Ed Sheeran Imagine

Best friends


1. Best friends

You were best friends with Ed. You liked to call him Eddie and he would call you Cupcake. You had known him since you were seven years old and over the past few years, as you have both gone through puberty and matured, you have felt some weird feelings for Ed that you have never felt for anyone before. One day, you were at his house and he was more interested in playing on the Xbox than talking to you, so you tried everything to distract him. You turned off the switches, which just pissed him off even more. You messed up his room, which was messy anyway. You even ate his favorite sandwich in front of him, but even that didn't distract him. You had enough and you were getting tired of his ignorance. So, you decided to act on your feelings. You sat on his lap and played on the game with him. His arms were wrapped around you with his controller in his hands and his head was wresting on your shoulder.

"Your hair smells lovely." Said Eddie.

"Thank you. It's my new shampoo." You replied. You were getting bored of the game so you put down the controller and spun round to face Ed. You grabbed his controller and threw it to the floor. He seemed confused so you made a move. Your lips were placed on his neck, giving him small kisses and gradually moving up towards his lips. You stopped and looked into his eyes. He seemed disappointed that you had stopped so he wrapped his hands round your neck and pulled you towards his face. His lips smashed against yours and he picked you up, leaving your legs to wrap around his waist. He sat down on his bed and you were still on his lap. He laid down and you were on top of him. You were kissing intimately for nearly an hour and it had gotten to the point where you were both in your underwear under his covers. You were old enough to have sex, but you didn't because Ed respected you too much. You stayed the night and he made a beautiful breakfast in the morning.

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