Halo: Test Combat

Before the noble team when the Spartan project was just a test, there were 5 teams. Only one team could pass the test. And after that... Killed! They were killed to make the Spartan project what it is today. Some of these test were robot some were human. There was one test that stood out from the rest ts1, last name James.

WARNING-May contain swearing I put this warning here instead of putting "mature content" so any age can read it. Hope you don't mind!

Wrote for the gaming fan fiction competition.


2. Rough Beginnings!

"I'm sorry James" A woman's voice said softly, "Remember, I love you don't let me down!"

Two men came in, wearing camo clothes, bullet proof vests and black goggles.

"NO!" The James screamed "Mummy, don't let them take me! Please!"

The two men dragged the boy away, releasing him from his mother. The woman turned her head so she couldn't see what was going on. James dug his elbow into one of the mans leg, the other man pulled out a small, silver pistol out and whacked James over the head with it.

James woke up sitting on a hard metal chair. Surrounded by men that looked the same as before.

A woman walked into the circle. She looked in her 20's, blonde hair, blue eyes, she was wearing blue and white spandex jumper.


"Were am I?!?"

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