My fiction is about a girl who is dating ADAM MALIK in there one year anniversary they will have a big fight so she’s going to cheat on him with ZAYN MALIK without knowing that he is his brother what’s going to happing ?? Is Adam going to find out? Is Alana will tell him the truth and stop sleeping with Zayn or is it too late since she is in love with him


5. chapter 4


Me: so Adam I’m going to go home I’m tired so bye

Zayn: I bet I know why

Adam: what the fuck it’s not your business our sex life is not a subject to discuss with you

Me: ohh it’s ok now zayn can you walk me to the door

Zayn : of course princess

Me (angrily): ok tks

We were outside the house

Me: Zayn!! What the heck was that?  

Zayn: what love I’m just begging honest

Me: I really don’t need this honesty and since were talking about begging honest you need to tell to everyone about fake zerrie

Zayn: what!! How did you knew about that

Me: oh plz ho would want to date you

Zayn: probably you

Me: what oh no you didn’t

Zayn: oh yes I did

Me: you’re starting a war in her probably  the World War 3

Zayn: oh plz  

A/N : I know it’s not much but in morocco it’s Ramadan and I’m lunching so it’s hard for me to write I have just one question is Zayn lunching too ??

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