Eternal Flame (Book 1)

The story after Breaking Dawn, new relationships form and the Volturi get closer to Renesmee driving a wedge between her and Jake. Will love conquer all?


20. Camping

"NESSIE, JACOB, GET OUT OF BED!!" Alice shouted banging on the bedroom door.

I opened my eyes with Alice still banging on the door.

"That's it!" I said getting up out of my bed and opening the door.

"Could you be any louder Alice!!" I snapped.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I can. Now hurry up and get changed we have to go camping," she said rolling her eyes.

Camping was probably her worst nightmare, but I was looking forward to it. Jake and I got dressed, I wore a plain black top and jeans with my trainers. When we were dressed we went downstairs to find everyone sulking.

"Ok, now that you are all here, I would like to say something," grandpa started. "There is going to be something about this trip that each of you will not like, and that is your punishment.

"For example, Emmett what you did to Alice and Nessie's clothes was horrid so there will be no TV for you this weekend," grandma said.

"Aw man, the big game is on today!" Emmet shouted.

"Alice you behaved unnecessarily, so you will be banned from shopping while we are camping. Rosalie you cannot use any beauty or hair products for your punishment either," grandma stated.

"No, not my hair, don't you think it has suffered enough these past two weeks?" Rosalie cried holding her short hair which was now perfected instead of the mess dad had made.

"Well what about everyone else, what's there punishment?" Emmett demanded.

"They will get there's when we are at the camp site, now hush up," grandpa said.

"Is everyone set?" Grandma asked.

We all held up our bags which held our clothes and stuff for the trip.

"Ok, then lets go," grandpa said.

When we got outside the house grandpa was lead us to the camping spot where he set up the tents. As we were running through the forest, the wind was blowing my hair away from my face. I held Jake's hand, it was so smooth and soft and not to mention warm. Grandpa stopped and so did the rest of us, there was wood to burn to keep the heat in and two tents.

"Wait, there is only two tents." I said wondering but then I realised one was for the boys and one was for the girls. "You have got to be kidding me!" 

Grandpa and Emmett chuckled as I glared at them.

"The blue tent is for the boys to stay and the purple tent is for the girls," grandma said pointing to each individual tent.

"So, what you mean is I have to share a tent with them?" Jake snarled while looking at Dad, Emmett and Jasper.

"You do realise there will be murder in that tent, don't you?" I said looking at my grandpa.

"Well I will be in there to so there won't be," grandpa said disagreeing with me.

"Don't worry Nessie we will take good care of him, won't we boys?" Emmett said putting his arm around Jake's shoulder before looking at dad and Jasper.

"Indeed we will," Jasper and dad said laughing.

I shot them a dirty look making them stop laughing.

"Oh my, what is that smell?" Alice said in disgust.

"Its called the forest air Alice," mum said.

"Well, it has so got to go," Alice said taking out perfume spraying it.

We all rolled our eyes.

"Well I guess you should all go settle into the tents," grandpa said.

"Fine," Rosalie snarled.

Me, mum, Rosalie and Alice climbed into out tent and sat down with our bags.

"It's not so bad," mum said looking around.

"Not bad are you kidding me, this is hell," Alice cried.

"It's going to be ok," mum said hugging her.

"You do realise what this means, don't you?" Rosalie asked.

"Emmett," we all said at the same time.

"He is going to be pulling all types of pranks on us, and everyone else," Rosalie said.

"Yeah well two can play at that game," I said grinning.

"Got that right," mum said smiling.

"Theyll p'robably prank us tonight but I'll be sleeping so all of you have to be on guard," I said to them.

"We will, and I'll keep my head focused," Alice said.

I kept thinking about what they will do but if they even thought of bringing any spiders or creepy crawlies into this tent, they will so regret it. When we set up our blankets and pillows we went back out and sat on the logs around the fire, waiting for the guys to come out.

"No I'm putting my sleeping bag here!" Emmett shouted.

"I was here first!!" Dad yelled back.

"Right enough, Emmett your sleeping bag goes here and Edward yours goes here," grandpa snapped.

"YES!" Emmett yelled in glory.

Dad sighed, a few seconds later all the boys came out and sat on the log beside us. Jake put his arm around me and I rested my head on his shoulder.

"So, how do you all like your tents?" Grandma asked.

"Yeah, they're ok I guess," we all said not wanting to make them even more angry.

"Good," grandma said with satisfaction.

I looked around the forest and couldn't see a toilet.

"Where is the toilet?" I asked grandpa.

"About that there isn't one," grandpa admitted.

"What, where do you expect us to go?" I yelled pointing at me and Jake.

"The forest?" Dad suggested.

"No! no, no, no and NO!" I protested.

"What's wrong Nessie, don't you like the breeze?" Emmett laughed.

"Oh, shut up!" I said.

"OUCH!" Emmett said after Rosalie hit him.

"There is no way I am going to the toilet out here, over my dead body," I said sitting back down.

"What are you going to do, hold it in?" Jasper asked sarcastically.

"Actually, yes I will," I said crossing my arms.

"Good luck, with that," Rosalie said sarcatically.

"I'll just start the fire," grandpa said pulling out a match.

He held the match against the logs as it created a fire to keep me and Jake warm, but mostly for me considering Jake is hot enough if you know what I mean. It started to get dark and I was so bored.

"I'm going to go for a walk," I said getting up.

"I'll come with you," Jacob said quickly getting up.

"Don't go far," mum shouted after us.

"Sure," we said.

Jake and I were holding hands as we walked through the forest, his hands were so warm.

"So what are you all planning?" I asked curiously.

"What do you mean?" He asked bewildered.

"Oh come on, Emmett must be planning a prank or something," I said to him.

"Well if he is I don't know anything about it, I mean do you really think they would tell me?" He asked.

"No, I guess not," I said.

He lifted me up and started kissing me, his body pressed against mine. I wrapped my legs around his waist, trailing my fingers through his soft hair. He set me down gently on the ground, our clothes were off us now and I pressed my hands into his back as he did mine. An hour had passed but it only felt like half of that time.

"We should probably get back, they'll be looking for us," I said getting up.

"Yeah, your right," Jake said putting his clothes back on.

I put my clothes back on to and looked down at them.

"Well what do you know, at least there not in pieces this time," I said laughing.

Jake laughed to, I reached up and kissed him before pulling away.

"Let's go," I said taking his hand in mine.

We ran back to the camp site, everyone was still in their seats like before we left.

Jake went and sat back on the log and him and mum were talking.

"I'm going to get changed into my pyjamas," I said walking to the tent.

I opened the tent and climbed in. I went to open my bag to get my pyjamas out as I opened the zip up there was this big hairy spider crawling on my arm.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" I screamed shaking it off.

I jumped out of the tent.

"Nessie what is it, whats wrong?" Jake asked concerned.

"Spider is what's wrong, one of you put a spider in my bag!!!!" I yelled.

The boys were laughing and Jake chuckled to.

"Jacob Ephriam Black, this is so not funny!" I said angrily.

"Sorry," he said calming himself down.

"Who did it?" I asked my face heating up.

"It was me," Jasper admitted laughing.

"JASPER!" Alice shouted at him.

"I will not be responsible for my actions!" I squealed running at Jasper.

"Jasper you better get out of here!" Dad warned him.

Jasper ran, I was straight on his tail, I attacked him on the ass. He kept holding his butt because it was so sore.

"OWWW!" Jasper squealed.

Everyone was laughing so hard they fell of the logs.

"That will teach you!!" I said attacking him one more time.

I went back into my tent and got changed into my pyjamas. It was very warm outside so I put on my blue shorts and matching top. I walked back out of my tent and set beside Jake. Emmett whistled and I glared at him.

"Who needs TV when we have got front row seats to Nessie attacking Jasper," Emmett grinned.

Jasper snarled.

"Well that was just a warning, so don't any of you guys think of doing something else to me," I threatened.

"If it was a warning then you can all keep me out of the pranks!" Jasper said talking to dad and Emmett.

"Jasper!" Emmett said punching him.

"So you are planning something, I knew it," Rosalie said.

"Yeah, but you don't know what," dad said grinning.

"I have a feeling we will be finding out very soon," mum sighed.

Me and mum walked over to the bridge by the lake and just looked around into the water. We heard footsteps behind us and turned around but it was too late, Emmett grabbed mum and jumped in. Dad tried to get me.

"Oh no you don't," I said ducking.

Dad went flying over me and into the water. I couldn't stop laughing. Mum and Emmett climbed onto the bridge with dad jumping up after them.

"What can I say dad, I'm just to quick for you," I said grinning.

"Oh, but I'll get you next time hun, don't worry," he said confidently.

"Is that a threat?" I asked.

"Oh no, its a promise," he said smirking.

"EMMETT CULLEN! How dare you!" Mum yelled.

"Sorry Bella but it had to be done," Emmett said smiling.

"I'll bet!" Mum said walking over to the fire shaking off.

"I'm going to bed, night," I said to everyone.

"Night Nessie," they said chorusing one another.

I climbed into the tent and looked around for about ten minutes checking for spiders. Luckily there was none, I got into my sleeping bag and got comfortable putting my head on my pillow. I fell asleep for the first time in ages without Jake beside me.

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