Scarlett Nights, or should I say Scarlett Styles? Scarlett has been engaged to Harry for two years. But Harry has to go over-seas for a week for a huge charity fundraiser. But something happens on that ship... Something bad... What about Scarlett? Will she stop talking?... Again? What about Harry? What about the lads? Will friendship grow or will it fail? Scarlett has to make a choice, a choice that will change her life a ton... Will she be able to? Or will she block out the past?


5. Chapter 3- The Optimist.

Guidance 3- The Optimist          ***AUTHORS NOTE:***   Okay, well APPARENTLY I didn't exactly write the first and second chapter too well.... (THANKS MARISSA. -.-)    •Marrissa pointed out that she didn't quite understand why Zayn got mad in chapter 1 while him and Scarlett were talking... -Yeah, I'll admit, I could've made it more clear. He got mad/upset because he was trying to show her that he was their for her to help her with the kids. Scarlett couldn't see that and it got Zayn a bit tipsy.    •ALSO, she got extremely mad at me BECAUSE I said Carly did a front hand spring double back tuck. And she said that not even Olympians could do that... So... Yeah... -OKAY WELL I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT WAS REAL. IM NOT A GYMNAST LIKE YOU! So she made me change it... God...    •And she also yelled at me saying I underestimated Carly and Cree. BECAUSE APPARENTLY when your six you can tell time... Marrissa you're and idiot... When you're in kindergarten you learn how to tell time... THEY DIDN'T LEARN THAT YET.  -Marrissa... you're and idiot... When you're in kindergarten you learn how to tell time... THEY DIDN'T LEARN THAT YET. And Harry was gone for 6 days and Scarlett told them it was only 2 days. SHE DIDN'T SAY OH HE LEFT EARLY THIS MORNING! (-.-)   •She also yelled at me for being a terrible person. -Okay! Well! In my defense, I want a story that'll hold your interest as well as mine, one completely original, one that gets you to cry, because that means you're really into it. SO SORRY FOR DOING MY JOB AND MAKING YOU CRY. OKAY I'M SORRY. MAYBE HARRY WILL COME BACK MAYBE HE WON'T. I DONT KNOW, YOU TELL ME! MAYBE CARLY AND CREE WILL BOTH LIVE, MAYBE THEY'LL BOTH DIE, MAYBE ONLY ONE WILL DIE. I DONT KNOW YOU TELL ME! Yeah... I'm not telling you guys anytinggggg... SORRY.    •SHE ALSO FLIPPED ON ME AT MIDNIGHT BECAUSE CREE CALLED LIAM DAD AFTER LIKE THREE WEEKS. God forbid you can't wait to understand things... That'll be explained this chapter. SHE EVEN SAID SHE LIKED CREE LESS THEN CARLY JUST FOR THAT REASON!     Marrissa's not very nice to me. :^(     So now that I feel terrible for making you all cry and stuff, this chapter I'm going to try to fill with inside jokes, stupid funny things, and my goal is to just make everyone of you readers to at least chuckle for a millisecond! I mean like, this chapters sad, this whole book is sad, but if I can just get you to smile once this chapter it'll make me so happy. :^)   SHE EVEN YELLED AT ME FOR THAT!^  She said I was terrible for trying to make people laugh while children have deadly brain tumors and their dad could be dead (yeah maybe he is, maybe he's not... You tell me.) so she said I was terrible for that...    :^( She hurts my feelings! *Bawls*    HERE YOU GO!     Song- My Heart Will Go On by: Celine Dion   (Listen to it, it'll help you understand how Scarlett feels.) - - - - - - October 13-   So I decided against the whole 'going to collage' thing. Me and the boys sat down and had a good, long talk about it yesterday.    It's just... If one of my children are going to die within a year, there's no way I want to be spending that year in collage. I want to use this time to be with them... The guys said they'd help me with hospital bills for the girls.   The boys are back on tour, now Josh sings Harry's parts as well as the drums. Apparently he had a secret talent no one knew about....   Well, I'm tired so I'm going to bed.      October 15-   So, I had a talk with Zayn today...    Here's the majority of it:   Me: "Zayn... How come Cree called Liam "Dad" if she knew about Harry...?"   Zayn: "They tried to pretend they didn't know, it was their way of trying to keep you strong..."   Me: "I'm definitely failing at that... I'm a mess Zayn."   Zayn: "I haven't seen you cry once about it... I was going to ask you about that..."   Me: "I just try not to cry in front of the girls... I don't want to upset them."    A few slow tears rolled down my face and Zayn rubbed them away with his thumb then held me closer.    Zayn: "Their with Niall and Louis now, it's okay to cry."   Zayn was right, nows the time to let it all out. And I do mean ALL out. My tears gained speed and I tucked my face into Zayns chest trying to hide the fact that I was a mess, which I failed to do.    Zayn: "Shhh, Shhh, it's okay. Everything's okay."   Me: "No. Nothing's okay."   Zayn paused for a moment and all his muscles loosened.    Zayn: "Don't be that way."   Me: "Then don't lie to me."   Zayn: "I wasn't lying."   I looked up to Zayn clearly showing disgust on my face.    Me: "How can you sit there and tell me "everything's okay" when my 'HUSBAND' could be dead, and one of my children could die any moment!?"   Zayn: "I'm... I'm sorry."   I sat up and moved towards the other end of the couch and held my knees to my chest.    Me: "Yeah, okay."    I can't believe he could even say that, nothing okay. I still refused to hold in my tears, I just let them all flow.    Zayn: "There you go again."   Me: "Excuse me?! You're the one who told me to "let it all out!"   Zayn: "Not that."   Me: "Then what do you mean?!   Zayn: "You're being so pessimistic."   Me: "Okay, I'll try to be optimistic... Oh boy! My husbands dead and my children are dying too!"   I stared at Zayn with the look of stupidity. How is he saying these things? Does he even realize how sensitive I am about this? How much I actually care?   Zayn: "You don't know that. "   Me: "I'm pretty sure he's gone Zayn. And don't act like I don't care either, it's killing me... He saved my life... I held a gun to my head once... He saved me."    Tears slowly poured down my face.    Me: "He was the only one who could prove to me that people actually do care... He... He helped me when my mom died... He..."   There was a long moments pause before I continued, even Zayn was getting teary eyed.    Me: "He was the one who showed me life, he showed me that I'm worth something... He... He was just my everything Zayn... He still is..."   Zayn was so quiet it was as if I was sitting in a room all alone.    Zayn: "I didn't know... I'm sorry... He wouldn't ever tell us this stuff... He said you wouldn't have wanted us to know, he wouldn't tell us why you didn't talk for so long either."   I sat with tears rolling down my face whilst holding my knees close to my chest for minutes before responding. I was just thinking everything over, should I tell him?    Me: "I- I don't want to talk about it."    My tears gradually gained weight, and Zayn held out his open arms.    Zayn: "Come here."   I scooted closer to Zayn and melted into his chest just letting every single tear flow, soaking his shirt in the process.   Zayn: "You don't have to tell me any more... I know it hurts..."   (\0.0/)   I sat crying into Zayns chest for a few minutes then started playing with the ring on my finger. I reached up and grabbed Zayns hand. I rolled it a round in my hands for a few seconds then slowly pulled off the ring and slipped it into his hand rolling his hand up in a ball so that he had the ring.    I then whispered.    Me: "I can't keep it anymore... It kills me every time I see it... It makes me miss him even more... I feel like I failed... I just can't, Zayn."    Zayn nodded then wrapped his arms around me once more in attempt to comfort me. I'm not going to lie, it worked, but only slightly.    Fifteen minutes past before I spoke again.   Me: "I have to go, Zayn."   Zayn: "Why?"    I sat up.    Me: "I have a first date with Phillip."   Zayn: "Phillip? You can't go like this!"   Me: "It's too late to cancel."   I couldn't have said that more simply.    Zayn: "The guy can wait."   Me: "Zayn."   Zayn: "I don't think you're ready to move on..."   Me: "I have to try."   Zayn: "Fine... Just promise me you'll call and move it to tomarrow?"   Me: "Fine."    Zayn: "Hey, Scarlett?"   Me: "Yeah?"   Zayn: "You're actually going to start seeing people?"   Me: "Yeah... Trust me... It's not going to be easy, but I have to try."   Zayn: "Yeah, I guess... But what are you going to tell Harry when he comes back."   I froze for a moment, I tried my hardest to hold back my tears.    Me: "He's not coming back Zayn..."   Zayn: "But if he does."   Me: "Look, Zayn, wherever he is, near or far, his heart will go on... It will go on..."   Zayn: "Scarlett."   Me: "What?"   Zayn: "Do you really think that?"   I paused for a moment and thought thoroughly over the question Zayn just asked. Do I?    Me: "Sadly... Yes."   I got up and slowly exited the room and began walking home. I pulled out my phone and called Philip telling him the news. He understood which made me somewhat happy. - - - - I'm on my bed right now crying my eyes out. I miss Harry! My hand hand feels so empty without the ring... But it killed me to see it. Every time I saw it I thought of Harry and just everything's he done for me... I miss him but there's no way I'll ever have him back... I'm falling into pieces without him- this whole family is.      October 16-   So I met Philip today... He's a very optimistic person.    I talked Louis into diner at his house tomarrow. No, not me and him on a date, we haven't been doing our giant diner things lately so I told Louis to invite everyone over to his house tomarrow and that I'd make diner; Phillip is coming too. So basically it'll be the whole band, their girlfriends, and Phillip.    It'll be a fun night, but I think I'll end up missing Harry the whole time. And I still have to explain the whole situation to Phillip, I can only hope he'll understand... And I have to talk to the girls about it... Honestly, most people think it'd be too soon to introduce him to the family, especially the kids, but I don't think anything could go wrong. Like I said, he's very optimistic and very nice.      October 17-   So tonight was a long, long, night. Here's how it went:   I walked down the road and up Louis driveway. I didn't bother knocking, he always gets annoyed when friends knock, he says just to walk in. I pushed opened the door and tossed my purse onto the couch and walked into the kitchen, where Louis was.    Me: "Hey Lou."   Louis: "Hey Scar."   Me: "Scar?"   Louis: "Fine... Lett."   Me: "Louis..."   Louis: "Oh my god! Sorry for trying to make a nickname! God! Hi Scarlett!"   Louis looked mad, I don't see why, he doesn't even know why I said his name!"   Me: "Louis! I didn't say Scar was a bad nickname! I just wanted to know where you got it from..."   Louis: "Oh... Sorry love... I just-"   Me: "Took of the lett?"   Louis: "Yep."   I laughed a bit and started grabbing food out of the fridge to prepare diner.    Me: "When's everyone coming?"   Louis: "Thirty minutes ago."   I chucked.   Me: "Great timing."   Louis rolled his eyes then came around to the other side of the counter to see what I was making.    Louis: "Whatcha making?"   Me: "Honestly... I dont know..."   Louis laughed.   Me: "Actually, I'm going to go back home, get changed, and then stop and get more food."   Louis: "What's wrong with what you're wearing?"   I was wearing a pair of light coral skinny jeans, a grey long sleeve fitted shirt with tiny ruffles all over, grey heels, and a scarf that matched my pants.    Me: "It's just too hot."   Louis: "I'll turn the air on. Where's Carly and Cree?"   Me: "Liam."   Louis: "Oh."   Danielle, Eleanor, and Perrie walked in the front door.    Me: "Okay, thanks Lou."   I ran over to the girls, well as much as a run you can do in four inch heels.    Me: "Hey!"   Perrie: "How's it going girly?"   Eleanor: "Oh my god Scarlett, you look gorgeous!"   Danielle: "I heard a manly friend is coming."   Me: "Going great Perrie! Thanks El! And yeah, his names Phillip... Be warned he's very... optimistic."   Danielle: "Okay!"   Me: "I have to go pick up some food for diner, I'll be back soon."   I picked up my purse from the couch and walked out the door. - - - - - I walked back into Louis house caring a bag of freshly bought food. I set my purse back onto the couch and then laid the food bag on the counter. Josh was in the kitchen getting a drink.    Me: "Hey Josh, where's Dan?"   Josh: "Couldn't make it."   Me: "Aw, did Phillip get here yet?"   Josh: "No, I heard he's really optimistic."   I laughed as I continued pulling the food out of the bag.    Me: "Yep."   Almost on cue Phillip walked into the room. You could tell he was Scottish just by the way he looks, you don't even have to hear him speak to know it. Phillip reached out to shake Josh's hand, Josh didn't decline.    Phillip: "Hi, I am Phillip."   Josh: "Nice to meet you."   Phillip: "Nice to meet you too, everything is nice."   Josh: "I see..."   Josh looked back at me with wide eyes then exited the room. Phillip came to my side.   Phillip: "What's for diner?"   Me: "Pizza, but I'm going to make it later, I'm just putting it away now."   Josh came back into the room with Carly and Cree hanging onto his legs. It appeared they were singing the alphabet.    Cree: "V is for lambs!"    Josh looked down at Carly who was attached to his right leg.   Josh: "But lambs doesn't start with a v..."   Cree: "Yes it does."   Josh: "No it doesn't."   Cree: "Yes it does."   Josh: "No it doesn't."   Cree: "Yes it does."   Josh looked up to me.    Josh: "Make it stop."   I laughed and that's when Carly and Cree looked up and noticed my existence. Carly got up and ran upstairs, I notice Cree getting teary eyed.    Cree: "Mommy, who is that?"   Me: "It's Phillip, sweetie."   Cree: "Why?"   A tear slid down her face, I highly regret not explaining this to them first. I looked towards Phillip and gave him a look telling him it'd be best to leave the room. I bent down to Crees night and Josh did the same.    Me: "Cree, honey..."   Cree: "It's not fair!"   Me: "What's not fair?"   Cree: "Everything keeps getting taken away from me!"   Josh: "What do you mean?"   Slow tears fell down my face even though I tried to hold them in.    Cree: "First Bella, then Daddy, and then either mine or my sisters life! Now I can't even have my Mommy! Now some man is taking her away from me! I'll never get to spend time with her anymore!"   Me: "Cree, that's not true."   Cree ignored me and ran upstairs where Carly went. Tears poured down my face at full speed and Josh didn't hesitate to pull me close letting me cry into his chest. I looked up to him with my now puffy eyes.    Me: "Will you talk to them?"   Josh: "Yeah, of course, maybe you should explain everything to Phillip?"   Me: "Okay."    We both stood up and did what we agreed to do.  - - - - - Me: "So that's what happened with Harry and the kids."   Phillip: "This incredible!"   Me: "Excuse me?!"   Phillip: "Look at all the open windows now! You have so many great possibilities now!"   Me: "Are you trying to tell me it's good that my children have deadly brain tumors and that my husband is dead!?"   Phillip: "No, it's better then good!"   I stood up and threw Phillips coat at him.    Me: "Maybe you should leave."   Josh walked downstairs.    Phillip: "Yeah! Great idea, lets go on a walk!"    Me: "No, not a walk."   Phillip: "I don't really like running but I guess we can do that, it'll be so fun!"   Me: "Leave!"   Phillip: "C'mon lets go on a walk and feed the ducks!"   Josh walked up to Phillip and did something unexpectedly great. He grabbed a fist full of Phillips shirt right by his neck, lifting him up on his tippy toes.    Josh: "Don't argue with her, leave."    Josh dropped Phillip flat on his feet and Phillip quickly exited the house.    Me: "Thanks."   I got up off the couch to give Josh a thank you hug, but when I stood up a toss pillow was attached to my bra strap. I muttered.   Me: "Only me."   I unhooked it and threw it back on the couch and then hugged Josh.    Me: "Thanks."   Josh: "Of course. The girls are asleep, they're okay and just were tired."   Me: "Thanks so much."   Josh: "Don't mention it, now I say it's time for diner. Do you need any help making it?"   Me: "Sure."   Josh: "Sweet, what are you making?"   Me: "Pizza."   Josh: "Boringggggg. How about desert pizza?"   Me: "Whats that?"   Josh: "Instead of sauce and cheese, it's made of all candy!"   Me: "Oh god."   Josh: "C'mon!"   I laughed and started rolling out the dough.   Me: "Okay, fine, does Louis have that stuff?"   Josh started shuffling through cabinets.    Josh: "Here's Nutella, we can use that as sauce! And here's M&M's, chocolate chips, and gummy bears!"   Me: "Sweet! Here, lets spread the Nutella on."   Josh nodded and smeared the Nutella all over the dough.    Josh: "Here, you put on the toppings."   He smiled and handed me the M&M's, chocolate chips, and gummy bears.    Me: "Will do."   I successfully covered the top on the pizza dough with the so called 'toppings.' I noticed there was some left over Nutella so I put some on my finger and dabbed in on Joshes nose. I laughed then put the pizza into the oven. As I stood up he spun me around in his arms and used Nutella to draw an 'X' on my lips. He whispered.    Josh: "X marks the spot."   He then bent down and kissed me, the sweetest, most passionate kiss imaginable. It was perfect.    Josh: "I've been dying to do that."   I couldn't help but smile then give him a quick peck on the lips.        AUTHORS NOTE:    OMG I ACTUALLY UPDATED ON TIME.    LEAVE COMMENTS PLEASE, IM NOT SURE IF IT WAS TOO MUCH OR WHAT.    IT WOULD'VE BEEN UP LAST NIGHT BUT A SPIDER TRIED TO KILL ME SO...   THIS TIME IF YOU GUYS HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE TELL ME, BUT DON'T YELL AT ME LIKE MARRISSA. ID BE MORE THEN HAPPY TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS EVEN IF IT'S LIKE A MATH QUESTION.    AND DID ANY OF YOU AT LEAST SMILE? OR DID I COMPLETELY FAIL THAT?!
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