Scarlett Nights, or should I say Scarlett Styles? Scarlett has been engaged to Harry for two years. But Harry has to go over-seas for a week for a huge charity fundraiser. But something happens on that ship... Something bad... What about Scarlett? Will she stop talking?... Again? What about Harry? What about the lads? Will friendship grow or will it fail? Scarlett has to make a choice, a choice that will change her life a ton... Will she be able to? Or will she block out the past?


2. Prolog- Good-Bye, It's Too Hard To Say

"I can't believe it's today."  It's true, I don't. It seems like only yesterday when I said 'I do'. But that wasn't yesterday, that was six years ago. It amazes me that we've been married for six years, it feels like its only been a week. 

"I'll be back in only a week. Sweetums, it'll fly by, you won't even notice I'm gone. I'll be back before you know it." Harry said before softly planting a kiss on my lips. 

"The kids are going to miss you." A few weeks before we got married I had our beautiful twins, Carly and Cree. 

Carly has her fathers hair and eyes, Cree has  luscious blonde locks and stunning blue eyes. They're both six years old, born on December 23rd. Which, if I may say so my self, works out great. We all get together and have a six day party, the kids birthday, uncle Louis' birthday, Christmas, and the day after Christmas when all the boys like to play with the kids and the toys they got. They're just the most beautiful children I've ever seen and we love them so much it's indescribable.  

"And I'm going to miss them. They know I'll be back soon enough, they'll be okay."

"What if Carly has another nightmare? She has them almost ever night, you're the only one who can get her to calm down besides Uncle Liam." Liam isn't actually their uncle, but he loves the kids and they love him. They'll see each other all the time so it seems logical to call him their uncle. 

"I'm the only one going on this trip. The lads are all in their houses down the street. You know where they live. They've told you before, anytime you need anything they're there. Even if it's two am Liam will be glad to help Carly. And you know that." Harry's right, I do know that. I've got nothing to worry about, but still, I worry. 

"Niall and Lou already said they want to play with the girls everyday so you'll have time to rest a bit each day. And you know Zayn, he'll want to sing with the girls a few times, they love singing with him and they've gotten quite good, I might say."

It's not everyday that me and Harry have boring, serious talks like this one. It's been more frequent since we had our kids. About once a week we have to take the time to have a serious talk like so. 

"Can't you just stay home? For the kids." I smiled weakly hoping for some reason he'd decide not to go. 

"I wish I could stay, I don't even like cruises. But this is for charity and fans already donated over twenty million dollars, and all that goes away if I don't show up. I have to go. For Red Nose Day, they could really use the twenty million dollars and I'm not letting it go." Harry's right, he needs to go, for Red Nose Day.

"Alright. Come said bye to the kids." With that Harry followed me out our tall front door and into our gigantic yard. In the yard we found Carly and Cree playing ninja with Louis and Niall. 

I love those guys so much, they're so kind with the kids. They always wanna play with them but they never let the kids get hurt. I watched as Niall did a front flip landing only a few inches in front of Carly. Carly swung her right leg around attempting to hit Niall in the legs but Niall jumped over her leg just a second before. I turned to see that Louis and Cree have stopped playing ninja and have started something new. I assume it was Cree's idea because I'm 90% sure that Louis didn't want his nails painted bright pink. Too late now, his nails are already being painted pink by Cree. I chucked softly which Uncle Louis must've heard because he looked up to me with disgust on his face. 

"What's so funny? Can't a guy just get a manicure around here?" Oh Louis, it gets me every time, the way he says things so seriously, it just kills me. I burst out laughing causing the kids to look in our direction. 

"Mommy! Daddy!" Carly and Cree screamed while running towards us. Harry and I did what we always do, bend down on our knees and pick up whichever kid came running to us. I picked up Cree and Harry picked up Carly. Crees beautiful British voice filled my ears. 

"Mommy! Can we please get duckies today?" For six year olds, they have great speaking grammar, Zayns been helping them with that. 

Bella died last year, she ran out in the street and got hit by a car, she survived. But she was paralyzed from her hip down, we didn't want her to suffer through that so we put her down. Ever since then the kids have been wanting ducks, they want to start a farm in our back yard. I have no problem with that, but Hazz thinks they'll pick the ducks up to tightly and crush it by accident. Knowing that, I looked up to him giving him the hint that he's the one to answer. 

We both put the kids down and they stood before us looking up at their daddy with wide, happy, curious eyes. He bent down on his knees so that he was only a few Inches taller then them. 

"You know how daddy's leaving soon?" The kids both poured a frown onto their face and shook their heads agreeing. "I'll be back soon, in a weeks time. Uncle Louis and aunt Eleanor are right down the street along with uncle Liam and aunt Danielle." Louis and Eleanor actually just got married a few days ago. Liam and Danielle are engaged but won't be getting married for a year or two. Harry and I agreed to call them aunts and uncles though. Harry continued, "Uncle Niall and Uncle Zayn are down the street too, and don't forget about auntie Perrie." Niall corrected Harry. 

"Actually Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie left for some around-the-world-shopping-trip yesterday. Said they won't be back for about a week. They sure do love to shop. Maybe they can buy uncle Niall his princess." Carly looked back at Niall and told him that she'd be his princess which was absolutely adorable to hear, it even made Niall cry a bit before she ran over to him and tackled him with a big hug. 

"Okay, so all your uncles are right down the street, don't go anywhere with out mommy or without her knowing about it." The kids moaned back an 'we know'. 

"If you're good the whole time I'm gone, when I come back we'll build you guys a huge farm right in our back yard with any animals you want." Carly and Cree turned their heads facing each other and let their mouths drop forming an 'O'. Cree turned her body towards Hazz and I. 

"No way." She's so adorable, she says things with so much sass sometimes. Maybe she's spending to much time with uncle Lou. Harry bent down on his knees once more. 

"Yes way. But only if you behave yourselves. You have to be kind to mommy and your uncles." 

"Yes, sir!" The girls chanted in unison waving their hands from the forehead to their daddy. I just can't get over how adorable they are. Harry then roared like dragon and engulfed the girls in a big hug. 

"Alright, daddy's gonna get his bags then leave!" The kids pouted back an 'okay' with a frown spread across their face. The two of us walked back into the house and up to our room. He placed his hands on my hips and planted a soft kiss on my lips. 

"Do me a favor? When I'm gone, will you keep a journal of everything that happened? I want to read it when I get back, I don't want to miss a thing." I placed a smile on my face before answering. 

"Like a diary?"


"Sure. Why not?" Harry bent down once more and kissed my again. I knew that soon he was going to say 'I love you' so I decided to beat him to it. 

"I love you Hazz. So much." He smiled before kissing me again. 

"I love you even more." I could tell he didn't want me to try and prove him wrong and try to say I loved him more because he grabbed his bags. 

"Be careful, honey." 

"I will... I'll be back soon. Love you." And with that he walked down stairs and drove away. I sat on our bed and thought, thought about everything. About Harry, the cruise, about the kids, Carly's nightmares, about anything that could possibly go wrong. It felt like hours that I sat there thinking. I didn't even hear the footsteps that came up the stairs and down the hall. I didn't even notice that Zayn was siting next to me on the bed until he spoke. 

"He'll be fine." There was a couple seconds of silence before he spoke again. "Everything." I looked at him confused. "Everything will be fine." I mumbled a response. 

"I know." Zayn gave me a reassuring hand on my shoulder causing me to look up at him. 

"I went on the cruise last year, nothing went wrong. I promise he'll be okay." I smiled at Zayn, he's so full of brilliance when he talks. Everything he says is so calming. 

"Thanks Zayn." 

"And me and the lads are here, if you ever need any help with the kids. I know this is hard for you, I know you don't trust cruises. But everything will be better if you just believe that everything will be okay." I smiled and gave Zayn a big hug. 

"Thanks Zayn. Thanks so much. You're the best brother I've never had." It's true, he's like my brother, he knows when I'm upset before even I know. He's always here, when Harry's not, to cheer me up. I can't thank him enough, he's helped me a lot when Harry's not around. 

"Where's the kids?" I can only hope that Zayn knows where my children went. 

"Liam and Louis took them to their gymnastic practice." Oh yeah, I forgot they had gymnastics tonight. Ugh, why do I have to have so athletic kids? I mean really, karate and gymnastics almost everyday. Pretty soon they're going to be able to beat the lads to a pulp. 

"Oh yeah, I forgot. Thanks again Zayn." He explained how it's not a problem and how he loves me and if I need any help with the kids while Harry's gone just to give him a call and he'll do what ever he can to help. 

We waited for the kids to come back from practice before we began making diner. They showered while I made diner for the seven of us. It wasn't till about six o'clock until everyone was inside and ready for diner. We typically all eat dinner together, whosever house it is at, they cook. And today, it so happens to be me. Carly and Cree set the table and Liam complemented how 'generous' and 'proper' they are. Apparently he never saw them rolling in mud. 

We ate diner and talked about how our days went. The girls said that their friend, I think the said her name is Rain, anyway they said she hyper extended her knee. I'm not quite sure what that means, but it sure does sound painful.

After talking about out days for a while we then helped ourselves to seconds.  After diner the girls asked Zayn to work on their music so they went into their so called 'recording room' (which is actually pretty awesome. They have a bunch of instruments down there and stuff to record music and all that stuff). The kids really enjoy it and so does Zayn. I couldn't hear them singing from upstairs because the have a soundproof door on that room so that they can never be disrupted. 

It wasn't long before Zayn carried them upstairs with them asleep in his arms. He brought them up to their room and placed them in bed for me, which was pretty helpful, those kids wear me out. Then all the boys left, except for Liam. He wanted to finish he glass of H2O before leaving. He was about to walk out the door but I stopped him. 

"Liam." He stopped and turned around looking at me with a questioning look. "Do you hear screaming?" He paused for a second listening carefully. Since he didn't answer quick enough I started running up to the girls room assuming Carly's having yet another terrible nightmare. I heard Liam running up behind me, I pushed open the door to find Carly in the corner of the room shaking, screaming, and crying all at once. I ran to her side and pulled her into a hug trying to calm her down. 

"Shhh. Shhhh. It's okay." I did my best to calm her down, but I couldn't, I never could. And then I remember that Liam calmed her down one time so maybe he'd be able to calm her down this time. I looked up to Liam with wide eyes hoping he'd get the hint. He did and he came over taking Carly from my arms. I watched as he stroked her hair and sang softly getting her to only let out a soft weep. 

"What happened?" He asked Carly. 

"I- I had a nightmare!" She clenched herself tightly around Liam. It almost makes me depressed that I can't get her to calm down and Liam can. 

"What about?" I could tell Liam was going to keep asking questions. 

"Daddy." Carly's tears slowed and I watched as Liam asked more questions. 

"What about daddy?"

"That- that his ship sank." Liam pulled Carly a few inches away from him and looked her in the eyes with a serious look. 

"I promise daddy is okay. He'll be home soon and he'll be okay." Carly nodded and placed her head on Liam's shoulder. He stood there for about five minutes swaying back and forth until she fell asleep. He then whispered to me so that he wouldn't wake her. "Maybe I should stay the night? Make sure she's okay?" I nodded and told him he could sleep where ever he desired. He chose the couch and carried Carly down with him and fell asleep with her on his chest. 

I walked into my bedroom and pulled out a notebook which I chose to use as the diary Harry requested. 

-October 18th 

I'm not quite sure how to write a diary, but I'll do the best I can. 

Liam and Louis took the girlies to gymnastics for me, and thank god they did. Honestly, I forgot they had gymnastics today. I hope I don't forget tomorrow too, tomorrow they have karate right after gymnastics and if they're late to karate one more time they're not aloud back.

After the girls came back from gymnastics they showered while I made diner for the seven of us. Carly and Cree set the table and Liam complemented them since they did it without having to be asked. So I guess they're taking their fathers deal and 'behaving themselves'. 

Uncle Zayn and they girls worked on their music for a while and it wasn't till about quarter to eight when Zayn came upstairs with the girls asleep in his arms. He put them to bed for me, thank god, I really didn't want to get up again. 

After that Louis, Niall, and Zayn went home. Liam stayed a bit later because he wanted to finish his H2O, and thank god he did. Carly had another nightmare and there's no way I could've got her back to sleep without Liam's help. Liam suggested staying over night incase Carly had another nightmare, she's worried about her father on the cruise. So anyway, Liam is downstairs on the couch with Carly asleep on his chest. 

Man-O-Man does it kill me that I can't help Carly when she has those nightmares. I'm her mother, I should be able to help her through anything. Being a mother is my job, and it sure feels like I'm failing my job. 

I'm gonna go to bed now because I'm struggling to stay awake right now. 

I miss you Harold. It's only been hours away from you and I don't like it. I don't trust cruises and I don't know if you'll make it back. I know everyone's saying you'll be fine; but how can they know for sure? All I know is if you're not back by the end of the week, I'm going to have a mental breakdown. 

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