First Time

This all-Amercian girl named River had to move to England. I know it would seem like fun if you're a Directioner but River? She hates them! But then she meets them and Louis and Zayn fall in love with her almost instantly.

Just to give you some ideas on what she looks like


1. The Move

     I sigh and stuff my toothbrush in a plastic bag. Pushing the bag into my suitcase, I pick up my baby girl, Daisy. "Hey pretty girl, how's my little kitten?" I ask rubbing my nose against hers. I grab my backpack putting it on and set Daisy in her cat carrier. Rolling my suitcase out the door for the last time, I turn around and look at my house with a tearful smile. Daisy mews quietly, confused. "Its ok Daisy, we're just going for a ride," I say petting her through the door. I open my truck door, putting my bag on the passenger side floor and Daisy in the seat. Going around the back, I pick up my suitcase putting it in the bed of the truck. Then I jump in the driver's seat, turning the vehicle on. Cranking up the radio, I pull out of my driveway. I run my fingers through my blonde hair, nodding my head in tune with the beat of the song with a smile.

     When I get to the airport, I hop out, slamming the door. I go around the front of the truck grabbing Daisy and my pack. Then I grab my suitcase from the bed, sliding it to the ground. What about my truck I think to myself, worried I may never see the truck I grew up in again. I shake my head clearing my mind of that thought. I straight back and walk into the airport with fake confidence. I walk towards the counter, with false smile. "Hi can I have a ticket to England? Please?" I ask remembering my manners at the last second.

     "Of course," the counter lady says with a big smile. She hands me the ticket after taking my credit card and ID. I sigh and take back two cards, walking towards security. I run my hand through my hair eyeing a couple of cute guys along the way, smiling when one of them winks at me. After going through security, I go to the gate sitting down with my backpack and Daisy. I take Daisy out of her carrier and pet her gently, until she's purring loudly. I kiss her head putting her back in when they say we could board.

     Walking quickly and quietly to my seat, I put my bag under my seat and the carrier at my feet. I take out my iPhone saying my last good byes to my best friends. Looking out the window, I feel tears pushing their way forward. I close my eyes tightly trying to force them back, but they spill over anyway. Daisy mews, hearing the engines roar to life. "Its ok beautiful," I mumble to her, my voice shaking. I lean my head back, the tears streaming down my face, ruining my make up. I reach up and swipe them from my face, yet every time I wipe one away three more take its place. I'm gonna miss you Wyoming... I think to myself, tears dripping off my chin onto my shirt. The passenger next to me, looks over at me saying "What's wrong?"

     "I'm never seeing my home state ever again..."


     I nod and look out the window, my breath fogging up the glass.  I blow against the window, fogging it up. After I draw a heart, I write Wyoming in the middle with a teary smile.

     I wake up slowly, with a wide yawn. I get up ready to get off the plane. Picking up Daisy and putting my bag on my back I walk off the plane, keeping my eyes on my shoes. I have to start all over I think with a noisy sigh. A brown haired boy looked over at her saying, "Hey what's wrong?"

     "I can never go back to the US and that's where I grew up..."

     "Oh come on love, it'll be ok"

   "Whatever" I say walking faster. He follows me saying "Hey do you need help carrying anything?" in that gorgeous accent of his.

     "No I'm ok"

      "'Kay" he says like he was gonna see me later. I sigh and walk towards the baggage pick-up and wait to see my bag. I pick it up and walk outside looking for a cab, or a rental place. Smiling when I see a rental place, and walk over to it. Renting the biggest truck they had, I walk over to it and smile jumping into it, after putting my suitcase in the bag. I put Daisy in the passenger seat and the bag on the floor.


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