Near to You

"I loved him. There's no other way to put it. He was my one and only, but he wasn't what I expected." Sara was in love. Wholeheartedly, and completely in love. But he didn't love her back, and they both suffered for it. Now, Sara has to recover from a heart torn and bruised and ripped in two by a man she trusted. But will she have to do it alone, or will she learn to trust another?


4. Safe

Over the next few weeks, I stayed in witness protection with Harvey, and we started finding out what I liked.

It was then that I realised how much he had been controlling my life; what I wore, what I ate, what I looked like, what I said.

I was his puppet.

But I've cut the strings, and am learning to walk on my own, with a little help from Harvey, I was finding myself again.

I still flinched whenever he touched me, and I could see how much it hurt him when I cringed from him, but I couldn't help it.

Harvey was a mystery to me.

He was a strong man, like he was, but he didn't hurt me, or seem to become broken by being around me.

Maybe what he said was right... that I wasn't broken.

Then, if that was true, then why did the man I loved with all my being slay my soul so mercilessly?

After a while, the police felt that it was safe enough for me to come out of witness protection, but Harvey stayed with me for some reason.

'Why are you doing this?' I asked as he cooked some pasta for me. Today we were finding out what foods I liked.

'You still need me, don't you?' He asked. I frowned, thinking about it for a moment, before nodding slowly and smiling.

Over the time Harvey had been with me, I'd actually begun experiencing happiness.

I felt... safe when I was with Harvey, and the pain in my chest didn't feel so... painful.

I had never felt like this before, even as a child, my Father was a druggie, and beat myself and my Mother and little brother.

This was the first time a man hadn't hurt me.

It was... strange, and different to me, so I was cautious not to do anything that might set Harvey off. I didn't want to break him like I'd broken everyone else.

I watched as he stirred the pasta sauce; his dark brown hair had natural red highlights when he stood in the sun, his skin was slightly tan from working in the outdoors, and he smiled a lot at me. Unlike everyone else I knew, his smile reached into his eyes, and made me want to smile too.

He caught me staring and I cringed away, not knowing whether he would want me to stare.

I heard him walking over to me and backed away, raising my head to stare at him in fear.

Now I've done it.

I looked into his eyes and saw that they weren't angry; they were sad.

'Sara, I swear, I will never hurt you. Not every man is like him. I thought you'd understand that by now. I will never hurt you.' I blinked in shock. He stood still, just looking at me.

'I'm sorry... Nobody's ever made me and...happy. This is... different for me. Sorry.' 

'Don't apologise, I know it's going to take time, but I need you to know, I won't ever hurt you. Never.' I nodded and smiled. Smiling was easier for me when I was with him.

I knew that Harvey was healing me more than any medicine a Doctor could prescribe.

Finally though, they had managed to get me off of the drugs he had forced down my throat. Partially because of the Doctors, but mostly because Harvey helped me through the lows and smiled that heart wrenching smile.

I didn't love him, but I felt better when he was there... safer and cared about.

Something I had never felt before.

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