Eternal Flame (Book 1)

The story after Breaking Dawn, new relationships form and the Volturi get closer to Renesmee driving a wedge between her and Jake. Will love conquer all?


33. Family Dinner

I could hear the faint noise of the rain falling on my bedroom window. As I opened my eyes slowly I could see the mug from last night that held a few drops of hot chocolate, although it wasn't so hot anymore. I dragged my bed covers up over me and put them back when I was standing at the side of the bed. I silently crept to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth as I didn't want to wake Carly. When I was done I put on my slippers and picked up the two mugs, and carried them in my arms till I was outside the bedroom. I walked past the bedrooms which were closed tight and made my way to the kitchen where I sat the mugs down. I looked around to see the guys watching T.V, mum reading a book, Alice and Rosalie looking at a magazine and grandma cleaning even though everything was spotless.

"So, did you all hear the good news?" I asked trying to get their attention.

"No but I'm sure your going to tell us anyway," Emmett muttered under his breath.

"Of course, I just thought you all might like to know that Seth imprinted on Carly," I whispered.

Their eyes widened with surprise as they never expected me to say what I just did. I'd have to thank Seth and Jake for letting me tell everyone the news because they must have tried really hard to not let dad hear their thoughts.

"No way," they all said with excitement.

"Yes way, and he is going to tell her on Sunday," I said letting them know.

"Sunday, why doesn't he tell her today?" Mum asked confused.

"I kind of told him not to, because I want this weekend to be fun and not knowing what her reaction would be to everything just made me want to hold it off for at least another day," I said explaining.

"Yeah, well that probably would be best anyway because the more she stays here the more she trusts us and probably won't take it that bad," dad said.

"I honestly think she will take it pretty good, I mean she is fine with all of our looks and we can all remember how people have reacted to that in the past," I said as a few smiles appeared. "And she really likes all of you as well."

"Knowing who we are and thinking who we are not are two completely different things so who knows what her reaction will be, but hopefully your right and she understands," grandpa said with everyone nodding their heads in agreement.

Just then Carly came downstairs rubbing her eyes, the brightness of the room must have irritated them.

"Morning," she said groggily.

"Morning," I replied with a smile. "So what do you want for breakfast?" 

"Cereal would be nice," she said chuckling.

Grandma was already pouring the milk into the bowl and when she screwed the lid back on and put everything away, she sat the bowl that held a spoon inside in front of Carly.

"Thanks, Esme," she smiled.

"Your welcome dear," grandma smiled pleasantly.

The room was silent as Carly slowly chewed her breakfast, the crunching off it made me feel greatful grandma had not offered me any. I grew tired of the silence, so I decided to break it.

"So, what do you want to do today?" I asked turning to Carly who was a little startled by my voice.

"Um, actually Nessie today is my grandmother's anniversary. I completely forgot all about it until after I brought her up last night and I usually go and visit her gravestone, you don't mind right?" She asked me.

"Oh, no of course not. I'll just hang about here for a while," I said to her.

"Are you sure?" She asked a little unconvinced.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. I think I might go and see what Seth's place looks like anyway," I said reasurring her.

"Oh," her face dropped in disappointment as I'm sure she would love to get a chance to see Seth again. When she saw me smiling at her, she realised I noticed her reaction and we both started laughing.

"We should probably go get dressed," I said trying to calm myself.

"Yeah," she said as we both stood up and made our way to the stairs.

After changing I went to my dresser and let my long loose dark brown curls hang around my shoulders, almost touching my elbow. When I was a baby and even when I was a toddler my hair was always the same colour as my dad's, bronze. Although as I grew older, it deepened into a dark brown like my mother's. Mum always went on about my hair and how she loved that I looked like dad in that way, she still likes my hair but definitely prefers the bronze look. My dad however has a different opinion, he loves the fact that I look more like my mum and even when I grew up and still now he says the same words, "You look more and more like your mother everyday". I smiled at remembering those memories. I turned around to see Carly standing there wearing the jacket I gave her, a white and gray top, light jeans and black boots.

"That jacket really suits you," I complimented her with a smile.

"Thanks," she said blushing.

"Are you ready then?" I asked grabbing my white handbag.

"Yeah, but are you sure about driving me to the graveyard I mean I can walk, really, its not that far," she said as we made our way down the stairs.

"Carly," I said cutting her off. "I'm driving you there and that's final, there is no way I'm letting you walk that far." 

"Ok," she said giving up.

We were at the bottom of the staircase when I saw Emmett and Jasper on the playstation, do they not get tired of that thing?

"We're going to head out do you guys need anything?" I asked turning to everyone.

"Actually dear, could you pick up a few supplies for me at the grocery store?" Grandma asked politely.

"Sure," I smiled as she handed me a list with money.

"There that should cover it," she said.

"Nessie, grab everything you can see," Emmett said smirking.

I'm sure he enjoyed it the most watching me eat that human food last night, and then it just came to me.

"Well Emmett funny you should say that," I started of grinning while I spoke and this caught every ones attention. "I will be picking up all of these but I will also be picking up a few things of my own. I've decided to cook us all a nice big family meal." I continued smiling while I watched my family's faces drop. "You know, I think I might just invite Jake and Seth to. Yeah I think I will," I threw in that last bit for Carly's sake.

"Really, Nessie, you don't have to," dad said shaking his head.

"Oh but I do besides I have a feeling its going to be a lot of fun," I said smirking as I followed Carly out the door. 

When we were in my car and I started driving Carly gave me directions again but she stopped mid-sentence.

"What was that all about back there?" She couldn't resist the temptation to ask. I could see it from her face back at the house

"Let's just say tonight will be very interesting," I said letting out a chuckle.

"Your family looked scared or shocked back there, maybe even both," she stated. "Are you a bad cook?" 

"I'm actually a very good cook, that's why they seemed like that," I smiled while she just looked at me with curious eyes, like she had a million other questions waiting to be answered, but she changed it to what I thought she might.

"So, is tonight going to be a big dress dinner thing?" She asked nervously.

"Sure, something like that," I said. "Why?"

"It's just, Seth is going to be there and I don't have anything like that," she admitted.

"Don't worry, didn't you see the dresses in my wardrobe? Trust me, you will look beautiful tonight," I said truthfully.

She smiled warily. When we reached the graveyard I stopped in front of it so Carly could get out and when she did I rolled the window down.

"Call me when your ready," I said as she smiled at me gratefully before turning her back on me and walking past the gates.

After that I drove to where I remembered to be fifth avenue, I followed the signs and the memory I had of yesterday for the directions to. I could see Carly's house so I stopped the car, locked it and started to walk on foot to Seth's house. I remember him mentioning the number of it to Jake when we were in art yesterday. 168 was the number and I was just passing 162 so it must be very close. The houses flew by me slowly as I had to walk at human pace because there were others about walking along the streets. I stopped at the gates where it had a sign on the door that simply read the number I was looking for, 168. I opened the white metal gates and made my way to the door. I lifted my hand up and knocked twice but it was already open so I decided to let myself in. The hall was very neat, nothing out of place. There was a mirror hanging on the wall just as I walked in. It had a brown wooden frame around it that was was so shiny, you didn't need the mirror to see your own reflection. The walls were covered with a beige colour and a pattern that fitted perfectly with the layout of the house. I couldn't see Jake or Seth about, so I tried the kitchen and as I was coming out of the living room I heard a noise coming from behind me so I turned quickly but there was no one there. I then let out a deep breath and turned back around.

"Boo," Jake and Seth both shouted, jumping infront of me.

I screamed as I closed my eyes and rolled my fists into balls before launching them at the guys. What can I say, it was a reflex.

"Ow," was all they said while putting one arm around their waist, securing where my punches hit.

"Jeez, Nessie what was that for?" Jake asked raising his eyebrows.

"For sneaking up on me," I accused them. "I didn't mean to hit you both, it was a reflex." 

"Reflex, remind me to never get in your bad books," Seth said while we all walked to the kitchen, I sat my bag down on the silky smooth worktops and sat on the stool.

"So what are you doing here, aren't you missing out on some girlie moments with Carly?" Jake smirked while Seth's heart began to beat faster than usual which caught mine and Jake's attention.

"Well, I wanted to see the house and let you know that we are having a big family dinner tonight. So you both are coming," I grinned.

"Not that I have any problem with the food part because that I'm all for but how exactly is that going to work?" Jake asked confused by the whole concept of my family actually eating human food.

"We are all going to eat the food that I make. It's just that my family kind of put me into the position to eat last night and they thought it was hilarious, so tonight I'm giving them a little taste of what it was like. Literally." I said raising my eyebrows.

Jake and Seth smiled at each other and at me because they have never seen my family eating human food, and neither have I so we couldn't wait for tonight. I told them that all of us are dressing up for this occasion and that they had to as well. Jake didn't like that but Seth was happy to follow the rules if it meant impressing Carly. I asked both of them how there night was last night and they told me all about it. They played the x-box nearly the whole night, watched a little bit of TV, ordered a pizza for dinner then went out running together in the woods where they transformed together.

"So what did you girls get up to last night?" Seth asked, sounding very interested.

I told them almost everything that had happened last night from eating the mushy dinner and homework to talking about them and drinking the hot chocolate.

"So wait a second, you like hot chocolate?" Jake asked stunned by the question.

"Yeah, it's weird," I said.

"Well a lot of girls love chocolate. Leah always moaned around the house that there was never enough," Seth said laughing while rolling his eyes.

"Where is Leah?" I asked, not really interested in her because she never liked me or my mother for some reason and she never did have the bond that the rest of the pack has with my family.

"She's back in Forks, she didn't want to come with me," Seth said annoyed at the thought of his sister. 

I then started to remember the whole reason why Jake wasn't with the pack anymore. He explained it to me as I got older. Leah left Jake's pack because she got fed up with him and her brother always being with vampires and being so close to them. Then it was only Jake and Seth left together and they even considered returning to Sam's pack. That held a lot of people in it including people I knew from when I was a baby. Paul, Quil, Embry, Jared, Collin and Brady, but since then a few have left to be with their imprints and Sam was handing the pack over to Jake but he wanted to leave to, to be with me. Others then were welcomed into the pack and they have a new leader now, although I don't know who it is. Jake and Seth still shape-shift though, they don't want to get older and they still enjoy it, racing and messing about with each other. They could really pass as being brothers and everything has just went on from there I guess.

"So what did Carly say?" Seth asked snapping me out of my daydream,

"No way, your not finding out that easily," I teased him.

"Aw, come on," he groaned.

"Ok, but I'm only telling you her favourite things not what she said about you," I said playing with him but it seemed to be enough, for now. " Her favourite colour is purple, she loves rock-pop music, her favourite place in the world is Florida and she adores horses." 

"She told you all of that in one night?" Seth asked shocked.

"That wasn't even half of it, but that's all you need to know," I said grinning.

"Fine," he said giving up.

Seth showed me around the house, it was so clean which surprised me a little because of Jake's history with untidiness. There were pictures of him and his family scattered all over the house and a few of me and Jake to. I smiled looking at those pictures because I remembered how Seth's mum, Sue, always made funny faces at us to make us laugh for the photo which grandpa Charlie took, and it worked because we looked like we were going to faint with how much laughing we did. There was only one bedroom but it was big enough to be made into two, the main colours were green and red and it fitted really nice with the wooden dresser and the mirrored wardrobe that was at the other side of the room. The view consisted of the street out back and a few cars, it wasn't much of a scenery and Seth and I laughed about that. He led me through the rest of the house until we landed right back to were we started, the kitchen. I looked at the clock and I bounced out of my seat straight away.

"I have to go, grandma wants me to pick up some supplies at the grocery store," I said lifting my bag up from the counter and turning around to face the door.

Jake was suddenly in front of me.

"You were going to leave without even giving me a goodbye kiss, in fact I think I should get more than one actually, considering I had to stay away from you last night," Jake said raising one eyebrow up.

"Hello, Seth still in the room here," Seth shouted with sarcasm.

"Well, we'll be in the room most of the time when it'll be you and Carly kissing," Jake pointed out to Seth.

"I do like that thought," Seth said letting his imagination get the better of him, while Jake turned to face me again.

"Now where were we?" He asked coming closer to me, just when he was close enough I put my finger on his lips.

"Well, I was about to leave to go to the grocery store and you were about to sit back down with Seth," I said grinning while he opened his eyes.

"How can you expect me to stand here when I have the girl I love standing right in front of me which of whom I haven't kissed or even held in my arms in 24 hours?" He said folding his arms like a 5 year old. "Especially when you look so beautiful like you do now."

He made it extremely difficult for me to just walk away because there was nothing I wanted more right now than to hold that stunning face in my hands and to feel those warm lips against mine, but I had to resist the temptation to make tonight even more fun.

"Then wait till you see me tonight," I whispered in his ear as I kissed his cheek and headed for the door.

"I'll hold you to that," he shouted as I opened the door. I winked at him before shouting out "Both of you be at the house 7 O' Clock sharp."

I closed the door shut before practically dancing to my car and driving off to the grocery store. As I walked threw the automatic doors, I went to grab a trolley and began to wheel it around the store. I had already checked off the list, 5 bags of cream potatoes, carrots, a full chicken, peas, frozen pizzas, 2 packets of ham and cheese, and a selection of fruits. I had way more to go through so I walked quicker to the freezers and stalls, I was lifting up a few jars of coffee when I came across a box that read hot chocolate. I threw a few boxes in and continued on with my shopping. It was only 15 minutes later that I was making my way to the counter with my overly filled trolley. I sat each item on the counter as the woman scanned them threw to the check out where she helped me put them into bags. When they were all filled she handed me the bill and the total price came to $124.99, I handed her two hundred dollars and told her to keep the change.

"Thank you," she smiled at me gratefully.

"Your welcome," I said smiling back at her as I wheeled the trolley out of the store and out beside my car, where I started unloading the bags into.

Some bags had to go in the back because there wasn't enough room in the trunk. Just then my cell rang, I dug threw my handbag to find it and when I did it read Carly so I answered immediately.

"I'll be right there, I just finished putting all of the groceries into my car," I said slamming the trunk shut.

"No need, I got a ride from a friend at school. We're on our way back to yours," she said in a reassuring tone.

"What friend from school is it Carly?" I asked my voice a little edgy, worried for what I was about to hear her say.

"You know Dan, right?" She asked.

My heart race started to calm itself, and I exhaled a huge breath.

"Yeah, I'll meet you guys back at the house," I said calming myself.

"Ok, bye," she said before hanging up.

I shook my head and put my cell back into my bag before returning the trolley to it's place and getting in my car to drive home. I wanted to get home very quickly to prepare the meal for tonight as I was sure the chicken would take its time to roast, so I drove faster than usual. When I reached the house, Carly was getting out of the car and so was Dan. I parked in the garage and stepped out before walking over to Dan and Carly, who were standing beside a black Audi, it was very nice.

"Wow Nessie, that was quick," Carly said impressed by my speed.

"Yeah, well there wasn't much traffic," I said shrugging off the compliment.

Dan was looking at me with a warm smile and I returned it back to him.

"Do you need any help with those?" He asked pointing to the trunk of my car.

"No, that's ok. I've got it," I said.

"Ok, then I guess I'll see you guys on Monday," he said backing away.

"Bye," I said.

"Thanks for the ride," Carly yelled after him.

When he drove off and was out of sight, Carly and I started unloading the bags from the trunk into the house. Emmett refused to help but grandma shouted at him and it changed his mind, so the bags were all sitting on the counter of the kitchen in no time. I started preparing for the meal while grandma was desperate to help and since I wasn't allowing her to help with the food, she set up the table. It was beautifully displayed with the cutlery on each side of the plates and underneath those was a black table cloth with white designs on it, floral I think. When the chicken was in roasting, I began with the small things like the potatoes and worked my way up from there. It only took me 2 hours, which was pretty good considering how much food there was involved.

"There, all done," I said taking the apron off. "I need to go get ready." 

"Would you like me to set the food out, dear?" Grandma asked with a sweet tone.

"Yeah, thanks grandma," I said kissing her cheek before running upstairs. 

"Hey Carly, ready to pick a dress?" I asked leading her to my wardrobe.

"Yes," she said excitedly.

I opened my wardrobe door and picked out the white dress which mum, Alice and Rosalie had gotten me whilst they were shopping a few weeks ago.

"I'll be wearing this one and these shoes," I said lifting up the silver sandals. "So pick away." 

"Ok," she said smiling.

I went into my bathroom and closed the door behind me. I then slipped out of my clothes and into my silky smooth dress which fitted perfectly and came just above the knee. I started with my make-up after that, applying foundation that matched my skin tone, putting eyeliner on and then that was followed by my mascara, and to top it all off I put on my favourite naked lip gloss. I went over my curls with the curlers before putting a crystal butterfly clip in my hair, it really set the dress off. All I had to do now was to put on the sandals.

"Carly, I'm coming out," I said opening the bathroom door.

Carly stood there wearing the red scarlet dress that I bought a few months ago. It had a crisscross design going up the back of it which looked stunning and it was a strapless dress too. Her light blonde wavy locks were tied back leaving just two wavy curls hanging out at the front. The shoes she was wearing were mine also, a different pair of silver sandals, except these had a completely different pattern to them. It came from each end, like a cross and it matched the dress, especially from the back.

"You look beautiful," I said truthfully.

"Thanks, so do you," she said complimenting me.

The door bell rang and it caught our attention straight away. We looked at each other and I could see the panic in her eyes.

"Lets make this official," I said lifting up my digital camera.

I put my arm around her and she did with me as we took a few pictures, some of us smiling and others with us messing around. We went over our lip gloss again before staring at one another, she was still panicking, not only could I tell by her face but her heart gave her away to.

"It's going to be fine, trust me. When Seth looks at you tonight he will be lost for words, that or complimenting you the whole night," I said chuckling at that last part as did she. "Lets go."

We closed the bedroom door and made our way down the flights of stairs, when we came to our last one, we walked even slower. We came into view of everybody and they were staring at us as we walked down the stairs. Jake and Seth were the first to greet us both.

"You look incredible," Jake said pulling me closer to him.

"You look pretty good yourself," I complimented him as him and Seth were both wearing a black suit with leather shoes, a white shirt and a tie. Seth stood there smiling at Carly until he finally spoke.

"You look amazing," he said while it took his breath away.

"Thanks, nice suit," she said blushing.

We all took our seats at the table. Grandma and grandpa were at each end of the table and going around from them was Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, mum, dad, Me, Jake, Carly and Seth.

"This looks awesome, Ness," Seth commented looking at the food.

"Yeah, it took me two hours to make, so I'll be making sure everybody eats every little bit," I said rubbing it in while Jake and Seth chuckled.

"You heard her, lets dig in," Jake said picking up his knife and fork.

Jake, Carly, Seth and I started eating our food while the others were very reluctant but they did it and we watched closely as they chewed each bite before swallowing. The faces they pulled were hilarious, I couldn't watch anymore so I concentrated on eating my own food. I had already eaten everything, so I did something very human and decided to wash it down with a drink. Everybody was talking during the dinner. Seth and Carly were talking about the things they both liked and enjoyed while everybody else was muttering so fast, I was sure Carly wouldn't understand but I heard my name mentioned so that put a smile on my face. Jake had finished before everyone else.

"Oh," I said getting out of my seat, I lifted the oven muffs and opened the oven to find the pizza I put in earlier. I took it out and sat it on the board. "Who wants pizza?" 

"I knew I smelt pizza, I'll definitely have some," Jake said with his eyes so big they looked like they were going to pop out of their sockets.

"Of course you will," I said smiling while putting the slice of pizza on his plate, it was the biggest one.

After I handed some slices of pizza out I sat back down in my seat. I was talking to Carly for a bit and she was telling me how her and Seth have the same hobbies and have a lot in common. I was really happy that they were enjoying themselves, every time I looked at them they were laughing. When we were all finished everyone thanked me for the dinner, although the thanks I got from my family were mostly said threw clenched teeth which made me proud of myself. The whole plan was to get my family to get a taste of what they dished out to me yesterday, making me eat that stupid human food. Even though I had to eat it tonight myself, it tasted a whole lot better knowing I wasn't the only one out of my family that had to endure it. The table became empty in no time, Emmett and Jasper where watching TV, while Rosalie and Alice were sitting on their laps. Seth and Carly decided to do the dishes together and clean up. Mum and dad went for a walk along the beach and grandma and grandpa sat out the back on the steel bench. That only left me and Jake at the table together.

"Want to go upstairs?" He asked smiling.

"You read my mind," I teased as we both got up.

We walked over to the edge of the staircase, Jake was following behind me. I suddenly stopped and forced him back a bit.

"What is it?" He asked.

I bent down and took my silver heels off and put my feet flat on the ground.

"These sandals are killing me," I said holding them in my hands.

"Don't girls always say that saying, what do you call it?" Emmett said thinking before clicking on. "Beauty is pain?"

"That saying was overruled because there is no point suffering pain, when your already beautiful," Rosalie pointed out.

"Yeah and besides you couldn't get any more beautiful, it's impossible," Jake said winking before throwing me over his shoulders and running upstairs.

He flew open the door before closing it again, and putting the lock on. Then we messed around for a minute before he lay me down on the bed, his body just inches from mine as he leaned over me. I could feel the warmth of him, even with his clothes on but he soon took them off and did mine for me as well. My lips met his for the first time in one day, it doesn't seem that long but it's probably the longest length of time we have spent apart, at least since I was a baby anyway. I stretched my fingers along his hair as he did mine, without messing it up. He kissed my neck down to my waist and up again before meeting my lips. They were so soft as always, but it always surprised me every time. The heat coming off of him was incredible, it was as if we were in a sauna or something. We looked into each others eyes for a moment before changing back into our clothes, I kept the sandals off. I kissed Jake again one more time.

"I love you," I said staring at him as he held me in his arms.

"I love you to," he said kissing my forehead.

We made our way back downstairs to find Seth and Carly talking on the couch, dad playing the piano with mum at his side, Alice and Emmett arguing over the TV while Rosalie and Jasper just looked as if they were staying out of this one.

"It's getting late, you both should probably head off," grandpa announced looking at Jake and Seth.

"Yeah I'm tired after that big meal," Jake said looking at me.

"I'm not, I could stay up all night," Seth said getting lost in Carly's eyes.

Carly and I walked Seth and Jake to the door were Jake gave me a kiss on the cheek and Seth kissed Carly's hand, like a true gentlemen. We watched them both getting into Seth's car and driving off. It was only until they were out of sight, that we closed the door.

"You coming up Nessie?" Carly asked making her way to the bottom of the staircase.

"Yeah I'll be up in a minute," I said as she danced upstairs.

I turned around with a smile on my face to see the expressions of the six annoyed vampires standing in front of me. Grandma and grandpa obviously didn't mind tonight, maybe they thought it was ok to get even.

"So, did you all like the dinner?" I asked biting my lip, trying to fight back the laughter.

"You are an evil little girl," Emmett said shaking his head with anger.

"Aw, thank you," I said grinning. "Hey, you all brought this on yourselves. I mean, you all had me eat it yesterday so it was your turn today."

"I understand that completely, Nessie. Really though, was it necessary to have that much food?" Dad asked in disbelief.

"Yes but not only because of all of you, Jake was literally starving," I said thinking of him.

"Oh we know, he even had room for dessert," Emmett said winking at me.

"Jake always has room for dessert," I muttered to low for them to hear.

"What was that?" Dad asked raising his eyebrows.

"Nothing dad," I said rolling my eyes. "I'm off to bed, night." 

I laughed while making my way upstairs for the last time tonight. I opened the door to find Carly in her pink silk pyjamas, taking off her make up.

"Oh my God, tonight was the best night ever Nessie, thank you so much," she said hugging me.

"Yeah, I had a lot of fun," I admitted.

I walked over to my wardrobe and pulled out my pyjamas before putting them on very quickly, and putting my super clean dress back on its hanger. I then joined Carly in the bathroom to take of my make up.

"We have so much in common, it was like everything I said he was like mine to and I was like that when he said stuff. Did you see him kiss my hand?" She gushed while rubbing her mascara off.

"Yes and I'm glad you liked it, how was the food?" I asked snapping her out of her daydream.

"It was delicious, definitely the best dinner I've ever had," she said reassuring me.

"I'm glad," I said as I finished taking my make up of before throwing the wipe in the bin. I turned the light off before going over to the window to close it.

Something caught my eye in the distance as I was closing it. It was moving but whatever it was it was gone now, it was probably just a cat wondering the streets. After the window was closed I lay in my bed with Carly next to me. It wasn't hard to guess what she would be dreaming of tonight but I was thrilled to see her as happy as she was tonight. I never realized how tired I was until I closed my eyes, everything went dark from then.

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