Scarlett Nights, or should I say Scarlett Styles? Scarlett has been engaged to Harry for two years. But Harry has to go over-seas for a week for a huge charity fundraiser. But something happens on that ship... Something bad... What about Scarlett? Will she stop talking?... Again? What about Harry? What about the lads? Will friendship grow or will it fail? Scarlett has to make a choice, a choice that will change her life a ton... Will she be able to? Or will she block out the past?


4. Chapter 2- Why Am I So Luckless?

Guidance 2- Why Am I So Luckless?

Authors note:

Sorry I took forever to update! :( 

Song: Almost Lover- by: A Fine Frenzy 

September 30-

I've realized something... Yes, I do love Liam. But I also love Louis, Zayn, and Niall... But I LOVE Harry. But I also can't have Harry. 

Dear Harry,
So long almost lover. 

September 31-

It's hard to believe, it's hard to say, it's hard to face. It's hard to do, it's hard to think, and it's impossible to want to do. 

I have to move on. I have to unlove Harry. He's not coming back, and I have to face that. My kids need a father, and Harry can't do that anymore. I know this is what he would want me to do...
So I joined a dating site. 

October- 1

Carly broke her leg in three spots today.... And that's not all. 

Here's how it went:

I was sitting on the couch, having a grand old time on First Kisses, the dating site I joined. I jumped off the couch and let a scream escape my mouth when my phone unexpectedly rang. I sighed and grabbed my phone, it was an unknown number. 

Me: "Hello?"

?: "Hi, this is Mrs. Green, Carly and Crees gymnast teacher, is this Mr. Or Mrs. Styles?"

Me: "Mrs. Styles. Is something wrong?"

Mrs. Green: "Actually, yes. Your daughter, Carly was practicing her front handspring, double back flip on the beam and she didn't land quite right... We called an ambulance and she's on her way to the hospital."

Me: "Oh my god, okay, I'll go right now."

Mrs. Green: "Im terribly sorry Mrs. Styles."

Me: "It's not your fault. Is there anything else you needed? I can talk while I drive. How long should I wait till she can come backs to the gym? Where's Cree? Was Carly crying? I'm sorry, I'm not good under-pressure."

Mrs. Green: "It's alright, well talk more about that later. Carly was crying and Cree went with her for sisterly support. Carly said she wanted her daddy to come with you and that she wants you to bring food. She made me promise to tell you that."

Me: "Mr. Styles is lost at see, he won't be coming... Thanks, I have to go see Carly now."

Mrs. Green: "I'm so sorry!"

Me: "It's fine. You didn't know. I really have to go now."

Mrs. Green: "Bye."

I ran into the kitchen and grabbed two caparisons and a box of animal crackers. I jumped into the car and put on my hazard lights, I drove as fast as I could and didn't even bother to stop at red lights or stop signs. 

At this point I realized, I'm probably overreacting. But hey, mrs. Green didn't tell me what happened. All I know is Carly didn't land right and maybe she got a concision. Maybe she's unconscious, maybe she broke her skull, maybe she damaged her brain. 

God, I overreact a lot; don't it? I just need to calm down and get to Carly and Cree. 

I pulled into the hospital parking lot and quickly gave my car to valet parking, I made sure to grab the food Carly requested. I struggled to find the front desk, but when I did I quickly ran up to the lady whose name tag read Renee. 

Me: "Excuse me , my daughter is here and I need to know her room number. Her names uh, uh, uh, Carly Styles."

Renee: "Sure thing ma'm, I just need to see some ID. No need to worry, I know it's stressful having a child so young in the hospital."

Me: "Thanks, here's my ID."

Renee: "She's on the fifth floor, room 789. The elevator Is over to your left, jus go up to the fifth floor and make two rights and a left. I hope she's okay."

Me: "Thanks."

I speed walked over to the elevator and followed the kind lady's instructions. I reached the door labeled 789 and paused with my hand on the handle. After a few seconds of 'preparation' I opened the door and bursted in. The room was empty, the bed was gone. The bed was GONE. I ran through the halls and quickly stopped when a tall worried nurse stood before me. 

?: "What's wrong miss?"

Me: "My daughter is supposed to be in room 789! Where is she?! Why is the bed gone?!"

?: "Please calm down ma'm. Carly Styles is one of my patients today, she's currently in the middle of a CAT scan. She should be back in her room in twenty minutes or so."

Me: "What about her sister Cree?! She was here with her."

?: "She's standing right behind you, miss."

I turned around only to see that the nurse was right, how did I not realize Cree was in the room waiting and was following me on this crazy chase for knowledge?

Me: "Oh, thank you. By the way, what's the CAT scan for?"

?: "Well we took an x-ray and found out she broke her right leg in three spots so we put a cast on that and gave her some painkillers. We just wanted to take a CAT scan too incase she has any brain damage, she took a hard fall."

Me: "Okay, thank you so much."

?: "Not a problem, it's my job. She'll be back in her room shorty if you want to wait for her, my names Janise by the way."

Me: "Sure, thanks again."

Janise: "Of course!"

I grabbed Crees hand and we walked back down the hall and into Carly's room. We waited in the room for about an hour before Janise came into the room. 

Janise: "Mrs. Styles, could I speak to you in the hall?"

Me: "Sure."

I stepped out in the hall, worried and curious what she has to tell me. 

Janise: "Carly should've been back a while ago and I wanted to thank you for your patience. She's in blood work right now... The results of the CAT scan came back rather quickly..."

By the tone in her voice I knew this wasn't going to be a good day.

Janise: "I am proud to announce that Carly Styles didn't get any brain damage from the fall... However, were very lucky that we took the CAT scan... I'm very sorry to have to tell you this but Carly has been slowly developing a brain tumor for probably two years. We found gioblastoma... It's a very deadly form of brain tumor."

She paused for a moment, giving me time to think over what she just said. Slow tears started falling down my face, I didn't bother to wipe them away. 

Janise: "Theres a 50/50 chance of survival in this case... There's nothing we can do besides hope and pray for her."

Me: "You're telling me that my daughter has a deadly form of a brain tumor and you can't do anything?!"

Janise: "Mrs. Styles, I'm extremely sorry. Scientist haven't found  a cure to 
gioblastoma yet."

I let out a deep breath, now wiping away my flow of steady tears. 

Janise: "The doctors would like to do a CAT scan on Cree too, it has a rare chance of being genetically connected."

Me: "Okay, when can we do that?"

Janise: "Right now is what the doctors would like."

Me: "Okay, just give me one moment with Cree first please."

Janise: "Of course."

I slowly walked back into the room and bent down next to Cree. 

Cree: "What's wrong Mommy?"

Me: "Nothing's wrong sweetie, I'm just a little tired is all."

Cree: "Oh, okay."

Me: "Cree, the doctors would like to do a simple test on you to make sure you're heathy."

Cree: "YAY! Now it's my turn for special attention!!!"

I couldn't help but think, "hopefully you won't need special attention."

Me: "Yeah, they would like to do the test now."

Cree: "Okay!!"

I walked Cree out into the hall and handed her off to Janise. 

I can only hope that Cree and Carly will both be okay. 

*Five hours later*

Me: "I can't do this Zayn..."

Zayn: "Look, I'm here for you, I always am, that's why I'm glad you called me and asked me to come. It's going to be okay. Crees test will be back in five minutes, when they come back well figure out how to tell the girls exactly what's going on."

There was a long moments pause before I spoke again. 

Me: "What if I loose them, Zayn?"

Zayn turned towards me and engulfed me in a hug while speaking. 

Zayn: "You won't. I wasn't supposed to tell you this, but, the girls have been working on a special song for you."

I smiled for a moment, it's good to think about something good for a change. 

Me: "Oh yeah? What about?"

Zayn looked over blankly at the wall for a few seconds before she spoke in a low quiet voice. 

Zayn: "Don't be mad..."

Oh god, not another bump in my life. 

Me: "Mad?"

Zayn: "I told the girls about Harry... They overhear me on the phone with Liam and they started asking a lot of questions. I couldn't keep lying to them... I'm sorry, I really am. They were upset for a while but they realized they should stay strong for you so they asked me to help them write a song for you about staying strong and always smiling."

Me: "How long?"

Zayn: "What?"

Me: "How long have they known?"

Zayn: "About a week."

Me: "Okay."

This conversation could've went on and on, but we got interrupted by a knock on the door, in walked Janise. 

Janise: "The results are back and Carly and Cree will be back in a minute or two."

Zayn: "Is Cree healthy?"

Janise: "I'm sorry, Cree also has gioblastoma..."

Me: "How badly?" 

Tears slid down my face as well as Zayns. 

Janise: "They both have a 50/50 chance of living."

Zayn: "But that means..."

Zayns voice trailed off, he didn't have to Finnish speaking for us to know where he was going. 

Me: "This can't be happening."

Janise: "I'm sorry... But you're right, one of them will most likely have passed away within a years time..."

Cree & Carly: "Mommy, Mommy!"

I quickly wiped away my tears and looked at Zayn using my eyes to ask "tell them now?" I could tell by the look he gave me, the answer was yes. 

Me: "Hi girlies."

Carly: "Hello!"

Cree: "I missed you!!!"

Me: "I have some good news and some bad news."

Cree: "Good news, good news!"

Carly: "Yeah, good news!"

Me: "I brought food!"

Carly: "Yay! Mommy, did you see my cool cast? It's pink!"

Me: "It's adorable sweetie. More good news- I know you guys know about daddy, and that you stayed strong, so I'll be getting you guys the farm you wanted."

Carly: "Woo!!!"

Cree: "Finally!"

Me: "Alright, time for the bad news..."

Carly & Cree: "Aww."

Zayn: "No girls, this is rather serious."

Carly & Cree: "Oh."

I have no idea how to word this, they're only six and I have to sit here and tell them, "Oh, one of you will be dead in a year. Yeah, I dont know who."

Me: "We all know that Carly broke her leg today."

Carly & Cree: "Mhmm."

Me: "But the CAT scans you guys got told us something very very important."

Tears slowly started falling down my face, and when I looked over to Zayn I saw the same was happening to him. 

Carly: "Is something wrong mommy?"

Cree: "Mommy why are you crying?"

Me: "You both have a very serious brain tumor."

Carly: "What's that mean?"

Cree: "Isn't that deadly?"

Carly and Cree both sat there with very serious looks on their face. It kills me to see how scared they are, how ready they are to break down and cry. 

Me: "Yes ,darling."

Cree: "So were both going to die?!"

Carly: "But we both feel so healthy!"

Zayn: "Girls, one of you- only one of you will live your full life. It's important to live in the moment now..."

Zayn pulled me closer to him with his right arm and I didn't even bother trying not to cry. I bent over a let tears fall at full speed as I buried my face in Zayns shoulder. I looked up for a split second, and I saw something amazing. 

Carly and Cree both turned to each other, not crying, and pulled each other in a hug. They both said the same thing at the same time:

"I hope it's me, you deserve to live."

October 4-

Alright, no more daily diary. Every once and a while seems better. Honestly, I'm just to depressed to write about my life daily. I mean, do I really make it that easy for people to walk in and out of my life?

October 5-

Me and Zayn went to get the girls their back yard farm today. They loved it, I don't though. It's midnight and I can't sleep because all I hear is 'Porky the Pig' and 'Betsy the Pig' "having fun," if you know what I mean. 

October 8-

So Liam and I decided it was best for us to stop sleeping in the same bed and for him to go back to his house. Carly's nightmares stopped, I don't need anyone to take them to karate or gymnastics anymore because they can't go anyway, and it's clear to us now that neither of us have feelings for each other. 

October 10-

I can't believe all that's happened. Harry's probably dead, one of my daughters is going to die, both my children have deadly brain tumors, and they don't even have a father to be with them through this hard time. What kind of mother am I? I let my children develop deadly brain tumors and I let them deal with this without a father. Just kill me now. 

October 11-

So I found this guy on First Kisses, he's only a year older then me, I'm just not sure if I should meet him yet. I'm not sure if I should meet any new man yet. Should I just wait till after... Should I wait till I only have one child? I just don't want to be so hard on my children. I don't want them to be freaked out or anything. 

I still love Harry and all, Ill ALWAYS love him... But I need to love someone else too.... I need to move on, and I will. He was a great father to my children and he was great to me, that's why I will ALWAYS love him. 

I have only one question on my mind now: should I start talking to the guy I found on First Kisses, Phillip? I'm just not sure if I'm ready yet... Should I?

Authors note:

Alright, I'll update again not this coming Friday but the Friday after that, then I'll update every Friday. 


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