Harry Styles Imagine

Meeting his parents


1. Meeting his parents

You were extremely nervous about meeting Harry's parents and the journey there didn't make it any better. As you got closer to the house, you had butterflies and started feeling sick. Harry kept on reassuring you that everything will be okay and you trusted him enough to believe him. As you walked into the house, his mum and dad were sat on the couch and their eyes darted onto you. Your parents didn't approve of you dating Harry and you were scared of his parents feeling the same way. You sat down next to Harry and he held your hand tight.

"So, you're Harry's girlfriend." Asked his mum.

"You're very pretty." His dad said.

"Thank you." You replied.

"Mum, dad. We have decided to move in with each other." Harry blurted out.

"We have?" You asked, sounding confused.

"Yeah. That's what I brought you here for, I want you to move in with me." He replied. You smiled and hugged him. He held you tight and you were really shocked.

"Of course I'll move in with you!" You shouted.

"I'm glad you're happy." He said, laughing. After talking with his parents for a while and catching up with them, Harry wanted to go home so he could move your stuff in. You left, said your goodbyes and jumped in the car.

"I love you Harry." You told him, smiling.

"I love you too." He replied, smiling. You set off home, excited about moving in with your new boyfriend.

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