Scarlett Nights, or should I say Scarlett Styles? Scarlett has been engaged to Harry for two years. But Harry has to go over-seas for a week for a huge charity fundraiser. But something happens on that ship... Something bad... What about Scarlett? Will she stop talking?... Again? What about Harry? What about the lads? Will friendship grow or will it fail? Scarlett has to make a choice, a choice that will change her life a ton... Will she be able to? Or will she block out the past?


1. Introduction

Welcome! Before you start this book you should know that this is a book that comes before this book, the book is called Silence. However, if you didn't read Silence this book will some sense, however, reading Silence first will make this book make more sense. 
It's going to be the same characters and everything but this takes place in a few years when they're in their twenties. (So a few years after Book 1.)


Once you read the first chapter the title will make so much sense. BUT Other then the meaning, I do have a reason for using the title, and whoever guesses right (guesses 
why I chose the title Guidance) gets a dedication! And I will promote your story the best I can! 

I wrote a few chapters already, but they're not posted yet. I'll try to always have some typed up and ready so that you guys will never have to wait longer then a week for each chapter. Don't worry, I'll also try really hard to keep the story entertaining and keep the chapters long. 

Throughout this book if you ever have any suggestions please, please, please inbox me or comment me about it! I love to hear what you guys think about my books and your suggestions! I want to write this book so that you guys like it, so your suggestions really help. 

Also if you do like it please vote to let me know, because if this book really stinks I'll stop it and start a new one!

Okay that's all for now, and probably for a while so please give this book a chance! Bye-bye!

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