Eternal Flame (Book 1)

The story after Breaking Dawn, new relationships form and the Volturi get closer to Renesmee driving a wedge between her and Jake. Will love conquer all?


34. Beautifully Connected

It was late before I finally picked myself out of bed. I stumbled across to the bathroom while rubbing my eyes before washing my face. When I was done I realized that Carly wasn't in the room so after getting changed into some clothes, I walked down the stairs. When I reached the final step I found Carly talking to Seth.  

"Hey Nessie," Seth and Carly said smiling as I entered the room.  

"Hey," I said.   I looked around the room to find one person missing.  

"Where's Jake?" I asked curiously.  

"Oh, that lazy thing is still in bed," Seth said rolling his eyes as I chuckled.  

"Nessie, Seth and I were thinking about going to the beach today because it's suppose to be sunny. Want to come? Jake can come to, if he decides to leave his bed that is," Carly said grinning.  

"Thanks but I think I'll pass, you guys have fun though," I said thinking about that idea, the sun doesn't fit in to well with me. It doesn't bother me that much though, not being able to enjoy the heat. It just annoys me that I have less things to keep me occupied while I'm on my own.  

"Ok, I'm going to grab my things and then we can head off," Carly said to Seth before running upstairs.  

We all laughed at Carly's enthusiasm when she was out of sight. I wondered if Seth was going to tell Carly everything on the beach, but then again it is there first date so I think he might wait until tonight. When they left I wondered what I could do today, it wouldn't be much because it would have to be done indoors. I watched a few programmes on TV, much to Emmett's annoyance. I played my piano for a while and I even wrote a new lullaby, Seth and Carly inspired me to write it because that was how me and Jake were when I realized I loved him more than a brother.  

"That's a very beautiful piece of work there, Nessie," grandpa said sitting beside me.  

"Thanks, grandpa," I smiled.  

"Do you have a name for it?" He asked curiously after a few minutes.  

"I've come up with a few but I think I've got the perfect one," I admitted.  

"Ok, so lets here it," he said looking at me.  

"Beautifully connected," I said letting him know.

"Seth and Carly inspired me to write it and the reason I chose that name is because they both feel connected to each other on some level and their in love, so that's a beautiful thing."   

"That's perfect," he said when he could talk. He put his arm around me, held me close and kissed my head. "You know, you always seem to surprise me everyday."  

"Well then, at least you don't have a boring granddaughter on your hands," I chuckled.  

"I guess your right," he said laughing along before getting up and walking out of the room smiling.  

After I played beautifully connected again, I joined Alice on the computer to do some shopping, we bought a new baby clothes for Rosalie and Emmett's baby. The little one will be arriving very soon.  

"That is so cute," Alice screamed clicking on a green baby grow that had a little teddy bear on it.  

"Yeah," I said admiring it with her.  

Emmett walked past us and as he saw what we were looking at, his eyes widened with shock and he began shaking his head from side to side.  

"No, no and no my boy is not wearing teddy bears ok, that is preposterous," Emmett cried disapprovingly.  

"Wow, I never knew he understood those words," I said surprised looking at Alice, she nodded her head in agreement.  

"Why don't we just stick to clothes with footballs and cars on them," Emmett said getting frustrated.   

"We've got loads of clothes with those things on them, the child needs variety Emmett," Alice spat.  

"Well then, I don't know, get some plain clothes," Emmett suggested.  

"There will be nothing plain and that is final," Alice said.  

Emmett looked at both of us for a minute before throwing his arms up in defeat and walking away, muttering something under his breath. Alice and I smiled at each other. When Alice left the rest up to me to go find Jasper, I added a cot for the baby to sleep in. I also ordered some tops and shoes for me to, and I threw in a handbag as well. I decided seeing as though I had nothing else to do, that I should have a shower. I went upstairs to my room and then entered my bathroom. After I undressed myself I jumped into the shower and stood there as the warm water splashed onto my back. It was so relaxing. I smoothed the shampoo and conditioner into my hair before rinsing them off, after a few minutes I turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around me and another one around my hair as I opened the bathroom door. I went to the mirror before noticing something on my bed out of the reflection, it was a box tied with a red bow. I rushed over to it and then ripped of the ribbon and lid to find the most beautiful bouquet of blue flowers, that had a little white note attached to it. It read "My Perfect Girl." Jake always made me feel special, like I could do anything. I love him so much, it killed me right now to not be with him, to look into those brown eyes and to kiss those soft tender lips of his. A smile appeared on my face as I sniffed the flowers that were in my hands, before setting them in the box again. I would have to find a vase to put them in soon. I dried myself before putting on some new clothes. The sun was setting when I went downstairs to find everyone in a happy mood.  

"So everyones in a good mood then," I stated as I made my way to the door.  

"Yeah, are you going out?" Mum asked.  

"I'm going  for a walk, now that the sun is going down I think I need a bit of fresh air," I said.  

"Ok sweetie, bye," she said.  

"Bye," I said waving back as I closed the door behind me.  

I ran through the woods to head into town, it was so quiet. Of course I was able to hear a few things here and there but other than that it was pretty peaceful. When I reached the end of the woods I walked at human pace. I walked past a few shops but didn't see anything that I liked so I just left them and kept walking. The sun was down and the moon was starting to appear when I was on my way back to the house. There was this woman wheeling a pram with a little baby in it and she was having an argument with her husband, by the looks of it. I heard a car coming from the far end of the road, and there was a toddler playing with his ball there. When the ball went into the middle of the road, the child was following it and the car was just coming into view. There wasn't enough time to yell because it would have been to late by then, so I ran for the toddler and quickly picked him up and set him on the sidewalk where his family were.  

"Liam," the woman cried out in horror running towards her son who was looking up at me.  

"The car was coming and," I trailed off.  

"Thank you so much, you saved his life," she said holding Liam close.  

"It's ok, you have a lot on your hands," I said pointing towards the baby in the pram.  

"That's no excuse, I should be watching both of them," she said beating herself up.  

"Don't beat yourself up to much, he's safe," I reassured her. "Just maybe the road isn't such a good idea for him."   

"Your right, I'm so sorry you had to go out of your way like that, thank you," the man said coming towards me.  

"Your welcome, bye," I said waving before turning around.

I walked bye a few streets before the woods started coming into view. I looked behind me as I could have sworn their was some one their but when I did look, no one was there. I walked a little bit faster after that. I heard footsteps before turning around, but again no one was there. I sighed before turning back around but when I did, he was there.  

"Nessie Cullen, all alone. I'm shocked," Lukas said with a sarcastic tone.  

"Obviously not enough because your still talking," I snapped.  

"Well then maybe I should shut up, and let you talk for a while. Although I think I know everything I need to about you, after this weekend," he smirked.  

"Really, and what makes you think that?" I asked narrowing my eyes.  

"I know that for some strange reason, that you like hot chocolate, and the colour blue," he said circling me.  

"How did you know that?" I asked while my heart race started to speed up.  

"I have my resources, great hearing and even better eyesight," he said with a grin. "Although the most thing that confused me, and that I'm still puzzled by is your love for them creatures, dogs."  

I couldn't move from where I was standing, I couldn't get over the fact that he was watching me the whole weekend, with Carly and Jake.  

"Its not that hard to figure out why," I said to him.  

"No your right, its not," he said with fury in his eyes. "I'll see you soon."   

Then he was gone, out of sight. I took a deep breath and ran as fast as I could home. I couldn't believe what just happened, how could I have not noticed him watching me. I just needed to be at home with my family but even then, he would still be watching every move I make. I swung the door open to find everyone dancing and singing along to the music that was playing. I decided to push everything that just happened to the back of my mind, to forget it happened, at least for tonight.  

"Come on," Alice said grabbing my arm and pulling me into the middle of the room.  

Everyone was dancing, even mum, although dad had her in his arms so she was probably being forced. I started to dance with Alice, we were throwing our arms up in the air, nodding our heads to the music and swaying our hips. I always hated dancing but with Alice as an aunt and party's happening here a lot, then you don't really get to choose what you like and don't. It sort of grew on me after a few years and I realized that you don't need to be good to dance, you just need to be yourself and have fun. We continued to dance until the door swung open and Jake, Seth and Carly stepped in soaking wet from the rain. The rain must have came on as we were dancing.  

"Jake," I said running into his arms as he caught me.  

"I'm wet, Nessie," he said realizing I was in a top and skirt.  

"I don't care," I said hugging him tighter.  

"Then neither do I," he chuckled holding me close.  

"So much for the weather," Carly said shaking off before laughing.  

I eased my grip on Jake and he sat my feet back on the floor, before staring into my eyes.  

"Thank you," I whispered into his ears before giving him a kiss.  

"Well I am brilliant, but what did I do this time?" He asked curiously.  

"Oh come on, don't pretend you don't know," I said shaking my head with a smile as I looked at a confused Jake. "The flowers, the blue flowers, you left on my bed."   

"Nessie, I was out the whole day. I wasn't here for a minute, and I didn't leave any flowers," Jake said shaking his head.  

"But it had to have been you unless," I started, thinking of how Lukas just happened to be there right after I found the flowers in my room and how he said he knew blue was my favourite colour.  

"Unless what?" He said looking at my scared expression.  

My thoughts got blocked out with a smell that was in the room, it was warm but it was also a rusty smell too. It was definitely blood, but not the kind that makes my throat feel like their on flames, the kind that makes you not want to breath.  

"Whats that smell?" Carly asked a few seconds later, she was obviously curious.  

It could only have been one thing, I looked at my family's faces too find their eyes wide with shock and confused. Then it just set in, something that Lukas said earlier.  

"Oh no," I said backing away from Jake and heading for the stairs. "No, no, no."  

I flew into my bedroom door open to find the most horrific thing I had ever seen. My hand was at my mouth and tears began to fill in my eyes.  

"Nessie, what is it?" Jake said holding my arm before his eyes found the place I was staring at.  

It was a dog hanging from the ceiling. It had been tortured and sliced open, the blood was fresh so that meant it had been alive a few hours ago. On the wall behind where the dog was hanging, was a message written with its blood. It read "This is just a warning of what could happen soon. Stay away from her mutt, or your worst nightmares will come true. And for all of those, who stand in the way. The same thing will happen to you, on that very same day." I couldn't move. I didn't know what I was frightened or upset about the most. The threatening message to the ones I love, or the cruelty my favourite animal in the world had suffered because of me. Everyone was in the room at this point, my family were examining the message over and over again. I looked to Carly who looked like she was in shock.  

"Oh my god," she squealed holding her mouth while looking at the mutilated dog in front of us. "What happened, who did this?"   

"Carly, calm down," grandpa said trying to relax her.  

"Calm down, there is a dead animal in this room and there is a message written with its blood," she said freaking out.  

"Come on Carly," Seth said guiding her out of the room, he had no choice but to tell her now.   Grandpa nodded to Jasper who followed them out and Alice trailed off behind him. If anyone could calm her down, it was him. The tears had fled down my cheeks by now and Emmett was walking towards the dog.  

"What do you think your doing?" I asked him sniffing back the tears while holding his arm.  

"I'm getting it out of here," he said smoothly. "Don't worry, It's not like I'm going to eat it."   

"That's not funny, and don't even think about it," I warned him, his smile faded as he picked up the dog before jumping out of the window. As he did I could see the dogs eyes, they were brown. That made more tears break through as it reminded me of Jake and I couldn't bear to even think of him like that.  

"We all know that Lukas has done this," dad said stating the obvious.  

I walked over and grabbed the lid of the box that held the blue flowers inside, I ripped the note up into shreds before doing the same with the flowers.  

"How did he know where we lived?" Mum asked thinking out loud.  

"He probably followed one of us because his smell couldn't be as strong, seeing as though he is only part vampire," grandpa said expressing his theory.  

"He did more than follow," I said with my backs to them all, looking out the window to the far distance. I could feel their confused expressions hitting my back so I turned around. "He has been watching my every move this weekend, I don't know if he has been doing it for longer but definitely this weekend."  

"How do you know this, Nessie?" Jake asked, getting angry.  

"While I was on my way back here, he came to me on the street and started saying things to me that I only said to you guys or Carly," I said letting them know.  

Jake threw his hands in the air in frustration.  

"I told you not to go anywhere on your own," Jake said turning to mum, dad, Rosalie, grandma and grandpa. "You all let her go out on her own, how could you leave her unprotected like that?"   

"I can protect myself, I'm not letting Lukas ruin my life," I pointed out.  

"She wasn't hurt was she, and acting like this isn't protecting her, it's controlling her," Rosalie said.   

"If that means keeping her alive, then that's what I'll do," Jake said speaking.  

I told them everything that Lukas had said and done while I was on my walk. Jake got sick of hearing his name and so did I to be honest.  

"Nessie, you and Jake can stay in our room tonight," dad said as I looked at the message written on my wall.  

"We'll get it off now," grandma said noticing me looking at it as I nodded.  

Jake put his arm around me before we all walked downstairs to see how Carly was. We didn't hear any squealing or yelling, so that was good. When we stepped into the living room Carly gave me a hug and squeezed me as hard as she could before letting me go. I was completely in shock as I never guessed that would be her reaction to everything.  

"What was that for?" I asked her curiously.  

"For telling me the truth. Well it was Seth technically but still," she said smiling. "So do you really have you know gifts?"   

I laughed and nodded.  

"Wow, but don't you all have coffins, I mean all I see is beds," she said confused.  

I turned around to look at Seth, "I guess you didn't tell her the myths."  

He smiled, "I was getting around to it. I sat her down and was waiting for her to flip out."  

"Why aren't you flipping out?" I whispered.  

"Well at first I was but I'm not bothered about it that much now. I mean I think it's so cool but as long as you don't drink my blood I'm fine," she laughed at the last part and so did I.  

"Well you don't have to worry about that..." I got cut off.  

"Yeah, I know your vegetarians, that's funny," she said grinning. "But seriously though, I wouldn't say anything for lots of reasons but one is because your my best friend."  

I put my arms around her and held her close.  

"Your my best friend to," I said letting her in on a secret. With my touch, I showed her the myths and told her I am half vampire and half human. I also told her that Bella and Edward were my real parents.  

"That was amazing," she said stunned when I let go. "So wait a minute your mum and dad are the same age as you?"   

"Well no, dad is like well over one hundred and mum is like thirty-seven. I am actually eight, not sixteen," I said letting her know our real ages.  

"Your kidding, I guess gap doesn't matter then," she said laughing. "So your actually eight years younger  than me, then," she stated as I nodded.  

Everyone was in the room now, they listened to me telling Carly some of our past and they were looking very closely to see her reactions. Some of them even surprised me, I couldn't believe she was taking this so well, but the others weren't as surprised. Jasper could sense my curiosity.   "We're not as surprised because Carly's reaction was the same as Bella's when she first found out, she took it so well then because she loved Edward and its definitely for that very same reason Carly is taking it so well, except this time it's Seth," he said answering my question, Carly was blushing at this stage now and Seth was to.  

"Oh yeah, I'm not the only one with gifts," I said to her, this caught her attention. "Dad can read minds, but he can't read mums because she is a shield, that's her power. He can only read mine if I let him though. Alice can see the future, although she can't see Seth or Jake because they are werewolves or me because I am half-breed. Jasper can change peoples emotions, like now he is calming the mood so you are not freaking out as much is somewhat down to him. And he knows what everyone is feeling right now, if our feelings are to strong it can overpower his, like if I was seriously depressed right now, he would be to."  

Carly couldn't speak, she was to stunned by all of our revelations. When she could speak again, she was blushing even more this time, I think it was because it sunk into her that Jasper could feel what she was feeling and would know how strong her love for Seth was. I could smell bleach, and figured it was down to grandma for getting the smell of the blood away from my wall. That made me shiver. Grandpa, dad and Jake were in the kitchen and I could see them looking at me from the corner of my eye so I looked and when I did, Jake gestured his hand for me to come.  

"I'll be back in a minute, if you want to know anything else ask Seth, he knows just as much as I do," I said leaving Carly's side as Seth quickly took my seat. I walked into the kitchen to join Jake, dad and grandpa.   "What?" I asked as they didn't say anything.  

"Nessie, we have to end this," dad started off. "Lukas has gone to far this time, at first he was playing mind games but now its threats and that's as far as its going to go."   

"I don't like the fact that we always have to choose this alternative anymore than you do Nessie, but if it means protecting our family then we must do it," grandpa stated.  

"I know, Its just.," I couldn't find any words to say and just gave up on that sentence. "Why can't he just leave us alone?"  

"It's not us that he is after Nessie," Jake said bringing that thought back.  

"Thanks, that makes me feel a whole lot better," I said sarcastically, sitting down.  

"I'm not blaming you Ness, that's the last thing I want to do. I'm just angry with him." Jake said putting his head down as I wrapped my arms around his neck.  

"We aren't attacking him, we will wait and see if he gets the message, that he will never ever have you. He will definitely not go but we have to at least try and even this out," dad said.  

"That's right, because we are not fighting unless its absolutely necessary," grandpa said once again reminding us his dislike of killing.  

We all nodded in agreement before joining the others in the living room. Carly was talking with Alice now, I think she was explaining why she can't see me or the guys.  

"So that's why I can't see them," I heard her say and knew that my guess was right.  

"This has been a very long day, Nessie why don't you and Carly stay in our room and Jake you can stay in Alice and Jasper's room with Seth or if one of you would prefer to sleep in Emmett and Rosalie's bed," dad said as we all now had confused expressions showing on our faces. "If Nessie is right and Lukas is watching our every move, which I'm positive she is, then we have to all stick together. No one is to go anywhere alone, especially Rosalie, Nessie and Carly."   

"Not that I have any problem with that, but why me?" Carly asked confused.  

"Lukas knows now that you have became close with our family, so I'm afraid you are in danger. Don't worry though he cannot harm you while you are with us," dad explained. "Rosalie because she is pregnant, and that means he would see it as two for the price of one. I don't think I need to go over why Nessie shouldn't go anywhere alone."  

Grandpa went over everything with everyone including that when Carly returns home, she will be protected by one of us at night and someone else during the day when she isn't with us.  

"Everything seems ok so far, I only have one little problem," Jake started off while dad rolled his eyes as I assumed he read Jake's thoughts. "You said Nessie could stay with me tonight, and now your saying I'm on my own."  

 "On the contrary Jake, tonight is Carly and Nessie's last night together for their sleepover. We wouldn't want to ruin it for them now, would we?" Dad said smiling.  

"Of course not," Jake said sarcastically.  

"I'm so tired I think I'm going to go to bed now which one is it?" Carly asked.  

"I'll show you, I'm pretty tired to," Seth said getting up as he followed Carly up the stairs.

We all smiled at each other before Jake and I went quietly behind them, taking each step carefully without making any noise. Carly was at mum and dads door with Seth was beside her.  

"This is it," Seth said smoothly.  

"Ok, thanks," Carly said looking up at Seth while he got lost in her eyes.  

"Seth man, come on. Kiss her already," Jake whispered so only I could hear.  

Seth leaned in and kissed Carly on the lips, she had her hand on the back of his neck. Their hearts started pounding very fast which made me and Jake grin, because we couldn't laugh. They both pulled away at the same time.  

"Night," Carly said biting her lip.  

"Night," Seth said before she closed the door and made his way to Emmett and Rosalie's room which was only two doors down. When he closed his door me and Jake went up the final step to our floor.  

"That was so sweet," I said.  

"Yeah," Jake agreed. "But we can so beat that," he finished before sweeping me up in his arms and touched his lips with mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck before looking into his eyes.  

"We just did," I said before we both laughed and made our way to our own rooms.  

I looked at him and he did me before he winked and opened his door as I did mine. Carly was in bed already, pretending to be asleep, I guess because their was no way, telling by her heart that she would be sleeping after that. Her very first kiss with Seth. I changed into my pyjamas before climbing into bed and resting my head on the pillow.    

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