One Direction Imadgines!

Just things that we fans wish would happy with one of the One Direction Memebers


1. Harry

You and your best friend had been dreaming about this forever, you were going to go get all of the One Direction members autographs because they were finally coming to your home town. You and your friend had the entire day planned out, but to turn out it was NOT going to be like how you planned it out...

You had just left your house and started heading towards the signing area. The closer you got the more nervous you got. When you finally got there you were jumping up and down not caring that everybody was looking at you and your best friend.

You and your best friend ran to get in line before everybody else got there to take the rest of the spots before they say the line can take more people. You look up and see that your favorite One Direction member Harry Styles is looking right at you! You give him a smile and he smiles back at you and turns to talk to Niall.

You turn to your back to your friend and tell her what happened. She says she thinks it's all in your head but you know what happened, yeah you don't think that would happen but it did.

It's your turn to get the autographs and a picture with them. You and your friend walk up to the table to get your autographs. You're looking around to see that Harry is looking at you again. You walk up to him and say hi and he kinda looks down then looks back up and says hey what's your name? You think to yourself why does he want to know my name?, but then you think hey if he wants to know my name he can know it. So you say your name and he smiles and says that's a pretty name. You blush but you don't want Harry to see so you put your head down.

You get all you autographs then Louis says "YAY PICTURE TIME!!!!!!" you giggle a little bit of how he said it. In the picture you are about to pose then Harry and Niall come up to you and whisper in your ear the pose you should do your entire face turns Blood Red and you nod your head. Next thing your know Harry is kissing your cheek and Niall is kissing your other cheek. The picture is taken and the photographer asks you what you what is you address so he can mail you the picture later on in the week. Harry walks up to you as your grabbing your autographs and asks "hey I was wondering if I could have your number to maybe text you or something..... You look at him in disbelief and finally say yes and so you pull out a piece of paper and write it down and give it to him he says thanks and you leave.

You and Harry have been texting for a couple months now and you two finally decide to meet up to hang out.

You and Harry decide to hang out in a local coffee shop in your town. It's been a little while of your hang out day with Harry and you two have been talking the entire time then Harry looks you right in the eye and says "will you go out with me y/n?" You sit there in awe about the question and you stammer out the word 'yes'! You hug him and you have been dating ever since! :)

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