My fiction is about a girl who is dating ADAM MALIK in there one year anniversary they will have a big fight so she’s going to cheat on him with ZAYN MALIK without knowing that he is his brother what’s going to happing ?? Is Adam going to find out? Is Alana will tell him the truth and stop sleeping with Zayn or is it too late since she is in love with him


3. chapter 3


Me: mhh what!

Zayn: oh you didn’t tell he I think he will be happy when I will tell him

Me: what if you didn’t come here ….. And why I’m y telling you this

Zayn: ok ok princess

Me: don’t call me princess

Zayn: ok princess so did you liked the sex I bet you did I’m Zayn malik

Me: begging Zayn malik doesn’t make your penis bigger

Zayn: oh slow down princess or

Me: or what you’re going to tell your brother he will be Brocken and he will hate you for ever

Adam came in and said

Adam: ho will be Brocken

Me: Zayn!!

Zayn: Mmm it’s it’s niall

Adam: what niall what did you do

Zayn: I I Stoll his Nondo’s

Adam was surprise I think he did not believe him I was scared

Adam: what you crazy he’s going to kill you.

I was relieved that he believed him


 Sorry it’s not much but I’m going to upload as soon as I can but I need to now do you like it I now it’s early to say this but …..plzz give me you’re opinion  

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