First Time

This all-Amercian girl named River had to move to England. I know it would seem like fun if you're a Directioner but River? She hates them! But then she meets them and Louis and Zayn fall in love with her almost instantly.

Just to give you some ideas on what she looks like


2. Getting A Job

    I get out of the truck looking at my new house with a smile. I had been here for three months. Daisy had grown into a lazy cat. I smile and get her carrier along with my bag and suitcase and walk inside slowly. I look around seeing there was nothing in the house. I sigh and think I need to get a job... "Ok pretty girl ready to explore?" I ask opening Daisy's carrier door. The grey cat walks out slowly, her nose moving as she sniffed around the house. I smile and pet her gently and look around, going upstairs. "Ok time for bed!" I say getting ready for bed. I take out my pillow and put it on the floor on a big comforter. I pull out a smaller blanket laying on the floor thinking First thing I'm getting is a bed.

     I sigh and get up changing into a pair of jeans and a neon green shirt. I pull on my combat boots and walk out the door looking for a book store. I smile when I come across a small one story Barnes and Noble. I walk in and go in search of the service counter.

     "Can I help you?"

     "Yes. Are there any jobs positions open?"

     "You from America?"

     "Yes yes I am"

     "Yes there are job openings for you. What would like to do?"

     "Well I was a cashier at my last job so could I be a cashier?"

     "Of course dear" the lady says from behind the counter and hands an application. I smile and nod gratefully. I take the application and walk towards a bench in the children's nook. I take out my pen that I always had in my back pocket and start to answer the questions quickly. I had the application back to her with a false smile. She smiles back taking it from me.

     "You'll know if you got the job by tomorrow. That ok?"

     "Of course" comes my reply. I walk out of the store my hands in my pockets, my head down.

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