My Life Changed Forever!

Charlene, Aged 18 Lives In Her Own House.
She went to Starbucks with her friends and then her life changed forever!


1. Day Out With Some Friends!

Charlene P.O.V

"Mm, What shall I wear??" I asked myself.

Something bright I thought.

I opened my wardrobe and started looking for something to wear.

After 10 minutes I picked a bright orange dress.

I wore a pair of orange shoes to match the dress.

Added some Make-up and then I was ready.

So I decided to call a Mini-Cab to take me to Starbucks.

I looked like I wanted to seek attention but I actually didn't want to I just wanted to wear something different for a change!

Starbucks was only 10 minutes away so when I got there I sat at a table in the back corner and waited for the others.

I hope they haven't forgotten about it.

After 5 minutes of waiting I got a text messages say that the others are on their way.

When they walked through the entrance I stood up and waved wildly.

Everyone started to look at me I started to blush.

I went as red as a tomato.

My friends came over and asked me " Why are you dressed like you are gonna go to a party?"
"I thought I should wear something different for a change" I said.

"Oh, Really?" the others laughed.

"I need the toilet" I said and I walked away.

Why were my friends acting weird.

I was walking through the crowd when I felt a tight grip on my hand and I turned around to see who it was.

It was a person I didn't know but he looked familiar.


OMG! Niall Horan is actuality holding my hand! OMG!

"Hello?" Niall said.

I was SO shocked I couldn't say anything!

After a few seconds I found the courage to say hello?

He started a conversation with me.

He was SO Handsome.

I loved his beautiful blue eyes.

I stared into his eyes for a while and he looked right back at me with love and passion, I felt fireworks everywhere.

Afterwards we exchanged numbers he left and I felt like the happiest girl in the world!

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