Halo: Test Combat

Before the noble team when the Spartan project was just a test, there were 5 teams. Only one team could pass the test. And after that... Killed! They were killed to make the Spartan project what it is today. Some of these test were robot some were human. There was one test that stood out from the rest ts1, last name James.

WARNING-May contain swearing I put this warning here instead of putting "mature content" so any age can read it. Hope you don't mind!

Wrote for the gaming fan fiction competition.


1. Prologue

 Some of use were human some were just robots with implanted emotions. In a way we were all robots, treated like nothing. We had our own personal trainers, mine was kortana. She was beautiful, but sadly not real. We didn't know what we were being trained for or when we were being trained for. Our team that is, the best team in the UNSC we were known as team TC. I was known as TC1 the commander, and of course the best. I lost a few men, I lost my child hood, my whole life was training! But my battle was worth it.

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