Eternal Flame (Book 1)

The story after Breaking Dawn, new relationships form and the Volturi get closer to Renesmee driving a wedge between her and Jake. Will love conquer all?


22. Home Sweet Home

As I was awoke I felt the coolness of the air in my tent, so I changed into my jeans, top, jacket and trainers. I opened up the tent and walked out over to the logs were my mum, Alice, Rosalie and grandma were sitting.

"Morning Nessie, fun night huh?" Rosalie said grinning at me.

A memory of last night came into my mind, the guys flipping out over us decorating their tents and makeovering their clothes.

"Yeah it was," I said laughing. "Speaking of the guys, were are they?"

"They're in their tent, I don't think they are in a good moo,d" mum said smiling.

"I'll bet there no,t" grandma said. "That wasn't very nice what you all did last night, but I liked it."

Jake came out of his tent with a long face, my dad right behind him.

"Hey Jake," I said.

He looked at me, fury in his eyes.

"So, I guess you didn't like the surprise very much then," I said looking down at the ground.

"Didn't like it. That's an understatement, I hated it," he said.

"Well I like it," I said folding my arms across my chest.

"Of course you would, your a girl!" He said putting his head down.

"I'm sorry," I said putting my arms around him.

"Ok, your forgiven," he said.

I kissed him on his cheek.

"WHAT! You forgive her that quickly?" Emmett cried, running out of the tent obviously hearing our conversation.

"I can't say no to her, I mean just look at those eyes," he said looking at me.

"Then look away!" Emmett snapped.

"Oh babe give over, we just brightened the tent up a bit, and really what did we seriously take away from you?" Rosalie asked smiling.

"Hmm let me think, our manhood, I mean it's everywhere I look, there's flowers and pink sparkly stuff. It's driving me insane!" He said folding his arms.

"For the last time there rhinestones, you people are unbelievable!!" Alice said shaking her head.

"For the last time, we don't care," dad said. "You all have very twisted minds, not even I can understand."

"Well we can't take the credit, it was Nessie's idea," Alice said.

Everyone looked over at me. 

"You did this? You are the reason my clothes are pink and your the reason I smell like lavender!" Emmett yelled.

"Well sorry if you don't like that particular type of flower, I'll be sure to pick you a different one next time. Besides I was just getting even with all of you for what you did to me." I said.

"Now that you are all even, that is the end of the pranks ordeal." Grandpa said, cutting Emmett off.

"Fine," we all chorused.

"Good. By the way girls next time you redecorate anything, could you maybe use a little less rhinestones?" He asked us.

"Sure," we all said laughing.

Everyone made up then, Alice and Jasper were cuddling each other, Emmett had Rosalie in his  arms kissing her. Mum was sitting in dad's lap talking. I was in Jake's arms cuddling up to him and he was resting his head on mine.

"Esme and I have decided that since you have all behaved well enough, that we are all going home today," grandpa said.

"YESSSS!!!" Emmett shouted.

"Shopping here I come!" Alice squealed with excitement.

I was kind of upset that we were going back, but only because it was easier to annoy people out here in the forest, but it also brings the family closer in some ways.

"Well go get ready, we leave in about ten minutes," grandma said.

I jumped off Jake as we all went to pack up our stuff. I rolled my sleeping bag up and closed it over, I then packed a few clothes that I had set out the night we first came here. After all us girls had finished we went outside to see the boys still weren't ready.

"Those are mine!" Jake yelled from inside the tent.

"No there mine, because they have them little crystal things right there, see," Emmett said.

"Yeah, but Nessie put them on and there mine," Jake replied.

"No!" Emmett said strongly disagreeing with him.

"Fine, there is only one way to find out," Jake said.

He came storming out of the tent, Emmett behind him holding up a pair of socks and a top.

"Nessie who do these belong to?" Jake asked.

"You," I said remembering the rhinestones I put on.

"See, I told you they were mine," Jake said.

"Wait, those socks are Emmett, I remember Rosalie putting the crystals on," I said.

"That's right," Rosalie said, nodding her head in agreement.

"Ha," Emmett said, victoriously.

They went back into the tent, I heard a few zips being pulled up and minutes later they came out.

"Ok all set," dad said.

"What about the tents?" I asked curiously.

"Just leave them there," dad said.

"No way, I did not decorate it for nothing, I'm taking it home!" Alice said grabbing the tent.

I chuckled.

"Lets go home," grandma said holding grandpa's hand.

We ran through the woods carrying our bags, Alice carrying her tent back with her. We didn't run as fast as usual due to the bags, but we got home quickly. Dad opened the door and we all walked in, it was so homey and I was happy to be back.

"It feels so good to be home," mum said dropping onto the couch.

"I might be able to catch the end of the game!" Emmett said looking at his watch then diving to the T.V..

"Well I'm going to go upstairs and unpack," I said heading for the stairs.

"Me to." Jake said holding up his bag.

We walked upstairs to my bedroom, I opened the door and not one single thing was out of place. It was as neat as I had left it, I sat my bag on the floor and jumped onto the bed.

"I've missed this room," I said looking around.

"Nessie, we have only been gone for two days," he said raising his eyebrows.

"And a half," I corrected him.

"Exactly," he said with sarcasm in his voice.

"Well so, it's not my fault I'm in love with my room," I said.

"I hope that's not all your in love with," he said grinning.

"Definitely not," I said teasing him.

"Come here you," he said reaching for me.

His lips found mine, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. After ten minutes I pulled away and hugged him very close to me. I found his eyes staring back at mine, I was tempted to kiss him again but I knew I would, so not wanting to be unpacking in the morning. I opened up my bag and started to unpack it took me fifteen minutes because I brought a lot of clothing with me but of course Jake only brought what he needed so he was done in about five minutes. I changed into my pyjamas, Jake got changed to. I wanted to go to bed as I was a bit tired but mostly because I just wanted to lay in my own bed. When we got into bed I snuggled up to my pillow and it was so comfortable, Jake put his arms around me and I fell asleep in his arms. Just like it should be.

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