it! I might just have to commit murder tonight. After the bonfire she gave Jake a hug goodbye. I mean, sure. She hugged the rest of the guys…but that was just to cover up the fact that she was hugging Jake. Oh, this Macy chick was going to be having a little chat with me real soon.

When we were driving back to my house it took Jake a little while to pick up on my mood.

"Hey, Ness, what's up, are you okay?" He asked, confused by my annoyed mood. Clueless. 

"Oh, I'm just perfect," I mumbled. He frowned and pulled over to the side of the road.

"Ness, come on, I know you. You're upset, what's up?" His voice sounded a little concerned this time, but I was still way to mad.

"Do you know Macy to?" I asked him bitterly, I was looking out the window, away from him.

"Macy?" he asked, he sounded confused. "What the heck does Macy have to do with this?"

"God, Jake, are you completely clueless?" I asked angrily.

"Apparently I am, as I've got no idea what you're talking about, Nessie." I didn't answer and after a few seconds I heard him let out a big breath of air. "Nessie? Ness, look at me."

I looked up at him. His eyes were soft. "Ok, so I maybe clueless, but that's why I've got you, to clue me in," he hinted.

I sighed and looked down, "could you honestly not see that Macy was flirting with you?"

There was silence, I looked up and was happy to see that he looked confused. "Ness," he said, "you know I love you. You know I imprinted on you. You know that. What are you getting worked up about?"

I shifted uncomfortably in my chair. "Yes. I know you love me and you've imprinted on me…but she didn't seem to get that memo."

"Renesmee, Macy is my friend. She's a nice person. She's funny and—"

"Ok, I get it," I interrupted.

"We are friends, pack members, so we're like siblings. And even if none of that stuff mattered. I, love you, not some new werewolf, who I've only known for like two weeks. Promise me you'll stop worrying about this."

I considered, "if you two are like siblings she must be from the south, because she was totally flirting with you!"

"Nessie! It doesn't matter if she was, I love you and only you."

I smiled. Ok I trusted Jake...

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