My fiction is about a girl who is dating ADAM MALIK in there one year anniversary they will have a big fight so she’s going to cheat on him with ZAYN MALIK without knowing that he is his brother what’s going to happing ?? Is Adam going to find out? Is Alana will tell him the truth and stop sleeping with Zayn or is it too late since she is in love with him


2. chapter 2

 I was afraid from Adam’s reaction when I will tell him the truth I’m sure he’s going to live me I was so stupid god help me I rang and Adam opened the door for me I kissed him and told him

Me: I’m so sorry I was stupid you were busy with school and..

Adam came closer to me and said

Adam: shut the fuck up I was wrong and a dick I’m sorry

He kissed me with great passion but I didn’t feel a thing it’s weird

Adam:  miss Johnson would you dance with me

Me: of course Mr. Malik  

A romantic song was playing in Adams’s mp3 we started dancing but I stopped he needed to now I’m unfaithful he doesn’t deserve a girl like me

Me: I…

The bell stopped me   

Me: are you expecting someone??

Adam: no it’s weird

Adam went to open the door I was thinking about my excuse for sleeping with Zayn but I don’t remember where I already sow him

Adam: Alana meet my brother ZAYN

 Me: what

Zayn: hi Alana happy to meet you again I was thinking that I will never see you again  

Adam: you now Alana

Zayn: yeh I now her I met her in…

Alana: we met in a coffee shop

 Zayn: yes a coffee shop and Alana was drinking A LOT of coffee

Adam: that’s Alana

Me: so Zayn what are you doing here??

Adam: well Zayn is a famous singer you now babe don’t scream he is in the boy band one direction

Me: WHATTTTT!!!!!!!

Adam: told you

Me: why you never told me that?

Adam: well I forgot so I will go get some coffee

Zayn: ok I will stay with Alana

Alana: what no babe I need to talk to you about something

Adam: plz Alana

Me: ok

Adam went to get some coffee and I have to stay here with this moron

What I like his music but not him well I like him a bit

Zayn: Alana, Alana

Me: what!!

Zayn: in a coffee shop you didn’t tell him

Me :….

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