Niall Horan Imagine

Your First Kiss


1. Your First Kiss

You were only 15 and you had never had your first kiss before. You were hoping that one day you would find someone who wasn't embarrassed to be see with you and would hold you in the rain and kiss you as hard as they could. You didn't really have that many friends so you kind of stuck to yourself. There was one boy that you had your eye on. Niall Horan. He was the Irish student that had moved to your school two years ago and he was your dream date. You thought you had no chance with him, until you were paired up with him for a Science project. He had invited you to his house to study with him and you accepted. Meanwhile, in his room, you made yourself comfy on his double bed and held a cup of coca cola in your hand. You had just finished studying and it was really late.

"So, do you have a boyfriend?" Niall asked.

"No." You replied.

"Good." He said, smirking. He moved further towards you and placed his right hand round your waist and his left hand on your cheek. He moved your face round towards his and started to kiss your neck. His lips moved up towards your face and that was when he started to kiss your nose. He stopped and looked in your eyes, then your lips and then back to your eyes. You nodded and he moved closer  to you, squeezing your waist. You placed your hands onto his shoulders and gradually moved them round to his neck. He kissed your lips intimately and his tongue slid across your bottom lip. He slipped it in and you let out a little moan. You could feel him smile as he lifted you up onto his lap. His hands were now stroking the bottom of your back, moving closer to your bottom. You lifted them up and he smirked. As he kept on moving them down, you lifted them up and he let out a little laugh. He laid down and wrested on his elbows. You placed your hand on his chest to stop you falling onto him. He took off your jacket and stood up, carrying you, leaving your legs to wrap around his waist. Your back was pressed up against the wall, standing on your feet. Your hands were now wresting on his shoulders as he pulled his lips away from yours. He stared into your eyes.

"I'll walk you home." He said, smiling. He brushed away the hair from your eyes and kissed your forehead.

"Okay." You replied as you picked up your jacket. It was raining outside and you had always wanted to kiss someone in the rain. You stopped outside your house and looked at Niall. He pulled you towards him, giving you a hug. He gave you a quick but romantic kiss on your lips and turned to walk away. 

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